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  • 4 Easter Role Play Scenarios

    Easter kicks off tomorrow, which means that you four days off to celebrate the miracle that is the Easter Bunny coming back to life after being dead for three days.

    Of course, you may be at loss in terms of how to spend Easter weekend because you do not observe traditional Easter celebration because you are secular scum. If that’s the case, then why not indulge in some Easter-themed role play with your significant other? It’s sexy, it’s festive, it’s fun, it’s all you need to celebrate Easter!

    To help you get down with some Easter role play this weekend, here are 4 role play scenarios to get your started.  Continue Reading

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  • Supermodel Behati Prinsloo Fucks Her Stalker Adam Levine in New Maroon 5 Music Video “Animals”

    We’ve always wanted to see Victoria’s Secret Angel and Namibian supermodel Behati Prinsloo in some kind of sex scene and on September 29th, a Behati Prinsloo sex scene was unleashed upon the internet. Sadly, Behati Prinsloo’s nubile, nude body comes accompanied by a Maroon 5 song because her new sex scene is just a small portion of Adam Levine’s latest vanity music video project, “Animals”.  Continue Reading

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  • 5 Different Role Play Scenarios

    Here at we like to spice things up fairly frequently. That is obviously not to say we don’t appreciate the classics, because of course we do… but when it comes to role play scenarios, I think it’s time to add some sugar and spice and mix up the lists that usually only add “teacher/student”, “secretary/boss”, or “nurse/patient” as plausible and fun role play scenarios (our holiday-themed 4th of July role play scenarios, Christmas role play scenarios and Thanksgiving role play scenarios notwithstanding, nor our Domination role play scenarios). So here we go:  Continue Reading

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  • 4th of July Role Play Scenarios

    Independence Day is tomorrow! And while we’re all looking forward to celebrating the birth of the greatest nation in the world by blowing up a small chunk of it with fireworks, there’s another way we should all be celebrating the 4th of July: 4th of July Role Play.

    Of course, it’s not always that easy to come out with role play scenarios that fit the holiday spirit, so to help you and your partner engage in the best damn 4th of July role play you’ve ever had, the distinguished staff of the Blog has come up with some options to get you started. After all, no holiday is complete without role play scenarios.

    So without further ado, here are some Blog approved 4th of July Role Play scenarios:


    What could possibly be more American than eating apple pie on the 4th of July? Nothing. At least that’s what the recently divorced hot blonde next door thinks, which is why she’s been baking apple pies all day long.

    The sweet aroma of the apple pies draws you to her windowsill. When she notices you standing outside her home, salivating profusely because all you can think about is eating that sweet, sweet pie, she leans out the window and says, “Would you like to come in for some pie?” Of course, you oblige and she says, “Come around and let yourself in, the front door is open.”

    So you go around to the front door and walk to the kitchen. However, the recently divorced hot blonde is nowhere to be found. You start helping yourself to a piece of pie when suddenly you hear her voice: “Hey!”

    You turn around and see that she’s wearing nothing but an apron. She pulls up the apron revealing her pussy. Shocked, you drop the piece of pie. She says, “I thought maybe you’d like to have a piece of this first…” And of course, the “this” in that sentence refers to her pussy.

    Incredible sex ensues.

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    For more eroticism, try incorporating the flour, the apples, the rolling pie and whatever else is around the kitchen to the role play scenario.


    You are the President of the United States and the 4th of July is the one day where you can just kick back and relax. There’s nothing for you to do besides relax in the Presidential bed and that’s what you intend to do all day…until your Presidential phone rings. “Hello?” you say somewhat annoyed. This is your one day of rest from running the greatest nation in the world.

    “I’m sorry to bother you Mr. President.” It’s your most trusted and hottest aide on the other end and she seems nervous. “I know this is your one day off from running the greatest nation in the world but it’s very important that you come to the Oval Office immediately.”

    Frustrated, yet concerned, you throw on your Presidential bathrobe and march over to the Oval Office. When you arrive at the West Wing, the place is completely deserted. Everyone else is enjoying their holiday. Oh the price you pay for being elected President…

    You sit down at your desk, wondering where your sexy aide could be. You grab the phone and call her…and that’s when you hear her phone ringing from beneath your desk. You look down to see your aide on her knees, already undoing your pants. She whispers erotically, “Happy birthday Mr. President.”

    Unfortunately, it’s not your birthday. It’s the country’s birthday. This mistake is quite alarming, causing you to question her qualifications as a Presidential aide. I mean, c’mon. Why does she think your birthday is today? Because you’re President? That’s weird.

    But by the time your half-erect penis is enveloped by her beautiful, full, bright red lips, you’ve forgotten all about the birthday thing and her impending performance review. It’s time to just relax and get blown in the Oval Office like Bill Clinton.

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    You’re a hot CIA agent, not unlike Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty. Ok exactly like Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty.

    You’ve captured a man you suspect to be cooperating with terrorists. And if there’s one thing you hate more than anything in the world, it’s people cooperating with terrorists…especially terrorists that are trying to destroy America.

    Normally you’re an interrogation ace but your latest prisoner has shown no signs of breaking even though you’ve run through every torture interrogation technique in the CIA handbook. Your superiors are pressuring to find some intriguing new evidence or else he’ll have to be released (thanks for nothing Congress!). All seems lost until you notice a large swarm of bees circling some honey that one of your coworkers spilled on the ground from the 4th of July picnic the staff had earlier that day…which reminds you of the old addage, “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.”

    While watching the bees swarm the honey, you ask yourself, “Perhaps I could implicate this suspected terrorist conspirator with my honey flavored pussy rather than vinegary torture interrogation techniques.”

    So you enter the suspect’s cell and ask the guards to tie him to a chair and tie the chair to the bars. Then you tell the guards to buzz off because this isn’t going to be pretty. The suspect is visibly nervous. He demands to know what you’re going to do with him.

    You smile and pace around, “What am I going to do with you? How about I show you?” You unbutton your blouse and slide off your skirt. “Do you like it?” you ask. He seems intrigued. You remove your bra and panties so that you’re totally nude in the cell with the suspected terrorist.

    You climb up the bars so that he’s face to face with your honey flavored pussy. He tries to lick it but you push his face back. “Only if you tell me what I want to know.” Unable to resist the allure of your honey flavored pussy directly in his face, he tells you a small kernel of information you already knew. “Good,” you say, “the more you say, the more of me you get to have.”

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    It’s the 4th of July and you’re at Coney Island to watch the annual hot dog eating contest, just like you do every year.

    This year, you notice something different about one of the contestants. Instead of the usual fat slobs and efficient Japanese eaters participating in the contest, there is a sultry brunette who just might be the sexiest creature you’ve ever seen. Can you believe that you almost considered not coming to watch the hot dog eating contest this year?

    As the contest is about to begins, the sultry brunette seems outmatched by her competitors. But when the clock starts, she swallows whole hotdog after whole hotdog, blowing her competition out of the water. With no noticeable physical discomfort, the sultry brunette wins the hotdog eating competition by a landslide.

    After accepting her medal, she heads straight for Stillwell Avenue station. Amazed by her performance in the competition, you chase after her because you’re compelled to let her know how incredible that was.

    “Excuse me!” you shout while trying to catch up to her.

    She turns and shoots you a smile.

    “Hi, I’m sorry to bother you but I come to watch this hotdog eating competition every year and I got to say that was the most impressive things I’ve ever seen at any hotdog eating competition.”

    She blushes, “Oh it’s nothing special.”

    “No, it is special. Where did you learn how to do that?”

    “From deepthroating big cocks.”

    Silence. You’re in complete shock because why would you ever expect a complete stranger to say that to you?

    “Would like to come over to my place so I can show you?”

    Immediately, you start to laugh. Obviously this is some sort of sick prank, right? But then she grabs your hand and leads you to the subway. “C’mon. If you thought that was impressive than wait until you see how I deepthroat. It’s literally going to blow you…away.”

    So you ride the subway to her house, she deepthroats your cock for several hours and you have amazing sex.

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    You’ve just returned home from your second tour of duty and you don’t feel quite like yourself. You’re not exactly what’s wrong so you head to your local Veteran Health Administration to see if you can get some care.

    When you arrive, the place is packed with your fellow servicemen all waiting for care. You walk up to the front desk and are greeted by a young, perky nurse.

    “I’d like to see a doctor,” you say in that grizzled voice you’ve had ever since seeing combat.

    “I’m sorry sir but there’s 120 000 person waiting list to see a doctor.”

    “What? I risked my life serving this country. I let my marriage fall apart for this country. And on the 4th of July…some American dream, huh? Well miss, thank you for your time.”

    You turn to walk away, but then you hear, “Wait!” It’s the perky receptionist signalling back. She has an expression on her face that implies she has a secret to tell you. Intrigued, you lean in and she whispers into your ear, “There’s a 120 000 person wait list for a doctor, but this nurse will see you right now. Supply closet. 10 minutes. Fifth door on your left.”

    As instructed, you enter the fifth door on your left and 8 1/2 minutes later, the perky nurse from reception enters.

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    Well guys, that’s it for your 4th of July role play scenarios.

    I had another one where you play Thomas Jefferson coming home after celebrating the signing of Declaration of Independence and when you get home, you smoke so much hemp and get super high that you mistakes the slave quarters for your own bedroom and one of your slaves for Martha Jefferson and having incredible sex and thus introducing Thomas Jefferson to the wonderful world of interracial sex…but I thought that maybe that one would be in poor taste. After all, isn’t 4th of July about ignoring all the bad things America has done to its people and the rest of the world?

    Happy 4th of July everyone!

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  • Christmas Role Play Scenarios


    Merry XXXmas y’all

    Most people tend to spend the holidays with family. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to spend Christmas with just your significant other, you two should celebrate with some festive role play sex.

    Why should you try role play this Christmas? Because role play lets you act out your wildest sexual fantasies and it’s more fun than your regular old foreplay!

    To get you started on your Christmas-themed sexual role play, here are some 100% original Blog-certified sexy Christmas role play scenarios.  Continue Reading

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  • Role Playing & Domination – Chico’s Sex Advice

    Sex is complicated. No one understands that better than me. That’s why if you have a question about sex, I’m prepared to answer your questions with sexpert sex advice in this special Blog feature, Chico’s Sex Advice.

    Today’s question comes from loyal Blog pawn Shyla. 

    Shyla writes,

    “I really enjoyed your post about Thanksgiving role play scenarios. What role play scenarios do you recommend for a girl that loves to be dominated?”  Continue Reading

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  • Thanksgiving Role Play Scenarios


    Thanksgiving…the sexiest holiday of them all…

    Did everyone cancel their Thanksgiving pilgrimages home because of bad weather?

    Did you decide to relax this year instead of cooking dinner for 30 ungrateful relatives?

    Do you not celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s a celebration of genocide?

    Whatever your reason is for spending this holiday with just your significant other, I think it’s the perfect opportunity for you to engage in some festive role play sex.

    You’re probably saying, “But Chico, we don’t have any scenarios to have festive role play sex!”

    I knew you would say that. That’s why I’ve come up with some sexy Thanksgiving role play scenarios so that you can have amazing festive sex this weekend.  Continue Reading

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