• Smoking Weed Could Save Your Relationship

    Smoking weed is truly a wonderful thing because it has so many positive effects on a person’s life. It makes you laugh at everything. It makes rap music more relatable. It makes you hungry. It makes you forget things instantly. It makes you hungry. And it’s super chill.

    But can smoking weed save your relationship?  Continue Reading

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  • This Woman Had A Sex Toy Stuck Inside Of Her For 10 Years!

    (In the interest of not being accused of click-baiting you, I’ll let you know right now that the woman who had a sex toy stuck inside of her is not the woman pictured above. It’s just a hot picture courtesy of MasturbationFun on

    A 38-year old Scottish woman walked in to a hospital last week only to discover that a sex toy had been lodged in her vagina for the last decade.

    Yes. You read that correctly. I’ll repeat it just in case you don’t believe me.

    A 38-year old Scottish woman walked in to a hospital last week only to discover that a sex toy had been lodged in her vagina for the last decade. 10 years! She’s had a sex toy stuck in her vagina for the last 10 years!

    STV News reports that the woman sought medical attention after contracting sepsis. Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition in which the body fends off infection by releasing chemicals into the bloodstream. While the chemicals the body releases fight the infection, they also trigger inflammation that can cause organ damage and potentially organ failure.

    The woman had also been suffering from fatigue, shaking, dramatic weight loss and incontinence. When doctors at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary were diagnosing the woman, they just so happened to find a five-inch object (sex toy) protruding into the woman’s bladder from her vagina. When asked, “What the fuck?” by the doctors, the woman recalled that she had once used a sex toy during a sexual encounter and never removed it…10 years ago.

    Fortunately, the doctors were able to remove the decade-old sex toy surgically and repair the internal damage it did.

    So let this be a reminder to anyone that’s lost sex toys recently to check your vagina. It could be lodged against your bladder and it could be up there for 10 years without you knowing. It is remarkable to me that only when she was near-death did she remember what happened to that old sex toy.

    Be safe out there guys! Keep track of your sex toys! Don’t let your body hog them!

    [h/t: STV News]

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  • Pseudoscience Report: Watching Porn is Like Doing Drugs

    It’s time for your weekly (at least) dose of pseudo-science.  This is the time when I fill your brain with information from scientific studies that may or may not be accurate.  This is where you read hundreds of conflicting reports about such important subjects as: ‘if I masturbate a hundred times a day, does my brain melt into a puddle of goo,’ and ‘why do I like to have sex so much am I a pervert according to science?’  Continue Reading

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  • 20 Sex Myths Debunked!

    As I’ve said many times before, I always knew that the general population had massive misconceptions about sex, but I never knew just how it was until I started writing sex advice for

    Every day, I get thousands of emails from people (almost all men) desperate to find out what they’re doing wrong. Except 99% of the time, there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. The problem is that they’ve been taught sex myths and then unfortunately judge their own sex lives and sexual performance on these sex myths.

    A common question our male readers like ask me is, “How do I last longer in bed? It only took me 30 minutes to cum the last time I had sex and I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. I’m so ashamed that I might never have sex again. Can you help me with my premature ejaculation problem?”

    OK, maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny bit, but most men write to me thinking that lasting a half an hour in bed is unusual. Truth is, thirty minutes is a long time to last in bed. The average ideal duration of sex is said to be anywhere from seven to fifteen minutes. Also, it’s important for me to point out that premature ejaculation has no universal time constraint. Premature ejaculation is all about perception. If you cum all of a sudden at 5 minutes or 25 minutes without warning, then that’s what constitutes premature ejaculation.

    Even worse are those of you who think that you’re masters of sex when really you’re just perpetuating sex myths and no one has the heart to tell you that what you’re doing is totally wrong.

    Why are sex myths so pervasive? Why does nobody know the real facts about sex? Because even in this day and age, when you can find local singles to have sex with through a few swipes of an app, talking about sex is still taboo. And that’s a damn shame.

    To help those of you who have had their confidence and self-esteem shattered by sex myths and for those of you living in blissful ignorance because all you know are the sex myths and not the facts, Mental Floss partnered with professor of pediatrics at Indiana University’s School of Medicine and author of Don’t Put That In There Dr. Aaron Carroll to debunk 20 of the most common sex myths.  Continue Reading

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  • Women’s Sex Lives Can Be Boosted By Eating Apples

    Scientists may have stumbled upon the long-awaited viagra for women: apples.

    Yes, according to new research published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, scientists believe that apples can improve the sexual arousal levels in women. 
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  • Pseudoscience Report: A Third of Women Have Gone Through Year Long Sex Dry Spells

    In your pseudo-science report of the day, sex toy company LoveHoney recently posted the results of a survey which polled 1500 online users. According to the results of the poll, one third of women have gone through sex dry spells that have lasted for a year.

    A year! Where you @ dudes?

    Keeping sexually active is not always the easiest. According the the study, most of the reasons for sexuality inactivity involve boring and tedious real-life problems, like being stressed out and being too busy for work.

    Turns out that a good chunk of women are actually sort of fine with their sexual dry spells however, with 23% saying they’re fine with going through a big drought.

    One of the more interesting parts of the study is as follows:

    “A quarter of women have ended a break in sex with a one-night stand or a casual fling, compared to 34 per cent of men. A further 36 per cent of women have resumed sex by sleeping with a friend with benefits – a pal they can enjoy sex with but not date.”

    So get your friend to lend a helping hand!

    6509597 i feel like they are watching some porn while she fingers her Pseudoscience Report: A Third of Women Have Gone Through Year Long Sex Dry Spells

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    Makes sense. If I was going through year long sexual dry spells I would be going through my phone looking for any acquaintance that might be willing to help me out with my problem. One night stands aren’t the most satisfying, in my opinion, but sometimes you just gotta open up those floodgates you know?

    Since this study comes from a sex toy company (one of the biggest in the UK), I’m going to question the intentions behind this poll. Put two and two together, y’all. If people aren’t having sex, and are frustrated, they’re probably more likely to invest in that expensive vibrator so they can take matters into their own hands.

    “Hey, I want a sex toy but I’m too embarrassed to go to a sex shop, oh, hey wait a second, this study I’m reading is published by an online sex toy distributor – where’s my credit card again?”

    1650600 live female orgasm oh big brother i miss you so much Pseudoscience Report: A Third of Women Have Gone Through Year Long Sex Dry Spells

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  • Teddy Love – The Strangest New Sex Toy Around

    Everyone knows that you can buy a lot of fucked up sex toys.  Giant veiny dildos.  Life-like sex dolls shipped straight from Russia.  Fleshlights molded in the shape of people’s mouthes.  If you can think of it, its out there.

    This one might take the cake in terms of sheer creepiness.  ‘Teddy Love’ is a new discreet sex toy for people that are completely messed up in the brain.  It’s a teddy bear.  Yeah, like the teddy bears that you win for knocking down a stack of cups at the local carnival.  Except, there’s a 10-speed vibrator in its face thats controlled through the ears.

    Yes that’s right, your ultimate fantasy has finally come true – you can stick a teddy bear’s vibrating noise and tongue into your private parts and get your rocks off.

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  • No Pain No Gain: Man’s Libido Not Affected by Pain

    You remember all of the times that a woman has claimed that she has a headache or isn’t feeling well so that she doesn’t have to have sex with you?

    Turns out she might not be fabricating a huge web of lies just to avoid the weird and startling sight of your naked body.

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  • The Sex Appeal of Long Legs Explained By Science

    We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about how much we like boobs (big and small), asses, and pretty faces. While we still love boobs, asses, and pretty faces, today seems like the perfect day to show some appreciation to one of the most underrated sexy body parts…LEGS.

    Jerry Seinfeld found the perfect critique of finding legs sexy when he said, “Why would I be a leg man? I don’t need legs. I have legs.” Well Mr. Seinfeld, I fully understand what your point but science says that BOTH SEXES finding long legs extremely sexy.

    In a 2008 study, research involving more than 200 men and women found that people whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered to be more attractive, regardless of their gender. Psychologists led by Boguslaw Pawlowski at the University of Wroclaw in Poland asked the study’s participants to rank the attractiveness of seven men and women from digitally altered images.

    While all of the people in the images were the same height, the length of their legs was altered to make them equal to the Polish average or longer by 5%, 10% or 15%. Regardless of the participant’s own body shape and leg length, people whose legs were 5% longer than average were rated the most attractive. 

    The researchers determined that long legs are more attractive because long legs are a sign of health. Previous research has linked shorter legs with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, arterial disease and strokes.

    Cool! So that’s why we love long legs. Because healthy people have long legs.

    I’m surprised that while researching the attractiveness of long legs they didn’t mention anything about the arousing effect touching long legs or having a pair of long legs wrap around your waist or head have on people. But regardless, long legs are dope.

    Now let’s enjoy some pictures of sexy legs courtesy of users:

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    2186557 long legs to wrap around you The Sex Appeal of Long Legs Explained By Science

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    3044270 long sexy legs The Sex Appeal of Long Legs Explained By Science

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    3368834 hot body great dress long sexy legs awesome The Sex Appeal of Long Legs Explained By Science

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  • Science Says Women Don’t Find Beards Sexy Anymore

    Alright guys, it’s time to shave off that scruff because scientists say that beards have reached their peak.  Researchers at the University of New South Wales (Australia) have reason to believe that big, bushy beards are no longer hot.

    The research team recruited 1,453 women and 213 men and asked them to rate the attractiveness of different images of men’s faces. Some participants were shown mostly full beards, while others were shown images of mostly clean shaven men. A third group was shown a mixture of different types of facial hair, from bald face to James Harden-sized beards.

    What they found was that the rarer the facial hair type, the more attractive it was to both men and women. I’m sure that you’ve noticed that for the last few years the popularity of beards has been high. So why then are they suddenly so unattractive? Well, it’s their popularity that’s made them unattractive. It’s an evolutionary phenomenon known as “negative frequency-dependent sexual selection.”

    “Big thick beards are back with an absolute vengeance and so we thought underlying this fashion, one of the dynamics that might be important is this idea of negative frequency dependence,” one of the study’s authors Bob Brooks said. “The idea is that perhaps people start copying the George Clooneys and the Joaquin Phoenixs and start wearing those beards, but then when more and more people get onto the bandwagon the value of being on the bandwagon diminishes, so that might be why we’ve hit ‘peak beard.’”

    In other words, the rarer a trait is, the more attractive it is.

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise because if you think about it, who are women going to be more attracted to in a room full of bearded men? One of the sixty guys with big bushy beards or the one clean-shaven man? Obviously the clean-shaven man because he is unique. The ability to resist jumping on the bandwagon communicates self-confidence, and confidence is the single most important trait one needs to demonstrate if they ever want to attract the opposite sex.

    So though the study that beards are no longer attractive, the lesson to be learned is that being unique and resisting popular trends will help you catch the eye of a cutie. But don’t mistake that for an endorsement of peacocking. Wearing a fuzzy hat and glow-sticks might make you unique, but you’re an asshole first.

    Just be yourself, look how you want to look, and you’ll be fine. It just helps if you’re clean shaven or stubbly for the next little while.

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