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  • This Condom Looks Like a Total Nightmare

    Ah, enterprising young prudes, fighting the good fight to make sure the unwashed masses have the least pleasure possible during sexual intercourse.
    We thank you for your hard work!

    Recently, I did a post about Galactic Cap a new style of condom that seems wholly ineffective and will probably never truly catch on because, though they might prevent unwanted pregnancies, they leave every part of your penis except for the tip exposed and dawg, you can still transfer STIs through your shaft.

    So now we are presented with the polar opposite of the Galactic Cap, a condom so invasively safe that you may as well not even bother having sex.

    Check out this link for the concept drawings for this fucked up travesty of a condom.

    Here it is.

    The basic concept?  A full thong with a condom attached on the front of it, sort of like a strap-on.  The device offers complete coverage – your entire penis, as well as testicles will be covered in latex.  Yup, that’s right, we’re entering into the age of ball-condoms.  Isn’t the future wonderful?

    The craziest thing is that this invention has been garnering a lot of support in China, both financial in otherwise, with investments totalling over 300k USD so far.  So people are interested in wearing a full strap-on condom.

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    I’ll give them points for creativity, but I’ll subtract points for everything else.  This thing just seems insanely uncomfortable and unwieldy. There’s obviously something to be said for safe sex and full coverage against STIs and unwanted pregnancy, but I just can’t see dudes lining up to buy this thing.

    Men have a hard enough time remembering to wear condoms in the first place, and now it’s expected that they’ll take the time to put on a full undergarment? Seems like wishful thinking.

    Anyways, we’ll see how this goes.  Chances are this is just another failed attempt at re-marketing the condom.  But you never know!

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  • Digital Condom Will Shock You and Your Dick


    Because the way to get people to wear condoms is to make them shoot electricity at your penis.

    Condoms are long overdue for an update. I mean, we have iPhone and iPod and iPad and iMac now. Why haven’t condoms evolved with all these other things? Condoms are just as important to living a happy life as any Apple product. And maybe an update on the classic condom is just what we need to get people using them without hesitation and therefore everybody be having safe sex and having a real good time.

    That’s why researchers Fraz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech have launched an IndieGogo campaign to get their prototype for a digital condom off the ground and on the dicks of the condom-haters everywhere.  Continue Reading

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  • The Future of Condoms



    In March 2013, Bill Gates launched a campaign called the “Condom Challenge“.

    The current problem with condoms is that they have been pretty much the same for hundreds of years. To ensure that lives are saved by having safer sex, the Gates Foundation offered a grant worth $100,000 to anyone who could come up with a sexy new redesign for condoms. After reviewing 500 submissions, the Gates Foundation has found 11 grant-worthy proposals for a new condom.

    In other words, say goodbye to those regular, old condoms you hate so much because sexy, new condoms are coming very soon!

    Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for development of all the new condom designs to be underway before we can know more about them. But the Gates Foundation did reveal two new designs they are currently funding. Want to know more?  Continue Reading

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  • How to have sex at South by Southwest



    Austin, Texas is one of’s favorite cities because South by Southwest just keeps getting better and better.

    This year’s SXSW is going to be the best one yet, not only because the Arbutus Records show case is going to be very good but BangWithFriends (the people behind the Facebook Friend sex app) has introduced a new app specifically for hooking up at SXSW. It’s called Bang With SXSW and it’s going to make this year’s festival even more of a crazy, drunken sex romp.

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  • Sex just as good with a condom, new study


    Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and until now everybody knew that sex without a condom was better.

    According to a new study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, condoms making sex unpleasurable is a myth. The origins of the myth are unknown but it’s probably been perpetuated by teenage boys who then grow up to be misinformed men with illegitimate children and venereal diseases.

    Sex researcher, Debby Herbenick, found that only 28% of men and 22% of women used condoms. But here’s where it gets interesting. Reports of sexual arousal, ease of erection, overall pleasure, and orgasm were almost identical to the people who don’t wear condoms! We’ve been tricked by an anti-condom conspiracy!

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  • Origami Condoms

    So long latex!

    So long latex!

    The adult industry is ready to take on Measure B, the L.A. county mandate forcing all adult performers to wear condoms. It’s going to be a long, hard fight. Luckily, the adult industry is well equipped to handle things long and hard.

    One of the reasons that the industry is fighting Measure B is because latex condoms can be hazardous to performers. I know, it’s confusing. Condoms do “protect” performers from all the regular sex-related hazards (infection & pregnancy) but they aren’t practical for comfort. Think about the worst your skin has ever been chafed and then put it on your labia.

    Doesn’t sound like fun, right?

    But the problem isn’t just Measure B, it’s the latex condom itself. Don’t be fooled by gimmicks like “ribbed for her pleasure” or “banana flavored”, there have been too few developments in condom-design in recent years. They’ve been pretty much the same since the 1920’s. I mean, how come I can Google the closest gas station to buy condoms on my goddamn phone but I can’t even get the damn things on!?

    Condoms need a breakthrough. The good news? It may have already happened with Origami Condoms.

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