• Denmark May Teach Porn in Public Schools

    Danish public schools could soon have porn on the official curriculum thanks to pressure from a sexology professor to show students the difference between real-life sex and what they see online.  Continue Reading

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  • 10 Things I Learned As an Intern at a Porn Site

    By Maria Herrera

    UPDATE:  I’m currently doing an AMA on Reddit about my internship and this post.  Check it out and ask me additional questions if you have any:

    I was on my way to my Web Marketing class when a girl who looked about my age stopped me to ask me a very strange, life-changing question. She asked me if I watch porn. “Huh?” As a girl, I was taken aback by such a question, but her approach was so natural that I felt compelled to answer honestly. “Yes.” “Great, would you like to come in for a focus group on women’s porn consumption and masturbation habits?” she asked. “Umm…” “It pays 50 bucks and food will be provided,” she continued. “Oh. Ok. Sure, I’ll be there.” >:-)

    A few months after my participation in that focus group, while my classmates and I were all struggling to find our summer internship, I thought back on the experience and how enjoyable it had been and decided I had nothing to lose by sending in my application. Two months later, I started my internship at I had some expectations, but like most unfounded presumptions, the reality was entirely different.

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  • Julia Ann: Professor of Sex

    Julia Ann sexy MILF teacher

    Julia Ann

    Babe of the Day: Julia Ann

    Place of Origin: Glendale, California

    Age: 43

    Height: 5’8″

    Measurements: 34DD-24-38

    In exactly one week, students will be going back to school. The excitement and freedom of summer will be officially over and you’re going to have to attend boring lectures with terrible hangovers.

    Yeah. It’s too bad.

    But here’s something that might make the idea of going back to school more bearable:

    Julia Ann.

    Imagine next Tuesday when you’re walking into your first college class of the semester and super hot MILF Julia Ann is there to teach you all about sex, sexuality, and feminist theory.

    If you need help imagining, let these pictures help you visualize Julia Ann as your sex professor:


    Doesn’t that make going back to school much easier?

    If Julia Ann is teaching a sex class on your first day back at school, you should consider buying a lottery ticket because you are the luckiest person in the whole wide world.

    Bio courtesy of Babepedia.

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  • Former porn star fighting to get teaching job back (UPDATED)

    Stacie Halas / Tiffany Six / Hot for Teacher

    Last April, Stacie Halas was fired from junior high school teaching job in Southern California.

    I know what you’re thinking, you hate school and a teacher getting fired is no big deal. Well, you are right about the suckiness of school. No one is here to argue that. You should care about Stacie Halas because she was fired because she had done porn in the past.

    She used to perform under the name “Tiffany Six”, appearing in a total of 22 titles (according to IAFD). She was finished with porn by the time she was hired to teach science in 2009.

    Still, when the administration found out because students ratted her out, she was fired. Now she’s appealing the ruling, fighting to get her teaching job back.

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  • Japanese porn star appears in Indonesian schoolbooks

    Maria Ozawa

    The Blog likes to think that with every passing day, sex becomes less stigmatized. And what is sex without pornography? It is an attempt to reproduce, which is very boring. So to keep sex interesting without any stigma, this blog believes that pornography needs to enter the mainstream.

    But as usual, Indonesia has taken a good idea from this blog and failed to apply it correctly.

    Parents and education officials were shocked to find out last week that a picture of Japanese/French-Canadian porn star Maria Ozawa was published in junior high school workbook.

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