• Russian Couple Gets Busted Banging on a Historic Fountain

    There’s something pretty hot about having sex in public spaces.  It feels illicit, and it feels dirty, and it feels like you might get caught at any moment – that’s probably why people like doing it so much.  I’m totally game to have sex in public but there needs to be some boundaries.  I don’t want my dick flapping around the wind for the world to see.

    The sexy part is the idea that you could get stumbled upon at any moment, at least for me.  But these Russians man, they crazy.  Check out this video, for example:

    Yeah, that’s a Russian couple having sex in broad daylight on the side of a fountain in the middle of a busy square. That takes a lot of guts. Power to them. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. If you wanna fuck in public fuck in public. *au naturel*, know what I mean?

    Well, maybe its a bit rude. I am also very impressed that the couple managed to have sex for 15 minutes without any interruptions. Now THAT woulda been rude.

    Also, my favourite part of the video is by far the last several seconds where it slowly zooms in on the face of what can only be some sort of evil mastermind or cult leader.

    Here’s my prediction: that guy is mystical. There are lustful hypnotic powers buried deep in his eyes. I believe that the Russian couple stared into his eyes for a few seconds too long and then automatically, possessed by some tribal sexual energy, stripped off their clothes and started fucking on the spot. That’s the only logical solution.

    The Russian officials, perhaps unsurprisingly, are trying to lay the hammer down on this couple for their sinful and horrible and detestably evil manifestations of closeness. According to the article,

    “Local police are now looking for the couple. The couple had cast a bad reputation to the city, to Russia and the Russians, according to the police. Once caught, the couple will undergo maximum punishment for their offence.”

    Yikes. May want to keep your pants on if you’re in Russia.

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  • Russian Olympians Posing in Lingerie

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    In what feels like an attempt to make everyone forget about how unprepared Sochi is to host the Winter Olympics and the effort kill all those adorable stray dogs running around the host town, Russia’s Olympic team has released photos of their most photogenic (meaning sexiest) athletes posing in lingerie.

    The Russian Olympic team felt that their own athletes was the “best campaign for our team in Sochi.” Yeah totally. The best way to get people excited about the games are to know who’s competing. The Russian Olympic team also wanted to refute the stereotype that female athletes are “a mountain of muscle and manly figure.”

    However, by getting the female athletes competing in the Sochi Olympics to pose in lingerie just reinforces that even women who are world-class athletes are sexual objects. Did no one from the Russian Olympic team pick up on this?

    But hey, the damage is done. Let’s just get to know the hot babes of the Russian Olympic team.  Continue Reading

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  • Guerlain’s Secret Garden



    Guerlain is a Russian glamour model that I see at least once a day because why wouldn’t be adding pictures of this beautiful babe to their Boards?

    Despite having the biggest crush on Guerlain, I know nothing about her and all my attempts to find out more have been totally fruitless. I think I know why she’s been so hard to reach thanks to this video that leaked online.

    Watch Guerlain in the garden and then I’ll offer my theory:

    Guerlain in the garden from Guerlain on Vimeo.

    Clearly Guerlain has been so difficult to reach and know more about because she’s busy enjoying her naked body in some sexy secret garden, hidden from pervs like you and me.

    I mean, if you looked like that wouldn’t you just relish in your own sex appeal all day long?

    I would.

    Thank Guerlain for sharing this video with us.

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  • Russian Hotel by Marc van Dalen


    Anonymous Hottie from “Russian Hotel” by Marc van Dalen

    Marc van Dalen may have put together one of the sexiest photo sets of all time with his latest project “Russian Hotel” thanks to the long-legged, Russian beauty he photographed naked. However, it’s causing problems.

    He released these photos of this beautiful Russian model completely nude but didn’t provide us with a name. I don’t know about you but when I see a beautiful nude woman on the internet, my first thought is, “Who is this girl and where can I see more of her?”

    The key to finding out who they are and where you can see more of them is as simple as finding a name and doing a quick internet search. But no one knows this girl’s name! Everywhere these photos have been shared, everyone writes “Anonymous Russian Model”. That’s simply not good enough. Not when we’re talking about a girl this hot.

    Just look at the pictures and see why I’m so upset that Marc van Dalen didn’t share with us the name of the super babe from “Russian Hotel”:


    Do you see why we need to know the name of this model?

    I suggest that we all take a minute to contact Marc van Dalen and ask him who this girl is and where we can see more nude pictures of her.

    First person to provide the correct name wins my eternal love and support.

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  • Irina Shayk

    Irina Shayk topless

    Irina Shayk

    I’ve always been partial to a nice pair of legs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love boobs and butts. But I feel like legs often get overlooked when assessing sex appeal.

    Why are legs sexy? Well that explanation could take all day. I suppose the reason legs are sexy is because they’re the gates to that sweet, sweet pussy. When you see a nice pair of legs, how can you not imagine spreading them open and having them wrap around you?


    Before you get too deep into that fantasy I want to tell you about how Jerry Seinfeld nearly ruined legs for me. Remember in the episode The Implant when Jerry and Elaine are talking about Sidra’s real and spectacular breasts? Elaine says that she always thought Jerry was a leg man.

    Then he comes back with, “Why would I be a leg man? I don’t need legs. I have legs.”

    He makes an excellent point. But Irina Shayk‘s new pictures have reminded me that even though I have legs, I don’t have legs like Irina Shayk.

    Let’s check out Irina Sayk‘s sexy new pictures that ensure the sexiness of the female leg:  Continue Reading

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