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  • 9 Reasons Why I Want To Be BFFs With Rosie Jones

    Looking at sexy pictures eight hours a day can mess with your head. All day long you’re seeing beautiful babes with big tits and big asses, which ultimately breeds thoughts like: “I would do terrible, terrible things to have sex with her.”

    But sex is not the end all and be all. Sometimes when you’re taking in eight hours worth of pictures and GIFs on, you get to see more than nudity. Sometimes, you get a glimpse into a hot babe’s personality, which ultimately makes them more attractive because you end up fantasizing about something more than sex. Intimacy. Friendship even.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find that more often than not, forming a friendship with a hot babe is more fulfilling than selling your soul for a one-night stand. Ideally, you would become best friends with a hot babe and receive sexual benefits from that friendship. Isn’t that something worth fantasizing about?

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Welcome back to another edition of the Best Sex Links! It’s your one-stop shop to see the best sex on the internet. So let’s get started shall we?

    TAXIDRIVERMOVIE is without a doubt one of the best sites on the internet for sexy celebrities. Today they have some hot pictures of Rita Ora. Apparently, Rita’s a Calvin Klein spokesperson and the studio and wherever she was promoting the Calvin Klein brand, it was very cold. SEE RITA ORA’S NIPPLES.

    PEEPERZ has a collection of super sexy models posing as tennis players. As they point out, female tennis players are basically sex served on bread. I couldn’t agree more. This serving of sex is definitely an ace. Tennis joke anyone? Ok moving on. SEXY TENNIS PLAYERS.

    THE NIP SLIP has new sexy pictures of Claire Coffee. Claire Coffee is an actress on the TV show Grimm. Yeah that doesn’t mean much to me either. But trust me, she’s hot and Esquire’s “Me In My Place” series never disappoints. SEE CLAIRE COFFEE GET SEXY IN HER PLACE.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER has new pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Vogue Germany. Obviously Rosie is totally smoking but I have to refrain from commenting on these pictures for the fear of being attacked at random by Jason Statham haunts me. ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELY SEXY IN VOGUE GERMANY.

    CELEBSEMPIRE invites you to take a stroll down memory lane and check out Ashley Harkleroad’s Playboy pics from 2008. ASHLEY HARKLEROAD NUDE IN PLAYBOY.

    IMAGEPOST has a gallery of the beautiful and busty Shae Summers getting satisfied by a huge cock and taking a creampie. I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some Shae Summers. You will too! SHAE SUMMERS LOVES HUGE COCK.

    FLESHBOT got their hands on a video all NFL fans will want to see. St. Louis Rams Wide Receiver Kenny Britt “accidentally” posted a video on Instagram of him fucking his wife (or possibly his mistress) POV-style. Go Rams! KENNY BRITT’S INSTAGRAM SEX TAPE.


    SINN & SKINN has the perfect thing for you to start the week: ROSIE JONES TOPLESS.

    And that’s it for now!

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    ALRIGHT! STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING. Because there’s nothing you could be doing that’s more important than the Best Sex Links. Now enjoy the best sex from the rest of the internet!

    Contestants Caught Having Sex on Big Brother – Peeperz

    Big Brother Reality Show Sex The Best Sex Links!

    Kim Kardashian Bikini Butt Crack in Thailand – The Nip Slip

    TheNipSlipBig940 The Best Sex Links!

    Allyson Horgan Wallace Nip Slip at the Club - TaxiDriverMovie

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    Sara Malakul Lane Flashing Cars – DrunkenStepfather

    weirdos The Best Sex Links!

    Lucy Collett Sexy in Nuts Magazine – Your-Daily-Girl

    Lucy Collett9 The Best Sex Links!

    Afternoon Delight with Jenna J Ross – ImagePost

    passion hd episode afternoon delight with jenna ross 014 The Best Sex Links!

    Join The Mile High Club in Your Own Private Love Jet – Fleshbot

    lovecloudinside 640x426 The Best Sex Links!

    Playboy Model Sunshine – Morazzia

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    Hot Amy Adams GIFs – CelebsEmpire

    image02 The Best Sex Links!

    Naked News AVN Bloopers – Sexy and Funny

    naked news bloopers The Best Sex Links!

    Edite Vilkeviciute Topless in St Bart’s - SINN & SKINN

    sEVV1 The Best Sex Links!

    Candice Swanepoel, Swim 2014 – Pretty Hot and Sexy

    Candice Swanepoel The Best Sex Links!

    April Summers Sexy Blue Bikini Pictures – The Feeding Tube

    april summers bikini 9 633x1024 The Best Sex Links!

    Lacey Banghard and 107 Rude Selfies – TopBabesBlog

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    Chanel Preston & Destiny Dixon – ClubGlamor

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    Topless Martha Hunt – iSexy

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    Hailey Leigh Strips Off Her Purple Dress – LetThereBePorn

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    Will You Tug On This For Me? – The Chive

    tug tuesday 45 The Best Sex Links!

    20 Hottest Instagram Pictures of March 2014 – BroBible

    joy crorrigon The Best Sex Links!

    Jenna Dewan-Tatum – COED

    jenna dewan tatum mindy project 26 The Best Sex Links!

    How To Tell If He’s Interested In You (If You’re A Pornstar on Twitter) – CollegeHumor

    Screen Shot 2014 04 08 at 10.06.41 AM The Best Sex Links!

    Rosie Jones Topless Dancing – Egotastic!

    Rosie Jones New Topless Nuts Screencaps 03 600x450 The Best Sex Links!

    Bottom Percussion – BootySource

    Screen Shot 2014 04 08 at 10.15.13 AM The Best Sex Links!

    August Ames Stripping for Love – BoobieBlog

    AugustAmesHDLove4 The Best Sex Links!

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    bestsexwebcamtease The Best Sex Links!


    OKIE DOKIE. It’s that time of the week. Time to check in with all the other sites we like so that you can see the best sex on the internet!  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    BWEC 013 The Best Sex Links!

    The Best Sex Links are badass

    It’s that time of the week again where we get caught up on what our sexy friends are up to! It’s the Best Sex Links! Enjoy!  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Sex Links

    tumblr n17mqdsJa61qerytho1 500 The Best Sex Links

    Best Sex!

    Mia Malkova Interviewed by PornHub TV – Peeperz  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Sexy Things To Be Thankful For

    917876 thanksgiving is right around the corner so i figure i 8217ll Top 10 Sexy Things To Be Thankful For

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving is finally here!

    It’s the one day of the year where I stop saying, “Fuck you” and flip the bird and instead say, “Thank you” and eat some bird.

    2013 sure has had its share of ups and downs, but there’s plenty to be thankful for. What do we have to be thankful for? Well let’s just look at the Top 10 Sexy Thing To Be Thankful ForContinue Reading

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  • The Sexiest Body Types For Women

    0507 The Sexiest Body Types For Women

    Big fake boobs are out

    A decade ago, one in eight women said that they aspired to have a “pornstar body”.

    That means big fake boobs, thin waist, exaggerated ass, etc. You’ve all seen pornstars before, you know what I mean.

    A new study has found that women aren’t aspiring to have the pornstar body anymore. Only one in two hundred women said that they still want to the big boobs and minuscule waist.

    Young women are saying that the pornstar body is “tacky and dated” and describing it as “overhyped, oversexed and demeaning”.

    This image of pornstars (I’m talking huge boobs, blonde hair, and tiny waist) is even dated within the adult industry. In fact, if you were to calculate the average of every pornstar in the adult industry to create the “generic pornstar” you would get a brunette with size 34B boobs. But you can read more about that in this article:

    What Can We Learn From 10,000 Pornstars?

    In addition to rejecting the pornstar body, more women are finding the plus-sized look or BBW‘s more attractive (up from 1.5% to 3%) and they’re also rejecting the super thin Kate Moss-look. Only 7% feel the pin-thin figure is attractive.

    So with the pornstar body and super-thin figure falling out of favor and the plus-sized body slowly gaining ground, what body types do women find the most attractive?

    There are two:

    1. Fit not thin
    2. The “Soft Body”

    What exactly are the features of these two new sexiest body types? Well, allow me to explain them to you.  Continue Reading

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  • Would You Rather: Blonde vs Brunette

    Screen Shot 2013 09 26 at 4.16.12 PM Would You Rather: Blonde vs Brunette

    Who would you rather?

    Life’s all about making tough decisions like, “Which wire do I cut? The red or the blue?”

    One decision I still struggle with today is: Do I go with the blonde or the brunette?

    Specifically today I’m stuck trying to decide who I like better: Rosie Jones or Sam Cooke.

    Both babes are gorgeous glamour models from the UK and they both have new photos via

    Let’s take a look at their new pics:


    Tell me, who is hotter?

    Rosie Jones, the brunette on the beach wearing a pair of very sexy daisy-dukes?


    Sam Cooke, the blonde in sexy black lingerie?


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  • Nicole Neal and Rosie Jones’s Topless Holiday

    rosie jones   nicole 82 Nicole Neal and Rosie Joness Topless Holiday

    Nicole Neal (blonde) & Rosie Jones (brunette)

    Two of our favorite babes, Nicole Neal and Rosie Jones were “spotted” on a Topless Holiday not too long ago.

    I put spotted in quotation marks because they weren’t really spotted. It’s clearly an actual photo shoot in the style of paparazzi. Sorry to spoil the fun but it’s better that you hear it from me rather than some other that likes ruining things for you.

    Though summer isn’t quite over yet, these pictures of Nicole Neal and Rosie Jones having a sexy time in the sun will make you wish that we had summer all year round:


    I guess I’ll have to wait until next year before I can take a topless holiday with these two babes…

    Why does summer have to end?

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