• Porn Stars Give Relationship Advice

    PORN STARS! You either love them or you hate them. But because you’re currently reading‘s illustrious Blog, I’m willing to guess that you love porn stars simply because this is a blog committed to covering porn stars as often as possible (and whatever else that might be considered sex news).

    No matter how you feel about the stars of the adult world, you have to admit that they always bring a fresh perspective to relationships. After all, what is often considered to be the worst possible that can happen to a relationship? Unless you’re down with hotwifing, seeing your partner get fucked by another person is almost unanimously the shittiest that can happen in a relationship.

    But that’s what porn stars do for a living (sorry, spoiler alert). They have a relatively small pool of talent to fuck on camera, meanwhile their partner has to stay at home or watch from the sidelines. So how do you make a relationship work when at least one of you is fucking strangers all day? You’d think that an all-consuming jealousy would eventually take over and ruin the relationship? The old rhetoric is that, “The sex is strictly professional.” But still. It must be hard right? I don’t think I could date a porn star without our relationship being consumed by jealousy. However, I’m willing to try. So all porn stars interested in dating me, hit me up on Twitter: @CDustySexBlog.

    Relationships are a struggle. And given their unconventional nature, porn star relationships can be a bit more complex than the relationship you and I would have. It’s definitely part of the reason why I shoe-horn a question about into all my porn star interviews.

    Thankfully, to get a better understanding of how porn stars make their personal relationships work, BuzzFeed sat down with porn stars James Deen, Allie Haze, Paris Kennedy, Danny Wylde and Milcah Halili to pick their brain about relationships. Their unique perspective on relationships could just provide you with some insight that might save your relationship!  Continue Reading

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  • Is Watching Porn Cheating?

    When I received my Google News alert for “Dr. Phil porn” this morning, I was so excited. “Finally,” I thought to myself in a dazed state after another restless night of not watching a Dr. Phil porn, “this virile, bald bear of a man will finally show the world his dominance.”

    Sadly, when I opened the news alert, it brought me a HuffPo article in which Dr. Phil outlines the dangers of watching internet pornography. And the wait for a Dr. Phil sex tape to leak…continues…

    Continue Reading

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  • Study Says Women Prefer Flab Over Abs

    According to a new study commissioned to mark the UK DVD release of Neighbours, starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, three out of four British women would choose a man with a great big gut over a perfectly chiseled muscle man.

    For those of you keeping score, that’s approximately 23 million British, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish women that find six packs to be a TURN OFF. Meanwhile, 96% of women reported that they predict a date with a muscle-bound hunk to be a total waste of an evening.

    Let’s get one thing straight before you trade in your gym membership for a trough filled with ice cream: the results of this Seth Rogen sponsored study does not mean that women hate men with sinewy…toned…muscular…hot bodies. Hell, as a straight man, I can’t help but get hard thinking about Zac Efron and his hot abs (Seth Rogen has a good joke about it in Neighbors but I forget what it was. Can anyone even remember May 2014 anyway?).

    It’s more that women like the fantasy of muscular men but when it comes to real life, a flabby man is the way to go. Why? Because 74% of women in the survey said they’d feel self-conscious taking their clothes off in front of a Zac Efron-style Adonis. His discipline and commitment to making his body better in contrast with their own listlessness.

    You must have unshakeable confidence if you’re never self-conscious about your body. It happens to everyone because the society’s standard for the ideal body is not a realistic goal.

    Is it any wonder that women feel that a woman who doesn’t give a shit about his own appearance would be less critical of hers? Sadly, that’s not always the case. If you’re a fat slob of a man that doesn’t do anything to tend to himself while critiquing your partner’s appearance, go to Hell.

    So while the majority of women would choose Seth Rogen over Zac Efron, I’m curious to know how you guys feel about women.

    I think it’s fair to say that by in large, men are shallower than women. But that’s just my hypothesis! Prove me wrong!

    Why did I put that last option about having a huge dick in there? You’re all going to vote that your huge dick is the source of infinite confidence and it immediately makes you the most attractive man ever because men who read sex blogs feel the need to overcompensate. Sadly, having a big dick isn’t so great.

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  • 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

    On Friday, the New York Times featured a first-person essay penned by none other than superstar adult performer Kayden Kross, chronicling her journey from a 21-year old stripper to present day where Kross is now a mother and engaged to male pornstar Manuel Ferrara.

    Anyone who knows Kayden Kross knows that she’s an exceptionally talented writer. Her firsthand account of coming up in the porn industry in the interest of “securing her security” only to find love and family is fascinating and eloquent. And it’s her eloquence that allows her to be didactic without being heavy-handed. There are lessons to be learned from Kayden Kross’ New York Times piece, titled “For Kayden Kross, the Family Business Happens to Be Porn“, and to make sure you’ve spotted her lessons, we’ve highlighted them below

    8. Got loans to pay off? Start stripping!

    7069412 stripper ass 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    7. Despite the submissive and subservient roles women play, women usually make more money than the men (unlike any other industry).

    753395 stunning kayden kross 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    6. Even pornstars can fall in love with a kiss.

    3476146 kayden kross handjob from pornid 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    5. Even pornstars get jealous when their partner shoots with someone else

    6080136 nacho vidal kayden kross 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    4. Even pornstars want to settle down.

    908445 kayden kross 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    3. Family = compromise.

    For Kayden Kross that means opting out of her lucrative contract, working exlcusively with Manuel Ferrara and other women (whereas Manuel gets to work with tons of other women), working less and caring primarily for their daughter.

    6714546 kayden kross in nude stockings ready for a doggy style fuck 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    2. It doesn’t matter if you lose your lover’s attention on a porn shoot to a fellow pornstar.

    It’s no different than any other kind of cheating. Relationships unravel in mysterious ways when you’re not looking…even in you’re a pornstar.

    4726781 kayden kross 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    1. Maintaining your love is all you can hope to do, no matter what life throws your way.

    3190989 kayden kross 8 Things We Learned From Kayden Kross About Porn, Love, Family and Life

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    If you have a minute, I really do recommend you read Kayden Kross’ piece in the New York Times.

    Kayden Kross for The New York Times.

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  • Smoking Weed Could Save Your Relationship

    Smoking weed is truly a wonderful thing because it has so many positive effects on a person’s life. It makes you laugh at everything. It makes rap music more relatable. It makes you hungry. It makes you forget things instantly. It makes you hungry. And it’s super chill.

    But can smoking weed save your relationship?  Continue Reading

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  • How To Have Friends With Benefits

    friends with benefits how to How To Have Friends With Benefits

    Doing what friends do best.

    Don’t you want to have sex regularly without all the mind-numbing boredom of a relationship and the shame of one-night stands? If you said yes then you need to get yourself friends with benefits.

    For those of you unfamiliar with friends with benefits, it’s a 2011 romantic comedy starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake it’s when two friends agree to have no strings attached sex without any boyfriend/girlfriend responsibilities. Just two (or more) friends doing what they need to so that their mutual horniness doesn’t impede them in their regular day to day.

    Because having friends with benefits is such an ideal arrangement, most people tend to think that it’s too good to be true. But that’s just because they haven’t read this guide to having friends with benefits. So if you think you can handle hours and hours of no strings attached sex, then read on!  Continue Reading

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  • Study Says Watching Porn = More Sex, Better Relationships

    watchingporn Study Says Watching Porn = More Sex, Better Relationships

    Watching porn!

    Cam4 teamed up with the IFOP survey institute to tell us good news that we’ve all been waiting to hear.

    They surveyed over 1,000 Americans and found that 90% of men and 60% of women watch porn. But wait! While it is good news that so many men and women are enjoying adult movies and pictures, that wasn’t the good news I was alluding to.

    Those who admitted to watching porn in the survey also had the most sexual partners as well as the most active sex lives than the people that watch porn and lied about it in the survey.   Continue Reading

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  • How Do I Talk To Girls? – Chico’s Sex Advice

    pick up line How Do I Talk To Girls?   Chicos Sex Advice

    What the hell are you supposed to say?

    Welcome back to another edition of Chico’s Sex Advice where I use all my expertise as a sexpert to answer any questions my beloved readers may have about sex.

    If you need sex advice or if you have a question about sex that needs answering, feel free to send an email to OR use the contact form and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

    Today’s question comes from friend of the News, Nikitas. Nikitas writes:

    “I don’t have any problems with my looks or my clothes, I mean I’m confident about myself but I only have one problem when it comes to girls. How do I meet them ? When I see a girl in a club dancing and looking at me, I don’t know what to say after I get her name. Could you please let me know how to do that?”   Continue Reading

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  • What Attracts You to a Sexual Partner?

    I have very little self-control, especially when it comes to sexual attraction.

    Like some kind of insect drawn to some kind of hot, bright thing, I just see a woman and immediately I am sexually attracted to her. Not everyone is like me though (a millionaire celebrity).  There a wide variety of different features that might make you sexually attracted to someone, or more specifically, make you feel like you might want to pursue a sexual relationship.

    It’s not always just about looks OK?    Continue Reading

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  • Casual, Committed, and Polygamous Relationships – Tip To Tip

    tip2tip Casual, Committed, and Polygamous Relationships   Tip To Tip

    Welcome back to another Tip to Tip

    In this week’s Tip To Tip, Gil Powers and I (Chunco Dunceto) discuss casual sexual relationships, committed sexual relationships, and ponder a life of polygamy. Enjoy! 

    If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, please feel free to share it in the comments!

    Chico:  Good morning Gil!

    Gil:  Hi Chico, what’s up?

    Chico: Nothing much, just looking at the results of our latest poll. Have you seen them yet?

    Gil:  Nope, care to give me a quick run-down?  Or should I stop being lazy and go look?

    Chico:  Laze-away, young man. Here are the results (pro-tip: click the image to make it bigger)

    results Casual, Committed, and Polygamous Relationships   Tip To Tip

    1,720 people voted and 49% (841) said that their preferred sexual relationship would be a committed, monogamous sexual relationship. Surprisingly, casual sex with 1 partner came last with 11% of the vote. Now Gil, didn’t you vote for casual sex with 1 partner?

    Gil:  Wow. Quite the landslide victory for committed relationships. And no, I voted for casual sex with multiple partners cuz that’s how a player like me gets down.

    Chico:  Oh I see. I thought that you voted for the one that last because you’re such a loser. My bad.  Continue Reading

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