• Babes On Instagram: Jillian Janson

    I’d like to start this new edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM with an apology. It’s been far too long since we told which hot babes you absolutely need to be following on Instagram and for that everyone at the Blog is sorry.

    In an attempt to make it up to you, we’re going to tip you off on one of the best babes to follow on Instagram. The one, the only…Miss Jillian JansonContinue Reading

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  • First There was the Fappening, and Now There’s the Snappening

    The Snappening is real, and it’s amongst us.

    Considering how extensive and popular our Self-Shot category is, I’m hesitant to suggest that you should stop saving/sending sexy selfies on your smartphone.  Nude selfies of hot babes make our digital world go around, and I don’t want to discourage sexy babes from pinning pictures of themselves to our site.  I’m not a monster.  I know our legion of faithful users would kill me.

    Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Selfies Make You Appear Less Competent and Attractive

    Bad news for all of the hot babes in the world who attempt to straddle the precarious line between online Instagram sexpot and fancy professional businessperson, according to a study published by a journal called ‘Psychology of Popular Media Culture.”

    Washington Post did a great job of summarizing the article, so you don’t have to spend your time like, actually learning about anything and can just skim the surface, picking and choosing the information you want to absorb.  That’s what I do all of the time and seems to work for me since I’m a genius or something.

    But here’s the gist; 50 women were provided with a Facebook profile picture of a girl doing a sexy selfie pose, and 50 people were provided a Facebook profile picture with the same girl in a more professional, classy pose.  The classy picture ranked higher across the board in terms of attractiveness (both physical and social) as well as presumed competency.

    There are about a million different problems with this study.  Continue Reading

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  • Karl Lagerfeld Explains Our Obsession With Sexy Selfies (34 Sexy Selfies)



    After hosting a fashion show in a Chanel-themed supermarket, German fashion designer and Chanel head honcho sat down with The Guardian‘s Imogen Fox for a little interview.

    In the interview, Lagerfeld trashes other fashion designers and disses everyone with tattoos, but he also explains why we’re all so obsessed with sexy selfies.

    He explains selfies by saying, “They are this horrible thing where you are distorted. The chin is too big, the head is too small. No, this is electronic masturbation.”

    I get it! I finally get it! Hot babes take sexy selfies because it feels good like masturbation, and we look at sexy selfies because we’re a bunch of pervs that like to watch hot babes masturbate.

    Thank you Mr. Lagerfeld for explaining why we’re obsessed with sexy selfies. Now, you would please send me a complimentary Chanel t-shirt? White with Chanel logo in black, size Medium, and extra fly because I know the babes in my city can’t resist a man in a Chanel t-shirt.

    For having cracked the code of sexy selfies, I think we should thank Mr. Lagerfeld by indulging in a lot of sexy selfies.  Continue Reading

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  • Jennette McCurdy’s Personal Lingerie Pics


    Jennette McCurdy

    Good news, guys! Jennette McCurdy, star of iCarly and Sam and Cat, is all grown up.

    The 21 year-old actress has just completed an important rite of passage in the life of a young celebrity when her personal lingerie pics leaking online earlier today.

    Yes that’s right! Jennette McCurdy is no longer a Nickelodeon drone! Leaked selfies means that Jennette McCurdy is officially sexy! So let’s celebrate this achievement by looking at Jennette McCurdy’s lingerie pictures.  Continue Reading

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  • Babes Wearing Towels Top 10


    Miranda Kerr wears a towel

    Fashion photographer Mario Testino has been taking behind the scenes pictures of the world’s top models on his Instagram for a while now and spawned the “Towel Series”. As the name might suggest, the “Towel Series” features some of the world’s top models wearing nothing but robes and towels. Following it has made me realize that a towel is one of the hottest things a woman can wear.

    While I still have a lot of love for women who wear lingerie, crop-tops, comfortable clothes, and fur coats, the simplicity of the towel look is quickly becoming another favorite look of mine.

    Fashion Gone Rogue has a review of Mario Testino’s Towel Series, featuring beauties like Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, and more so check it out here: Mario Testino’s Towel Series.

    But those are some of the hottest women in the world. Anything they wear immediately becomes super hot.

    To really show you how hot just wearing a towel is, I’ve created this Babes Wearing Towels Top 10 for you to truly understand the sex appeal of just wearing a towel.  Continue Reading

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  • Tori Black & The Seattle Seahawks Are Going To Win The SuperBowl

    Tori Black, the secret to the Seahawks's success

    Tori Black, the secret to the Seahawks’s success

    I know we’re still 11 days away from Super Bowl XLVIII (aka Super Bowl 48) but I’m ready to make my prediction…


    Those poor Broncos don’t stand a chance on February 2nd. And it’s not just because the Seahawks’s defense is impenetrable…

    It’s because the Seahawks have Tori Black on their side!   Continue Reading

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  • Battle of the Butts: Kim Kardashian vs. Blac Chyna



    Kim Kardashian’s butt is a butt of legendary proportions. But does America’s favorite butt get envious of other butts? Apparently. Continue Reading

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