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  • The 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram According to Playboy

    Good job, Playboy.

    Compiling a list of the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram is by no means an original idea for an article. Hell, I’ve had a Post-It stuck on my monitor that reads, “List hottest pornstars on Instagram” for months. I can only imagine what the building’s janitorial staff must think. And though listing the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram is not an original idea, there’s no denying that it’s content that raises eyebrows and gets views. Why else do you think I haven’t removed that dang Post-It?

    Despite the fact that the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Intagram is a surefire hit in the X-rated blog game, it’s a lot of freaking work. Why else do you think I haven’t removed that dang Post-It?

    So while I have the utmost respect for the Playboy employee that took the time to compile their Top 50, I have no choice but to piggyback on their list while running my usual snarky commentary.

    Here now is Playboy’s 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram with brief reviews of each pornstar’s Instagram account.

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  • No, Sasha Grey Was Not Killed By Ukrainian Soldiers

    Don’t believe anything you’ve heard about Sasha Grey being horrifically murdered by Ukrainian soldiers while serving as a battlefield nurse in Eastern Ukraine.

    Sasha Grey is neither dead nor a nurse. Although, when she does dress up as a nurse, it’s dead sexy.  Continue Reading

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  • Christy Mack to Lend Vocals in New EDM Track

    Christy Mack has been going through quite the rough patch lately, so it was really nice to hear of some positive news for her. Six days ago, it was announced that she’s going to be collaborating with EDM artist Kryder on new track. Not only is she going to be lending her vocals but it’s also rumoured that she’s going to be touring with him as well. The original release date for the track was set for November, but is going to be pushed to be pushed to 2015, in order to coincide with Mack’s recovery.

    Actresses moving on to music careers is almost too common in Hollywood, but I’ve never heard of it happening with an adult film star. That is unless you count a couple of Pornstars, like Jessie Andrews, Sasha Grey and Brittany Andrews who do some DJing too.

    I guess Christy Mack’s going to be the first in her field in this case. I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t know she could sing but she definitely has a pleasant speaking (and moaning) voice.

    So whether it turns out she has a great talent under wraps there, or like many Hollywood starlets she’s going to need lots of auto tune, I’m looking forward to hearing the track. I’m not a big EDM fan myself, but I’ll definitely be looking into it simply for Christy Mack. Hey, it looks like their marketing tactic worked on me and probably lots of other Christy Mack connoisseurs. Smart move, Kryder, smart move. As for the track, we’ll keep you updated.

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  • The 16 Best Naughty America Remastered Videos Ranked

    Naughty America has been producing some of the internet’s best porn since 1776. Ok, ok. That’s not true. Naughty America has only been producing some of the internet’s best porn since 2004, bringing you daily updates of hot pornstars that can fulfill all your sexual fantasies. The result? Close to 7,000 original porn videos and over 2,000 hot pornstars in their massive library of porn.

    While you can always count on Naughty America to drop a hot new scene on a daily basis, their back-catalogue deserves some love too. They know this too, which is why they have been diligently remastering and rereleasing their hottest porn videos from years past.

    To celebrate Naughty America‘s commitment to breathing new life into their best work, we decided to rank the 16 Best Naughty America Remastered Videos!

    So get ready for a blast from the past! Though these porn videos came out a while ago, they’re still as hot as ever (especially in that new 4K quality).  Continue Reading

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  • Sasha Grey Reads Your Gross, Creepy Sexts

    Last time we checked in with the world’s most beloved former pornstar, Sasha Grey, she was making spying on American citizen sexy with her sexy NSA commercial.

    Now she’s starring in a new movie called Open Windows where a man named Nick (Elijah Wood, in the role he was born to play) winning a dinner date with his favorite actress, Grey’s Jill. When she doesn’t show, however, he’s offered the opportunity to constantly watch Jill through his computer. The premise is creepy, but her new movie’s creepiness pales in comparison to the creepy sexts Sasha Grey read for the latest instalment of Machinima’s “Creepy Test Theatre”.  Continue Reading

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  • Brains and Beauty: The Top 10 Smartest Pornstars

    You know all of those beautiful and handsome porn stars that you spend all day fawning over/jerking off to/wishing you could marry? They aren’t just objects for you to sexualize, you know, they’re actual real breathing people!

    Porn stars all have one thing in common – they’re really good at having sex on camera. There are many porn stars with other interesting talents and attributes, however. Today, we’re going to take a look at the smartest pornstars in the business.

    Intelligence is something that’s pretty impossible to accurately measure. However, we can assume that with their fancy college educations, successful entrepreneurial skills and other talents, these performers got a pretty sex brain to go along with their sexy bodies. So here we are, the top 10 smartest pornstars:

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  • Top 10 Songs By Pornstars


    Farrah Abraham performs her debut single “Blowin”

    On Monday, Farrah Abraham proved to the world that she wasn’t just a terrible porn star, she’s also a terrible singer. Farrah Abraham’s new single “Blowin” is simply one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Then again, I wasn’t drunk or high on ecstasy when I first heard it so I’m not the song’s target demographic because the only way you could possibly enjoy this song is either being very drunk or high on ecstasy.

    So yeah, Farrah Abraham’s debut single is terrible. But at least she’s not alone! Lots of former pornstars have tried to break into the music industry after doing porn because…I guess they felt that the adult industry wasn’t as exploitive as they hoped so they decided to try music instead?

    Anyways, Farrah Abraham’s terrible song has inspired me to take a trip down memory lane and listen to the Top 10 Songs by Pornstars (from worst to best)Continue Reading

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  • The 15 Most Beautiful Pornstars Ever


    Of course Sunny Leone is on the list!

    To be a successful porn star, one must be very hot but must they also be beautiful?

    If you ask me, there is a difference between beauty and hotness.

    You know someone is hot because your crotch gets really, really itchy. Whereas you know someone is beautiful because you feel really itchy all over your body. Right? Maybe it’s just me.

    The Guccione Collection has just put forward a little video that showcases the 15 most beautiful pornstars ever. Get ready to feel really itchy all over your body.   Continue Reading

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  • Is Casey Calvert The Next Sasha Grey?

    There’s a lot of buzz around Casey Calvert.

    Her intelligence and willingness to try anything have caught the attention of porn fans just like Sasha Grey did in 2006. Though Casey is still relatively new to the industry, some people have already declared her to be the next Sasha Grey. 

    Is she? Only time will tell.

    Either way, Casey Calvert was nice enough to take a break from conquering the porn industry to talk the Blog about the hype surrounding her, mainstream influences, and her sex life.

    So here it is! It’s the Casey Calvert interview!

    Source: via nubileteenagers on

    Chico: How does a nice Jewish girl like yourself decided to get all mixed up in the porn industry?

    Casey Calvert: Growing up, from the age of 12 on, I thought about doing porn. People would ask me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” and I would say, “I don’t know.” I never actually thought I would have the courage to do it.

    I decided to go to film school, but by my junior year of college, I was disillusioned with it all. That’s about the time the came across the opportunity to fetish model. I gave it a go, and realized that being naked in front of a camera was just as good in reality as it was in fantasy. After a year and a half of fetish modeling, I wanted more. And porn was the next step.  Continue Reading

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  • Porn’s Dirty Dozen (Penthouse Edition)

    Bonnie Rotten

    Definitely dirty…but in the best possible way.

    The November issue of Penthouse highlight 12 of porn’s naughtiest babes. Hence the name, “The Dirty Dozen” (not to be confused with the other Dirty Dozen or the Filthy Fifteen).

    These are the top twelve babes that Penthouse believes to down and dirty in the best possible way.

    So who made the list? Well, I’ll tell you! Here now is your Dirty Dozen preview:  Continue Reading

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  • Sasha Grey Poses For Rolling Stone (Spain)

    Sasha Grey Rolling Stone

    Sasha Grey

    Very rarely do I ever regret not learning Spanish.

    Currently, I’m regretting not learning Spanish because Sasha Grey is in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (Spain). Sorry. She’s not just in the latest issue, she’s on the freaking cover!

    As you would expect, she’s still as sexy as she ever was. Possibly even sexier?

    I don’t know, look at these pictures and you decide:


    Maybe it’s just me, but I think Sasha Grey on the cover is a much better idea than putting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover.

    In pic #3, Sasha reminds us all of an important fact: Porn isn’t an industry that exploits women. It’s the only industry where women earn more than men.

    Mind you, one could easily say that paying women more than men to film sexual acts is a form of exploitation.

    But hey look! I learned Spanish!

    All it took was four sexy pictures of Sasha Grey.

    I’d like to remind everyone that Sasha Grey retired from porn in 2010. Yet three years later she’s still an authority on the porn industry. She’s pretty much the voice of the industry.

    You know what that’s called. Staying power.

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  • Sexy NSA Commercial with Sasha Grey

    Sasha Grey sexy

    Sasha Grey

    I remember seeing Sasha Grey‘s first few porn movies and thinking, “Wow. Who is this Sasha Grey girl? She can do everything!”

    Her ability to do everything would eventually lead her out of making porn movies to prove that she can literally do everything. She starred in a Soderbergh movie, she makes crazy music, she does cool art.

    But can she do comedy?

    Well to answer that all you have to do is check out Sasha Grey‘s sexy new satirical Funny Or Die video about the NSA wiretaps right here:    Continue Reading

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  • Sasha Grey’s Russian Road Trip?

    Sasha Grey sexy sex picture

    Sasha Grey

    Note: Clickling Sasha Grey’s picture will send you to all her sex pictures and sex videos on

    Even though Sasha Grey retired from filming porn movies three years ago, she’s still considered to be one of the most popular porn actresses ever.

    Her popularity shouldn’t be a surprise because her sex videos and sex pictures were always great and she’s absolutely gorgeous. But the real proof that Sasha Grey is one of the most popular porn actresses ever is that every time she’s doing something new, it makes headlines.

    This time, Sasha Grey is considering a road trip across Russia from Vladivostok to Moscow. FYI, Vladivostok is on Russia’s Pacific coast, close to Japan. Continue Reading

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  • The Dirty Dozen: 12 Porn Facilitators

    Sasha Grey

    Sasha Grey

    Unfortunately, this is not a blog post about the Lee Marvin movie The Dirty Dozen. Although, that is a great movie. The movie is about a group of convicted felons that get recruited by Lee Marvin to participate in a top secret mission. The mission? Infiltrate a castle controlled by German forces in France.

    Seriously, it’s a great movie. If you like war movies, you need to see The Dirty Dozen.

    This blog post is actually about a new Dirty Dozen, Morality in Media’s Dirty Dozen.

    Morality in Media is a faith-based, anti-pornography group that wants to censor anything they deem to be “obscene”. So they hate stuff like porn, anything gay, rap music, rock n roll, cellphones, the internet, books, anything violent. You know, all the usual suspects.

    They’ve just released a list of the top 12 facilitators of porn in America. Let’s see who they think is a problem: Continue Reading

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  • Interracial sex scenes still taboo

    Earlier this week, former porn star Aurora Snow wrote a piece for The Daily Beast examining one of porn’s final taboos for performers: interracial sex scenes.

    The piece was written in reaction to TMZ’s revelation that Alexis Texas had never done an interracial sex scene, even though she is one of the biggest stars in the adult industry and has appeared in over 100 films.

    Based on the 10,000 porn star study, we know that only 53% of all performers appear in interracial sex scenes. Why are interracial sex scenes still considered to be taboo in this day and age of porn?

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  • Larry Flynt’s 6 Tips for Porn Stars

    Young Larry Flynt

    Young Larry Flynt

    I get anywhere from ten to fifty emails a day from men and women all over the world asking how they can become porn stars. While it’s extremely flattering that they would want my advice, the truth is I’m not a performer. I just write this blog. I have no tips for porn stars.

    You all can stop emailing me the same dang question. But I understand why people keep emailing me. Being a porn star is now a realistic career choice for people. It makes sense that they would reach out to someone on the fringes of the adult industry to figure out how to be a successful porn star.

    Lucky for all you would-be-porn stars, one of the world’s greatest pornographers, Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine, has come out with 6 tips for porn stars. It’s sound advice for future or active performers.

    So let’s see what Mr. Flynt has to say about being a porn star… Continue Reading

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  • What can we learn from 10,000 porn stars?

    John Millward took six months to analyze 10,000 porn star profiles on Internet Adult Film Database to determine who the average porn star was.

    Sounds interesting, right? If only there was a blog that could provide a synopsis of this study with NSFW visual aids. Good news, there is a blog that can provide a synopsis. It’s this blog. The Blog.

    Ok, Mr. Millward, what do you have for us?

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  • Checkin’ in with Sasha Grey

    What up, Sasha Grey?

    Last time we heard from Sasha Grey, she was preparing for her erotic literature debut. However, that was months ago and many of us have been wondering what the retired porn superstar has been doing with her time. Well, I have good news for you because she’s not loafing around on the computer like you and I.

    Sasha Grey is busy making music. Her band, aTelecine, made their live debut Saturday, October 20th at Poland’s UNSOUND festival.

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  • Sasha Grey, porn star turned novelist

    Sasha Grey

    Everyone’s buying into the whole erotic novel craze.

    I shouldn’t have to tell you that but you choose to get your news from a free porn site so maybe I do need to tell.

    Everyone’s buying into the whole erotic novel craze.

    The latest installment of publishers profiting off the sexual repression of house wives might actually be worth a read. That’s because the author is not working from a longstanding sexual fantasy and the associated frustration. She’s pretty much done it all when it comes to sex, and it’s been featured on screen.

    Retired porn superstar Sasha Grey is the author of a new erotic novel called The Juliette Society that’s being described as Fight Club set in a sexualized world with an assertive female protagonist.

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  • PETA.XXX unleashed

    Sasha Grey for PETA

    Activist group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, for those of you who don’t know) has flirted with the “sex sells” concept many times in the past. I personally will never forget seeing Pamela Anderson pose in a lettuce bikini in support of vegetarianism. And then there’s the less fond memory of seeing Steve-o of Jackass and Wildboyz bare his ass against fur.

    PETA continues this tradition of using sex to generate awareness for their cause today by launching PETA.XXX. Continue Reading

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