• Become a Master of Seduction with LifeSelector’s Lastest Sex Game

    Getting laid is easier than you might think. The secret to getting laid? Knowing what type of girl you’re trying to seduce.

    Is she a romantic? Is she a lady? Is she a slut? You need to know her type because approaching her in a way that appeals to her sensibilities will ensure a higher seduction success rate.

    Out in the wild, there’s nothing you can do but toss up a Hail Mary and hope that you know a romantic, lady or slut when you see one. Of course, this is always tough. Thankfully, you can now refine the art of seduction with LifeSelector’s latest sex game The Rules of Seduction.

    Watch the trailer below if you’re ready to master seduction.  Continue Reading

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  • One Day At The Happy Ending Massage Parlor – PART 3

    Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2.

    We take a little break from the questions, and Yanik asks Maya, his favorite masseuse, to give us a tour of the parlor. The salon is quite small and contains only three massage rooms. In each room, there’s a massage bed in the centre, a few generic mass-produced pieces of wall art, and a towel storage console – the type of stuff you’d find in any normal spa. The shower inside the room and the funky neon lighting, however, give away that this isn’t your standard spa.


    As we explore the massage parlor facilities, taking photos on our smartphones as we go, Maya describes how the girls become experts of seduction. She elaborates: “It’s all about the first impression, here we have to create a fascinating experience for the client. He’s the king and he’s treated as such.”

    The girls put a lot of emphasis on their looks: they wear expensive perfumes, under their robes, they wear sexy lingerie (or sometimes nothing at all), and of course, high heels are key. Erotic music, scented candles and hot oil give the encounter a sensual touch. “That’s why clients always come back, we become secret lovers caught in ephemeral passion.”

    Maya concludes, “a lot of people ask me how a typical day for me is. I always respond that there is not a typical day in this profession. Every day is different. Even if you have been with the same client 100 times, it’s never the same. You never know what to expect from him and he never knows what to expect from you. It’s not like a traditional relationship – it has that touch of impossible and forbidden, which makes it deliciously unexpected. That’s why I love my job and even if it has left me some painful scars, I’m somehow madly in love with it.”

    Maria and I are so intrigued by the roll of her words, but alas, our time is up and we have to head back to real work. We set up a later date with Maya, to hear more about her riveting life and work as a masseuse, webcam girl, dominatrix, escort, and sex work advocate.

    As we kiss Maya goodbye, Yanik catches up to us “Hey girls, you’re leaving already? I thought you were going to get a massage, you know, to get the whole experience.” He winks.

    Maria and I blush and giggle, “We’re good! Maybe some other time!” We joke.

    As soon as we step out, we look at each other, and burst in unison: “Definitely some other time!”

    Stay tuned for our upcoming story on Maya.

    This visit took place at La Montréalaise, erotic massage parlor situated at 2748 Hochelaga street, Montreal (Qc), Canada.

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  • Scarlett Johansson Picked Up Random Dudes For A Movie


    Scarlett Johansson after picking up random dudes

    Scarlett Johansson has a new movie coming out soon called Under The Skin where she plays an alien trying to make her way through Scotland.

    In typical alien fashion, alien Scarlett Johansson has to pick up random men in the movie so that she can have sex with them and kill them. Now that’s pretty standard behavior for a sexy alien, but this is where it gets weird. Rather than hiring actors to be killed by alien Scarlett Johansson, they just let her pick up regular dudes.

    Here’s what Scarlett Johansson had to say about it in an interview with The Guardian:

    A remarkable aspect of Under the Skin is that a lot of the people who appear in it aren’t actors. They’re normal people – who happen to be walking down a road minding their own business when a pretty lady pulls up in a van alongside them and offers them a lift to Tesco and then a film crew clutching disclaimers leaps out of the back.

    At what point did Glazer tell you: “Oh yes, by the way, Scarlett, we haven’t really got any other actors. We’re just going to cruise the streets and find them”? “That happened later on. And none of us knew how it was going to work. We toyed with lots of different things like prosthetics, teeth, all kinds of things that would change my face but only slightly, when in fact there was no need to do any of that.”

    Let me tell you something, Scarlett Johansson with fake busted-ass teeth is still Scarlett Johansson.

    The Daily Mail was able to track down on of these regular men seduced by Scarlett Johansson pretending to be an alien. Here’s what he had to say:

    A lovelorn workman has described the moment he thought he had ‘hit the jackpot’ when a beautiful brunette van driver stopped and asked him: ‘Are you single?’

    Kevin McAlinden was completely unaware the siren was Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson disguised in a dark wig – and that he was secretly starring in her new sci-fi movie.

    Father-of-two Kevin, 29, had recently separated from his partner when the actress drove up.

    Last night, recalling his lucky day, said: ‘What man wouldn’t think, “Wow,” when a good-looking woman has just pulled up in a van and comes out with something like that within minutes?

    ‘She said: “Are you single? What are you doing tonight?”

    ‘I thought, “Yes! This is unbelievable!” I’d been having quite a tough time in my personal life, so this was like a lucky break. I should have known it was too good to be true.’

    Let this be a lesson to all of you that when an attractive lady pulls over and tries to give you a ride, she’s either an alien trying to kill you or a Hollywood celebrity trying to make you look stupid. Real women don’t pull their cars over to pick up strange men. It just doesn’t happen.

    So it’s very interesting and not surprising at all that Scarlett Johansson, even while wearing busted-ass prosthetic teeth, could lure regular men into her murder van (which sexy celebrity couldn’t?), the real reason you need to know about Under The Skin is that it features a fully nude Scarlett Johansson.

    Here now is your first look at Scarlett Johansson nude in Under The Skin :


    Well that’s a disappointment. Scarlett Johansson’s first full frontal nude scene and it’s all out of focus and dimly lit? Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make Scarlett Johansson’s nude body impossible to see?

    I say we boycott this movie until Scarlett Johansson’s nude scenes are reshot in sharper focus and brighter light. I really do not care if the reshoots affects the plot or feel of the movie because it’s basically a complete rip-off of 1995 sexy alien classic Species.

    Good thing these pictures are still readily available…

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  • The Four Steps To Seduction In The Club (According To Science)


    Seduction in da club

    Have you ever been in the club, lurking around in the shadows, stealing sips from any drinks that have been left lying around, and then before you know it you’re in some strange girl’s bed banging the bone and you have no idea how you got there?

    I know it happens to me every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Wednesdays and Thursdays are my nights off.

    Well there’s some good news! Science has now determined that there are four steps to seduction in the club. A new study published in The Journal of Sex Research interviewed and studied heterosexual clubbers in Portugal between the ages of 18 and 65 and managed to narrow down seduction in the club to four simple steps. Not only will it help explain how we got into all those girls’ beds, but also it might help us all get into more beds.

    So let’s find out the four steps to seduction in the club.  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Fall Fashion = Fur Coat and Lingerie

    We spend a lot of time here focusing on women taking off their clothes. So once a season I like to mix it up by giving you a sexy fashion tip. Because let’s face it, there’s more to being sexy than just having a killer body and a cool personality. There is an element of presentation that often gets overlooked when we talk about sexy.

    Presentation is key because it when done properly, you can arouse your partner visually.

    Think about it this way. If I asked you to make a choice between eating a steak dinner nicely arranged with all your favorite sides on a plate or out of a wooden trough, which would you choose?

    Personally, I would choose the trough because I’m a pig. But I’m guessing that you would choose the nice one because of it’s presentation!

    So what should you be wearing for the rest of the Fall season to maximize your sex appeal?  Continue Reading

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  • Christoph Waltz & The Art of Seduction

    Damn. That Christoph Waltz is smooth. Follow these three steps and enjoy being a master of seduction.

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