• Man Willing to Die for the Right to Post Naked Selfies

    There’s a lot of things that are worth putting your life on the line for. If you believe in something, or believe that you’re making a difference, then power to you. This seems like a huge waste of time though. I mean, risking yourself for the right to post naked selfies on the internet? Whatever.

    You might at first think that this dude is clearly just a classic millennial using viral marketing pranks to try and land himself a cushy law job so he can stop being such a cool dude and start the ultimate gay power couple in New York or something. And you’d likely be correct. But this is still some funny shit, and it touches on something a little deeper.

    There is an underlying message here that is actually quite valuable and that I agree with; we should be afforded a certain amount of e-privacy. It sucks that people get fired or not-hired all of the time for posting racy pictures or comments on social media. And to be fair, this guy Brian Zulberti isn’t JUST talking about the posting of naked selfies, but rather about net privacy in general:

    “Recently, he went to New Jersey to talk about the case of Sam Falcetano, a Department of Public Works employee fired for writing homophobic posts on Facebook. Zulberti, who says he is “about as gay as the day is long,” said in a blog post that he may wish horrible things upon the man, but still doesn’t believe he should have been fired.”

    So yeah, this is actually an important issue being tackled, all wrapped up in something that has been sensationalized by the media into sounding really stupid. Chances are, like I said, that the guy’s simply trying to land himself a job, but he has some interesting points.

    Do you think that our social media presences should be taken into account by potential employers?  Should naked selfies stop you from landing your dream job?

    Also, here’s a bunch of pictures of people who are definitely not getting jobs anywhere because they’ve taken selfies of themselves doing sexy stuff.

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  • Survey Says Americans Are Getting Kinkier

    With every passing generation, it seems like people are getting more blasé about sex, which is great because it turns out that people are starting to have kinkier sex in order to keep sex exciting.

    In honor of National Masturbation Month (which apparently is May and not every month), webcam site Cam4 and French survey institute IFOP surveyed a sample of 1,023 Americans on their sexual habits and were surprised with the findings.

    According to their research, “40 percent of women under 35 have shared photos or videos in which they were at least semi-naked, either via text or through social media.” Very cool, way to go girls! Why you haven’t all texted or tweeted semi-nudes to me personally is baffling, but you can get started now by sending your nudes to @chicodustyblog on Twitter.

    We’re also making more sex tapes! More than 25 percent of respondents under 35 have filmed or photographed themselves during sex, with more than 50 percent of people saying they would definitely do it too…”if the timing was right.” I’m not entirely sure what would constitute as good timing when it comes to filming a sex tape. Like, are people concerned with the lighting? Or are they not willing to film a sex tape with their partner because they plan on dumping them immediately after sex? Either way, “The timing wasn’t right” is a lame excuse for not filming a sex tape. So get on it and upload it to

    People are also being more open about masturbation. 79 percent of female respondents under 35 said they had masturbated and 88 percent of their male peers said the same. Why 21 percent of female respondents and 12 percent of male respondents felt the need to lie is too bad, but at least the majority of people were being honest about their masturbation habits.

    As the study reports, “this was considerably higher than the overall proportion of the sample, suggesting that young people are significantly more likely to engage in self pleasure than their older counterparts [also indicating] that the figure might be even higher for women, who tend to underreport their solo-sex experiences.”

    Cam-viewing is on the rise with 21 percent of women and 32 percent of men reporting watching live sex shows online. Skype sex is also increasingly common, with 26 percent of respondents saying they had “had sexual relations via a webcam, while 48 percent said they would do so if given the opportunity.”

    Ultimately, all we can take away from this study is that Americans are getting hornier and hornier. It won’t be long before the only thing that gets the average American off is auto-erotic asphyxiation. And that’s the America I want to be a part of.

    [h/t: Refinery29]

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  • Sex Advice From A Crazy Sorority Girl just shared a “leaked” email from a more or less deranged sorority girl who has some sex advice for her younger sorority sisters.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it since it’s pretty nuts. To read the full letter, check out

    I’d like to focus on her first two pieces of sex advice. Crazy sorority girl writes,

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  • Lacey Banghard’s Sexy Selfies

    I’ll always have a special place in my heart for UK glamor model Lacey Banghard. And no, it’s not because she pops up topless on my computer at least seven times a week.

    I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Lacey Banghard because she simply has one of the funniest surnames of all time. BANGHARD? Are you serious? It always reminds me of Heather Graham’s character in the second Austin Powers movie, Felicity Shagwell.

    I really hope that Lacey Banghard has reappropriated one of my favorite lines from that movie, “Shagwell by name, shag-very-well by reputation.” Except for Lacey would say, “Banghard by name, bang-very-hard by reputation.” How could you not love that?

    Anyways, Lacey Banghard hooked up with Zoo Magazine to demonstrate how to take sexy selfies. Do people really need to be taught how to take sexy selfies? I mean, it’s seems pretty obvious to me. Take off most or all your clothes, point a camera at your partially or fully nude body, take a picture, have your life ruined when it leaks online. Of course people don’t need a lesson in taking sexy selfies, it’s just an excuse to look at the busty Lacey Banghard nude and in lingerie.

    Personally, I would have preferred it if Zoo was just like, “Here is Lacey Banghard nude without any gimmicks!” because the video component of Lacey Banghard’s sexy selfies is really weird and uncomfortable. Watch it right now:

    Ooof. That voice…I think my penis is back in hibernation.

    But at least the pictures from Lacey Banghard’s sexy selfies are good! Let’s look at those right now.

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    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Having a photo shoot of fake sexy selfies sure is strange, but I’ll take it.

    Nice work, Lacey!

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  • Calm Down. Those Demi Lovato Nudes Are Fake.


    I wonder if “Let It Go” was inspired by what Wilmer Valderrama was screaming during this picture.

    I’ll be honest, when news first broke that there were Demi Lovato nude pictures for sale, I had a feeling that if they ever saw the light of day they’d be boring as hell.

    Well, those Demi Lovato nude pictures for sale have been published on the internet and I’m sorry to say that my prediction was 100% accurate.

    The new M.O. for former Disney stars is to put out some sexy selfies if they want to be considered anything more than a Disney property. And though the act of a former Disney star leaking sexy selfies may help with their public perception, you have to admit that their photos are never that interesting. For proof of this, just look at Jennette McCurdy’s sexy selfies.

    No matter how hard they try, they’re still spic-and-span, squeaky clean.

    Let’s take a look at the Demi Lovato nudes now:  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Best #AfterSex Pictures



    If taking sexy selfies are a form of electronic masturbation like Karl Lagerfeld says, then surely the #AfterSex selfies are a new low for people oversharing on the internet.

    For those of you unfamiliar with this new trend, couples are taking photos of themselves after they’ve just had sex and sharing it online.

    Why are they doing this? I have no idea. Maybe they think they look good with flushed faces and fucked up hair? Maybe they just feel like bragging about the fact they just had sex? Well I’m here to tell you that you look terrible #aftersex and no one gives a care that you just had sex.   Continue Reading

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  • Karl Lagerfeld Explains Our Obsession With Sexy Selfies (34 Sexy Selfies)



    After hosting a fashion show in a Chanel-themed supermarket, German fashion designer and Chanel head honcho sat down with The Guardian‘s Imogen Fox for a little interview.

    In the interview, Lagerfeld trashes other fashion designers and disses everyone with tattoos, but he also explains why we’re all so obsessed with sexy selfies.

    He explains selfies by saying, “They are this horrible thing where you are distorted. The chin is too big, the head is too small. No, this is electronic masturbation.”

    I get it! I finally get it! Hot babes take sexy selfies because it feels good like masturbation, and we look at sexy selfies because we’re a bunch of pervs that like to watch hot babes masturbate.

    Thank you Mr. Lagerfeld for explaining why we’re obsessed with sexy selfies. Now, you would please send me a complimentary Chanel t-shirt? White with Chanel logo in black, size Medium, and extra fly because I know the babes in my city can’t resist a man in a Chanel t-shirt.

    For having cracked the code of sexy selfies, I think we should thank Mr. Lagerfeld by indulging in a lot of sexy selfies.  Continue Reading

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  • Should Revenge Porn Be Illegal Everywhere?

    revenge porn

    Revenge Porn

    Last week, a bill that would make revenge porn illegal in the state of California advanced through the state legislature.

    Revenge porn is already illegal in New Jersey and it’s the only state in the Union with such a law.

    The issue of revenge porn is drawing lots of attention to itself and I’m wondering if revenge porn should be illegal everywhere?  Continue Reading

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