• Review: All Access Carter Cruise

    Last year, Carter Cruise cemented herself as one of the world’s top pornstars by starring in a ton of porn movies so hot that every time you cued one up your dick was in danger of melting off.

    Carter’s amazing output was recognized with a Best New Starlet award at AVN this past January and now she’s back a brand new, double-disc feature from Airerose titled All Access Carter Cruise, which features Carter Cruise in four incredible sex scenes that make a damn good case for why she should win the Performer of the Year award at the next AVN Award ceremony.

    Check out the trailer for Airerose’s All Access Carter Cruise below.  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Free Porn Experience Is Waiting For You on

    If you like free porn but you haven’t visited, rectify that immediately.

    I feel like I could get in trouble for saying this (but here it goes anyway): is free porn at its best.

    Before I get pulled into the boss’s office to get berated for telling our users to spend what little porn browsing time they have on a site other than, let me tell you why blows other free porn sites away.  Continue Reading

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  • Airerose’s “MILF and Kitten” Reviewed

    “MILF and Kitten”, when youth meets experience, is the latest all lesbian sex scene release from Airerose Entertainment, XBIZ’s Best New Studio and AVN’s Best New Imprint for 2015.

    Starring serious hotties Abby Cross, Nikki Daniels, Holly Heart, Sabrina Banks, Nina Elle, Sandra Luberc, Rilynn Rae and Alana Luv, this is the kind of porn movie that makes you step back and ask yourself, “Am I really getting paid to watch this right now?”  Continue Reading

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  • Lesbian Porn Lovers! Do Yourself a Favor and Watch Sorority Car Wash 2

    Here’s a quick tip: If you want your car to be clean, do not take it to a sorority car wash.

    That’s what I gleaned from Airerose Entertainment‘s latest lesbian porn masterpiece Sorority Car Wash 2.

    These girls are just terrible when it comes to cleaning a car.

    However, if you want to watch hot chicks hose each other down before they strip butt naked for some hot lesbian sex, then Sorority Car Wash 2 is the thing for you.  Continue Reading

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  • Riley Reid and Romi Rain’s Sinful Life, Reviewed

    Riley Reid and Romi Rain are without a doubt two of the hottest girls in porn right now.

    Besides the obvious fact that they’re both extremely physically attractive, what really puts them in the upper echelon of pornstars is the way they fuck. They never skimp on attitude or energy and they always look like they’re having tons of fun getting off for the camera.

    I wish all girls would fuck the way Riley Reid and Romi Rain do. How they fuck should be what all sexually active adults should aspire to. Life would be so much better if we did.

    As you can see, I hold these babes to a high standard. So when a copy of their new movie My Sinful Life arrived at the offices, I nearly jizzed my pants looking at the cover.

    Little did I know that when I pressed play, it would be a none stop jizz-a-thon courtesy of Romi Rain and Riley Reid.  Continue Reading

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  • Get Laid Tonight with

    Since the end of November until just before New Year’s, I was going through my worst sex drought since I lost my virginity.

    All my regular fuck-buddies were out of town or too busy for a booty call. Chicks at the bar were shutting down my advances. My Tinder has been maxed out for months, having already been matched with all the hottest, most fuck-able girls on there. And every girl on OkCupid was looking for commitment before they did the deed.

    My balls were bluer than the sky on an afternoon in May. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

    I am by no means a religious man, but sometimes things work out so perfectly that you can only assume that a higher power is looking out for you.

    I was so desperate to get my cock inside a pussy again, I was about to spend all my savings for an evening with an escort. But before I placed the call to trade away all my money for an evening of sex with a sexy escort, I received an email from asking me if I write about their site.

    After I made a free account on, it was only a matter of minutes before I knew my sex drought was over.  Continue Reading

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  • I Cloned My Willy With The Clone-A-Willy Kit and My Girlfriend Dumped Me

    Writing the Blog comes with its fair share of perks. The biggest perk by far is receiving unsolicited packages in the mail (especially when they’re not riddled with an anthrax-like powder).

    A few weeks ago, I received a package that didn’t contain any anthrax-like powders. Instead, to my surprise, there was a Clone-A-Willy Kit for me to try.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the Clone-A-Willy Kit, it’s exactly what the name suggests. It’s a kit that contains everything you need to make a dildo that is replica of your penis in a matter of hours.

    Sounds fun, right? Who doesn’t want a dildo molded after their own penis?

    But there’s a problem with the Clone-A-Willy Kit that I could have never anticipated…It works too well!  Continue Reading

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  • Review: My Wife’s 1st Cuckold

    I’ll be honest with you…cuckold porn has never really been my thing.

    And then I watched Airerose’s new cuckold porn movie My Wife’s 1st Cuckold and finally understood the appeal of cuckold porn. Continue Reading

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  • The Porn Dude Makes Finding The Internet’s Best Porn Easy

    This may not come as a surprise to you, but there is a ton of free porn on the internet. If that is surprising news, then I’d like to know where you’ve been for the last 15 years.

    There is so much free porn on the internet that it can be overwhelming at times. Talk about too much of a good thing.

    You know you want to look at some porn, but where do you even begin? We all have our favorite porn sites, but sometimes your go-to porn sites fail to cater to your needs.

    So what do you do?

    Search “free porn” in Google? Good luck. More and more Google is taking a moral stand against free porn so it won’t be long before a search for “free porn” will only yield results of boring articles about the economic impacts of free porn or what the psychological repercussions of being able to get off as often as you want.

    Do you just start blinding typing porn words into your browser bar and hope to God that you don’t end up on a site with viruses, too many ads or porn that you don’t want to see? There must be a better way to find the internet’s best porn.Luckily, there is.

    There’s someone in your corner who is making internet it easier than ever to find the best porn on the internet. His name is The Porn Dude and he’s been working hard to find the internet’s best porn, so you don’t have to.

    Continue Reading

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  • My First Dildo: A Review

    As a man tasked with reviewing sex toys from time to time, I often find myself in the predicament of being the wrong gender. Though there are tons of sex toys for men available for you to try, they never seem to get shipped to me for free so that I can tell you whether or not they’re worth your hard-earned money.

    So when a box of dildos and vibrators arrive at my desk, I do what any man would…contact as many females I know and tell them that I have a bunch of dildos and vibrators they need to use and describe the experience in great detail. Usually that’s followed by a, “Chico, you pervert.” But then I explain its “for work” and we all good.

    Earlier this month, I made my friend Helen try the Fetish Fantasy Elite 6″ Pink G-Spot Dildo. Little did I know this was her first time ever playing with a dildo! Let’s find out how it went.  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Get Sexxx Tonight, Kayden Kross’s New Adult Talk Show

    Yesterday, to my surprise (and delight), I stumbled upon a new adult talk show called Get Sexxx Tonight hosted by the lovely and talented Kayden Kross. The first episode of Get Sexxx Tonight premiered on Vimeo On Demand on October 28th and they’ve released three additional episodes since.

    For the uninitiated, Get Sexxx Tonight a new adults only comedy series, hosted by Kayden Kross that reveals the worlds of sex, sexuality, gender differences, and the latest findings from the scientific study of sex. The show boasts that it’s The Daily Show meets Tosh.0 meets Masters of Sex.

    To my even bigger surprise, no one had taken the time to review Kayden Kross’ new venture. So I sat down and watched all four episodes of Get Sexxx Tonight thus far to give it the critical attention it deserves. Keep reading to find out why Get Sexxx Tonight is definitely worth $2.00 and 15 to 20 minutes of your time.  Continue Reading

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  • Retro Porn Review: Deep Throat (1972)

    You’re living in the future, man.  You’re living in the internet age.  You’re currently on the internet reading about how you’re currently on the internet.  You’re also spoiled by the internet.  You’re spoiled because you have access to an unlimited supply of free porn videos and sex pictures. But it hasn’t always been like that, so don’t be ungrateful.

    There used to be a time when porn was harder to track down and didn’t get the type of mainstream coverage that it does today.  We have one movie in particular to thank for starting to break down the barriers – that movie is Deep Throat. Not only did Deep Throat pave the way for future porn movies, it also invented deepthroat blowjobs. We owe this movie so much. So, I’ve decided to give Deepthroat a watch, and see how it holds up compared to modern porn movies.  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Digital Sin’s Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing

    We all have fantasies.  Some of our fantasies are more of the mundane variety, like, ‘Hey, I wish instead of going to work today I could sit at home and play video games for 8 hours.”

    Those are the fantasies that are relatively achievable.  Other fantasies, well, maybe they’re a little more offbeat, a little more unrealistic and unachievable, maybe a bit taboo.  That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with them!

    Here’s my take on things: if you can find a non-destructive way to satisfy your taboo fantasies, go for it!  Luckily, the fine folks over at Digital Sin specialize in this type of thing.

    Bam, right on my desk – Digital Sin’s “Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing“, starring some of the hottest most notorious Milfs pretending to be some of the hottest young pornstars’ step-moms and then banging them.  But with any type of fantasy-enactment type stuff, there’s a really important question: how realistic is it?  Am I sufficiently convinced enough that these people are step-related, that they’re doing something much dirtier and more provocative than having regular lesbian sex?

    Well let’s find out!  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Homemade Sex Toy EVER, Reviewed

    Earlier this month, a Youtube tutorial titled “how to make the best homemade sex toy EVER” blew up on the internet. The video has garnered over 1.5 million views and was featured on Jezebel and BroBible.

    As far as Youtube tutorials go, it was probably the creepiest one we’ve ever seen.

    The video is totally silent with an unusually inconsistent frame rate. The visuals and the annotations explain how you can make the best homemade sex toy EVER. All you need is a couple of tube socks, a latex glove, a rubber band, a blanket, something fluffy like a mattress pad, some seat belts or rope and absolutely no self-respect. Watch the video below in case you haven’t seen it yet.

    Continue Reading

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  • Skweezme, the Netflix of Porn, Reviewed

    Back in January, we heard rumblings of a brand new site that was supposed to fill the void for on-demand HD adult video streaming sites called It was quickly compared to the Netflix or iTunes simply because the goal of the company is to persuade people to pay for content they’d usually pirate.  Continue Reading

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  • Vivid Presents Phil Varone Groupies: The Music From Behind

    Every warm-blooded man has fantasized about life as a rock star. Phil Varone, the former drummer for Skid Row and current drummer for Saigon Kick, sums things up succinctly:

    “Let’s face it, the three reasons why guys dream of being rock stars is for fame, fortune and women. The questions I get asked most often are, How many girls have you had? How do you get girls?  Is it easy to get laid? Can you tell us some stories?  Phil Varone Groupies: The Music From Behind answers all these questions and curiosities.  It also introduces some very hot girls and visits places never before seen except by rock stars.”

    Continue Reading

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  • Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer (Part 1)

    Though the nice weather will continue to linger until the end of September, summer is by in large over.

    Vacation days have been used up. Students are back on campus. Leaves are already changing color. Once again, the best season of the year passed by in the blink of an eye.

    Normally the end of summer spurs on a period of depression, but thanks to Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer series, we can relive all the fun and sexy escapades of summer throughout the entire year!

    Girls of Summer is a coming of age story as five hot babes meet every summer to let their horny selves loose! Drama arises when Destiny Dixon bangs her friend’s ex, but in the end the five friends leave with a stronger bond in the wake of their wild summer-long sex romps.

    With Aaliyah Love, Abigail Mac, Alexis Adams, Chloe Amour, Destiny Dixon and Stevie Shae as stars, keep reading to find out why Girls of Summer is a must-see porn series even though summer is over.

    Continue Reading

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  • Adriana Chechik and Dakota Skye in “Meet Dakota Skye”

    Last week, Digital Sin released the latest entry of their “Meet” series featuring none other than the adorably sexy new sensation in the porn business, Dakota Skye.

    Given how Meet Bonnie Rotten and Meet Carter Cruise skyrocketed Bonnie Rotten and Carter Cruise to the top of the porn industry, it seems like Digital Sin’s “Meet” series is becoming the porn equivalent of being a “Made Man”. In the mafia, a “Made Man” is a fully initiated member of the family. When you become a “Made Man”, you enjoy the full protection and backing of the family and you are untouchable. So yeah, starring in a Digital Sin “Meet” movie makes you untouchable in the porn industry.

    Since that’s how we interpret Digital Sin’s “Meet” movies, we were very excited to see that Dakota Skye was the latest new pornstar to become untouchable. Though we only shared 9 Reasons Why You Want To Meet Dakota Skye, we could have written millions. We were that excited.

    Despite our excitement, we were curious to see if Dakota Skye and Digital Sin could meet our high expectations. I’m happy to say that Meet Dakota Skye exceeded all expectations. There’s many good things to say about Meet Dakota Skye that if I were to write it all down, we’d have a porn review the size of Moby Dick.

    Continue Reading

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  • Romi Rain’s New Elegant Angel Scene Reviewed!

    Elegant Angel announced their Girl of the Month for August 2014 last week and it’s none other than the dark and beautiful Romi Rain!

    We were lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek at Romi Rain’s new Elegant Angel scene here now is our review of her brand new scene.

    Continue Reading

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  • Check Out This Awesome Free Tube Site: Porn Maki

    At, we get many different types of requests from our users. Sometimes, we receive e-mails asking about other porn sites. Everyone knows that is awesome, but sometimes you want to branch out, check out another site, and you’re curious if it’s worth your time and money. Who better to ask than your trusted neighbourhood sex bloggers?

    Today, I got a request to check out a tube side called Porn Maki.

    The first thing that immediately popped out to me when I visited the site is the excellent, aesthetically-pleasing layout.  I don’t like it when websites look cluttered.  I like to know exactly where I’m supposed to click, and I want a seamless path to my content of choice.  Porn Maki does an excellent job of making everything accessible and easy-to-find.

    Continue Reading

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