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  •’s Videos of the Year 2013 – PART 2’s Videos of the Year 2013 has really been popping off!

    Everyone wants to see the most popular sex videos of 2013 and who can blame them?

    If you haven’t seen the 10 most popular sex videos of 2013 yet, check it out right now: PART 1.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to capitalize on the success of Part 1 by making a’s Videos of the Year Part 2! Because when one idea is a success, just keep doing it until the interest isn’t there anymore. Right?

    Rather than show you 11 through 20 of the most popular sex videos, I’m going to show you the Top 10 Least Popular Videos of 2013! (technically Bottom 10, I guess…)

    Why the least popular? Because I already checked them out and they’re great! I can’t believe you guys weren’t feeling these videos. It just goes to show you that you need to spend even more time browsing because they are some real gems hiding in some of those boards.

    Anyways,’s Videos of the Year 2013 – Part 2 starts now!  Continue Reading

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  • Babes of the Year 2013


    Kayden Kross & Stoya, two of 2013’s most popular babes.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, democracy simply doesn’t work!

    I was thinking of letting you vote for your favorite babes of 2013, but then I got to thinking that a better indication of the most popular babes of 2013 would be to just look at which babes had the most views throughout the year.

    It’s like voting, but you weren’t conscious of it.

    Anyways, let’s see the Top 10 Babes of the Year 2013Continue Reading

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  • The Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Fallout

    Farrah Abraham

    Farrah Abraham

    I really hope that this is the last Farrah Abraham post ever on the Blog.  Continue Reading

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  • Riley Jensen’s retirement Top 10

    Bye Riley

    Bye Riley

    Terrible news for porn fans. Alt-babe Riley Jensen has retired.

    This is is the message she wrote on her Facebook page:

    “Good morning everyone! Well today I have a big announcement.
    After 4 great years in the adult industry, I am officially announcing retirement. I’ve had a lot of fun and it will definitely be a part of my life that I will never forget. No it’s not because of my accident or any other reason other than I have put the amount of time I wanted to into this career and now it’s simply time for the next chapter of my life. You can still look forward to my modeling, as that is my passion in life. I want to personally say thank you to everyone that has continued to support me through it and a special thanks to the ones that didnt. Lol you all played a part in helping me grow into the person I am. I understand there will be negative feedback right along with the positive. Your opinions are yours. My life is mine. Xoxo and thank you again! Limited edition Riley Jensen products coming very soon ;)”

    While it’s sad to know that we won’t be seeing new stuff from Riley, you have to respect her going out with style like that. Rather than wallow in our sadness, we’d just like to remember the good times and share with you our Riley Jensen retirement Top 10.

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