• Sex With Robots Becoming More Popular

    A new survey by A One Poll has found that the fear of a robot taking your job is growing. 31% of people fear that one day they will be replaced by smarter, faster, more efficient machine. I don’t want to get into a debate as to whether or not we should be replaced by machines for the good of the planet, so I’ll just tell you that the poll also found that 17% of people would have sex with a robot.

    While that is hilarious, it’s important to remember that similar survey results released last showed that only 1 in 10 people would have sex with a robot.

    That means the popularity of sex with robots (or at least the idea because as far as I know sex robots are not yet available but I pray to robot-God every night that they come true) has grown in popularity by 7% in only a year’s time.

    If this trend continues, then by the time we actually have fully functioning robots designed specifically for sex, the idea will be 100% acceptable.

    And why shouldn’t it be?

    There are men out there (and some women too) that view their sexual partners as object anyways, so why not just give them a robot to jizz in and let everyone else trying to build some intimacy do their thing?

    Sure, people may say that sex with robots is unnatural but anyone who wants to make that argument really has no business reading this on the internet because the internet is unnatural. Yet here you are, trying to get some sex over the internet. How is it any different than having sex with a robot? Don’t act like you never tried to fit your dick into a floppy drive before.

    If you don’t know what a floppy drive is, then you’re not old enough to be on this website, so please leave.

    Anyways, I have no qualms with people having sex with robots. It’s not like it’s going to ruin sex between two (or more) people. If technological advancements could threaten sex between two people in any way, the Fleshlight would have sex obsolete by now.

    I just think it’s amazing that the popularity of sex with robots is on rise despite there being no robots to even have sex with.

    Y’all must be getting hornier by the minute!

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