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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: April 10th, 2015

    Good news! We made it through another week! Job well done everyone!

    As a reward for making it through yet another week, here is Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist for April 10th, 2015.

    Don’t waste your weekend trying to find free porn worth watching. We’ve already found it for you!

    Thank you for your continued support of The Blog. Here now are the 7 hottest porn videos from the past week.  Continue Reading

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  • What Makes a Lesbian Threesome Even Better? Commentary!

    Putting sexy pornstars Riley Reid, Veronica Rodriguez and Violet in a lesbian threesome together is a surefire recipe for orgasm (both for the girls participating in the lesbian threesome and the viewer at home).

    But you know what makes it even better? Commentary!

    Finally, we can hear straight from the girls what they liked best about sharing a double-sided dildo, what it’s like to get a face-full of Riley Reid’s pussy juices and so much more!

    Watch a preview of Riley Reid, Veronica Rodriguez and Violet re-watch their lesbian threesome courtesy of Nubile FilmsContinue Reading

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  • Kissa Sins is Now a Brazzers Exclusive Contract Star

    Budding starlet Kissa Sins has been locked down to an exclusive contract for Brazzers. Not half bad for a girl whose first porn scene came out only a month ago.

    If you’ve yet to make Kissa Sins’ acquaintance, check out her debut porn video courtesy of Brazzers.comContinue Reading

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  • Pornstar Spotlight: Remy LaCroix

    For those you who don’t know, Pornstar Spotlight is a daily feature (at least we try to do one every day) here on the Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about one pornstar, including their top 5 hottest porn videos. Click here to browse the Pornstar Spotlight Archives.

    Today, the Pornstar Spotlight shines on perennial favorite of ours (and you too): REMY LACROIXContinue Reading

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  • Clit Kissing Cuties Kenna James & Riley Reid Have Fun in the Tub

    I hope you like lesbian sex because what you’re about to see is the apex of lesbian sex.

    Actually, come to think of it, you might be better off not watching this lesbian sex video because it might ruin watching two sexy ladies go down on each other.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Porn GIFs of the Week #8

    Porn GIFs! You love ‘em. We love ‘em.

    As we always do, it’s time to take a look at the Top 10 Porn GIFs that received the most love (i.e. views) this week on  Continue Reading

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  • Riley Reid Answers All Your Questions!

    Is there anyone cuter than Riley Reid on this slowly declining blue and green spacial jewel that we call Earth?

    To be honest, there probably is. No disrespect to Riley Reid but…there are like 7 billion people on Earth. What are the chances that the cutest human just happens to be top pornstar Riley Reid? I’m no math-a-magician but I think the chances are 1 in 7 billion.

    That said, if you were to do a cute survey of the Earth’s population, there’s no doubt in my mind that Riley Reid would crack the top 10 cutest humans.

    After all, how many adult starlets can make you cum with just their smiles? Riley Reid is the only one that comes to mind (but if you know of more, please tell us about them in the comments).

    If you think I’m hyperbolizing, I urge you to watch Nubiles’ new Ask Me Anything with Riley Reid. Somehow, watching Riley talk about her hobbies, career, interests and more is just as good as watching her fuck.

    Sounds crazy, I know. But just watch Riley Reid answer all your questions below and get ready to jump on the “Riley Reid is one of the cutest human beings on Earth”-bandwagon.  Continue Reading

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  • Review: The Submission of Emma Marx 2: Boundaries

    Sequels! By in large, sequels to movies are terrible because they’re motivated by making more money. “Well, the first one grossed a ton of money, so let’s just do it all over again and slap a 2 at the end of the title,” is what 100% of Hollywood executives say when the time comes to greenlight new films.

    While I will always encourage you to err on the side of caution when approaching a sequel because it’s most likely capitalizing on the success of its predecessor for a quick cash-grab, I will say that there are some sequels that transcend the first chapter because the creators use the opportunity expand on their characters’ arcs rather than hit the same beats all over again like Empire Strikes Back or Attack of the Clones.

    After months of waiting, we finally got to see The Submission of Emma Marx 2: Boundaries (the sequel to The Submission of Emma Marx, duh) and I’m pleased to say that it falls into latter category of sequels.  Continue Reading

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  • Check out the new trailer for The Submission of Emma Marx 2: Boundaries

    Jacky St. James, porn-auteur extraordinaire, The Submission of Emma Marx was a bonafide hit in every way.

    I know I loved it because the characters were interesting and compelling (remember, it’s a porn movie), the dom/sub dynamic between the two leads felt very real, the art direction was on point and there was a lot of hot BDSM sex!  Continue Reading

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  • AEBN’s Top 40 Pornstars of 2014

    Rather than judge on the pornstars on their highly subjective physical attributes and ability to fuck on camera, porn-on-demand giant Adult Entertaiment Broadcast Network (AEBN) takes the position that when it comes to genuine porn star status, sales data is more revealing and credible.

    There’s no doubt that casual viewing figures collected from free porn tube sites or “performer-of-the-minute” search trends only reveals a small segment of a performer’s popularity.

    For example, Belle Knox spent most of 2014 as the adult industry’s poster girl mostly because mainstream media outlets couldn’t wrap their heads around her being comfortable with her decision to star in porn movies to pay for Duke Universty’s $63,530 estimated cost of attendance. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone searching for “Belle Knox” was trying to watch her porn videos. They could have just as easily been trying to watch her appearance on The View.

    AEBN is in a unique position to reveal which performers are bona fide porn “stars” as voted by the viewers. Every day, AEBN compiles consumer data showing what its customers truly prefer. At the end of the year, AEBN distills this data into a list of the top 40 stars of the year.

    After all, what better indicator of a pornstar’s stardom than the fans being willing to pay for their porn? There are a lot of pornstars and a lot of their videos can be seen for free. But these are the girls so hot that fans say, “To hell with getting it for free, she’s so fine that I need to pay for this porn.”

    Based simply on the dollars that AEBN’s customers have spent, these were the AEBN top 40 pornstars of 2014.  Continue Reading

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  • 17 Porn Videos That Prove Yoga Porn Is The Best

    The other day, one of my girlfriends asked me if I wanted to come to her yoga class.

    “It’s good for your body and your mind,” she said.

    I had to decline. Not just because I’m not interested in bettering my body and mind but because I’ve watched too much yoga porn in my life.

    Going to a yoga class where sexy ladies are bending in all kinds of ways in those fucking pants when I have so much yoga porn stored in my brain would just make me want to masturbate right then and there. And then I’d go to jail. Not cool.

    Though you won’t find “Yoga Porn” among your main porn categories like anal, lesbian, BDSM or interracial, I’d like to prove to you that yoga porn is the best porn.
    So without further ado, watch these 17 yoga porn videos and fall in love with this special sub-genre of fit, flexible babes getting fucked. Continue Reading

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  • Throwback Thursday Review: The Submission of Emma Marx

    With The Submission of Emma Marx II: Boundaries slated for a February 2015 release, we thought it would be a good idea to get reacquainted with the series.

    Normally we don’t fuck with watching old porn movies since there are so many new ones to consume on a daily basis, but The Submission of Emma Marx so good that it’s worth re-watching over and over again.

    Ooops. Just blew my review load by telling you exactly how I feel about The Submission of Emma Marx in the intro.

    Oh well, on with the review.  Continue Reading

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  • CNBC Picks Their Top 12 Pornstars of 2015

    Every year, CNBC picks their Top 12 pornstars of the year. This annual feature is known as “The Dirty Dozen”.

    Why does the Consumer News and Business Channel pick their Top 12 pornstars every year? Because porn is a business like any other and it is consumed by billions of people. CNBC reporting on pornstars isn’t as incongruous as it seems at first glance.

    This year, they’ve switched up their methodology to incorporate not just the industry’s opinion of them but the fans’, as well. Let’s see the 12 pornstars CNBC has picked for the 2015 edition of “The Dirty Dozen”.  Continue Reading

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  • Riley Reid and Romi Rain’s Sinful Life, Reviewed

    Riley Reid and Romi Rain are without a doubt two of the hottest girls in porn right now.

    Besides the obvious fact that they’re both extremely physically attractive, what really puts them in the upper echelon of pornstars is the way they fuck. They never skimp on attitude or energy and they always look like they’re having tons of fun getting off for the camera.

    I wish all girls would fuck the way Riley Reid and Romi Rain do. How they fuck should be what all sexually active adults should aspire to. Life would be so much better if we did.

    As you can see, I hold these babes to a high standard. So when a copy of their new movie My Sinful Life arrived at the offices, I nearly jizzed my pants looking at the cover.

    Little did I know that when I pressed play, it would be a none stop jizz-a-thon courtesy of Romi Rain and Riley Reid.  Continue Reading

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  • Riley Reid is Your Sexy Submissive of the Day

    As I’ve mentioned before, birthday sex has always weirded me out. It wasn’t until I saw Lola Foxx having birthday sex did I soften my objection to birthday sex.

    And then along came this new video from Nubile Films featuring sweet petite pornstar Riley Reid giving her man free reign to completely dominate her pussy for his birthday.  Continue Reading

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  • Dakota James and Riley Reid’s Daddy/Daughter Swap

    Brazzers released a new porn video today starring Dakota James and Riley Reid. Having watched it multiple times today (because you got to watch new Riley Reid videos multiple times in a row when they drop), I can’t tell if it’s a porn video that at its core portrays a new level of friendship or if it just depraved.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstars Read “Where The Wild Things Are”

    Every now and then, it’s always nice to take a step back and remind ourselves that pornstars aren’t the super hot fuck-machines we usually see on screen. They’re also people!

    And what better way to remind us that pornstars are in fact people than by having a big group of them read us Maurice Sendack’s classic story Where The Wild Things AreContinue Reading

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  • 17 POV Porn Videos So Hot, You’ll Feel Like You’re Fucking Your Favorite Stars

    POV porn videos might be our favorite kind of porn video simply because our imaginations have to do minimal work to picture what it would look like to fuck some of the hottest adult stars in the industry. It’s already all there on screen!

    If you love POV porn videos as much as we do, then you’re going need to clear your schedule and watch these # POV porn videos that are so hot, you’ll feel like you’re fucking your favorite stars!  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Ride or Die starring Mia Malkova, Aidra Fox, Riley Reid and more!

    As soon as we saw the trailer for Digital Playground‘s new blockbuster porn movie Ride or Die, we had a feeling that we were going to love it because it combines all of our favorite things: Aidra Fox, Mia Malkova, Riley Reid, Lola Foxx, Selena Rose, hot sex, street racing and going under cover.

    So when I sat down to watch Ride or Die last night, was I ever relieved to find that this porn movie is firing on all cylinders to give you six incredible sex scenes you absolutely need to see.

    I say, watch it right now exclusively on

    But if you want to know what to expect, keep scrolling to read the review

    Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Elegant Angel Videos of 2014

    If we had to pick one porn studio that was synonymous with consistent, quality porn, we’d have to go with Elegant Angel.

    Founded in 1990, Elegant Angel started as a pioneer in the gonzo porn genre and has continued to release some of the best damn porn videos ever since.

    2014 was a particularly good year for Elegant Angel porn videos. It seemed like every week they would release a new porn video that made all other porn videos irrelevant.

    It wasn’t easy narrowing it down to a Top 10, but regardless, enjoy our selections of the Top 10 Elegant Angel Videos of 2014Continue Reading

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