• Lisa Ann Live as Sarah Palin in Tampa This Weekend

    Just a friendly little reminder that if you’re planning to be in Tampa this weekend for the National Republican Convention, make time to visit Thee Dollhouse strip-club. Sarah Palin will not be attending the Convention but her pornstar look-a-like Lisa Ann will be stripping as the former-governor.

    Can you guess which one is the real Sarah Palin?

    Lisa Ann’s Palin impression first paid-off in Hustler’s Who’s Nailin’ Palin? in 2008. Since then, Hustler has made five more Nailin’ Pailin movies.

    In an interview with GQ, Ann revealed, “I feel like I’m her rep at this point. Like, “Hey, don’t worry, I’m your double. Just stay at home and relax with your family. I’ll take care of this convention thing.”

    Take of the convention she will. Apparently conventions like these bring in a lot of business to strip clubs and that some strippers count on them for financial reasons. So whether or not you get to see Lisa Ann dance as Sarah Palin, if you’re in Tampa make sure to tip your dancers.

    Send us a picture of yourself with Lisa Ann in her Palin suit for a prize!

    August 23, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1363