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  • Woman Hospitalized After Trying To Use A Potato As Contraception

    The lack of adequate sex education around the world is alarming at times but a 22 year-old woman in Columbia has set a new standard for just how badly some people are lacking in quality sex education.

    After experiencing pain in the abdominal area, the Columbian woman was admitted to hospital. According to, she sheepishly told the nurses that she had stuck a potato up her vagina when she was advised by her mother that the potato would prevent pregnancy.  Continue Reading

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  • This Condom Looks Like a Total Nightmare

    Ah, enterprising young prudes, fighting the good fight to make sure the unwashed masses have the least pleasure possible during sexual intercourse.
    We thank you for your hard work!

    Recently, I did a post about Galactic Cap a new style of condom that seems wholly ineffective and will probably never truly catch on because, though they might prevent unwanted pregnancies, they leave every part of your penis except for the tip exposed and dawg, you can still transfer STIs through your shaft.

    So now we are presented with the polar opposite of the Galactic Cap, a condom so invasively safe that you may as well not even bother having sex.

    Check out this link for the concept drawings for this fucked up travesty of a condom.

    Here it is.

    The basic concept?  A full thong with a condom attached on the front of it, sort of like a strap-on.  The device offers complete coverage – your entire penis, as well as testicles will be covered in latex.  Yup, that’s right, we’re entering into the age of ball-condoms.  Isn’t the future wonderful?

    The craziest thing is that this invention has been garnering a lot of support in China, both financial in otherwise, with investments totalling over 300k USD so far.  So people are interested in wearing a full strap-on condom.

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    I’ll give them points for creativity, but I’ll subtract points for everything else.  This thing just seems insanely uncomfortable and unwieldy. There’s obviously something to be said for safe sex and full coverage against STIs and unwanted pregnancy, but I just can’t see dudes lining up to buy this thing.

    Men have a hard enough time remembering to wear condoms in the first place, and now it’s expected that they’ll take the time to put on a full undergarment? Seems like wishful thinking.

    Anyways, we’ll see how this goes.  Chances are this is just another failed attempt at re-marketing the condom.  But you never know!

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  • Where Do We Learn About Sex? – Naked With Chanel Preston


    Chanel Preston

    If Chanel Preston isn’t one of your favorite adult stars ever, then I feel sorry for you.

    Chanel Preston is that rare breed of woman that’s not only perfectly in-tune with her sexuality, but she’s got as much brains as she does beauty (possibly more brains than beauty, but there’s so much beauty and brains it’s really hard to distinguish).

    Chanel has been in the adult industry for four years now, and she’s appeared in over 250 films. So if you’d like to get a glimpse of Chanel Preston’s beauty, I suggest you look up one of those movies or visist her personal website,

    Today, we’d like to focus on Chanel Preston’s brains. Though Chanel declined to let me perform brain surgery on her for the purpose of demonstrating her brain power for this blog, she came up with the new internet series Naked With Chanel.

    In episode 1, Chanel asks people on the street, “Where do we learn about sex?” Because let’s face it, for a world where sex is ubiquitous, people don’t seem to know a whole lot about it. One quick read of Chico’s Sex Advice is proof of that. But you’re better off hearing about it from Chanel Preston rather than myself. So enjoy episode 1 of Naked With Chanel!

    While I find it deeply disturbing that there is no resource for sex that people can draw on other than media (mainstream or pornographic), I must admit that seeing Chanel Preston deliver that bad news makes me hopeful that people will smarten up and start paying attention to proper sex education.

    Congratulations on the new show, Chanel! She really never ceases to amaze me.

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  • Ask Marni by – Being a 19 year old virgin

    Hey you! Thanks for tuning in another edition of Ask Marni by

    Here is a question I got from Dan on being a virgin and how to change that:

    “Hey Marni, my name is Dan and I’m a 19 year old virgin. Horrible, I know  but I want to change that very soon. How do I do this ?

    Dan. “

    Marni advices:

    First I want to tell you something, just because a men had sex with a lot of women doesn’t mean he is good in bed. I’ve been with men who have been with a lot of women but were terrible in bed. Why? Because they never took the time to learn the art of pleasuring a woman. Instead they just said :

    ” Oh ! A hole! Awesome ! I’ll just inject my penis into it and thrust and then cum and everyone will be happy.”

    This is, and never will be true. For women, good sex requires great foreplay, a built-up of excitement and connections, whether it is for one night or for a longterm relationship.

    If a guy is not aware of this and not in it with us – it’s not enjoyable for us.

    As well, if he is not aware of our pleasure zone and how to hit them in the bedroom he will be labelled as a subpar lover at best.”

    Here is what I want you to do : I want you to educate yourself. Learn how you can pleasuring a woman: the G-spot, the clitoris, our erogenous zone and how to connect to us. I guarantee simply educating yourself will give you a spring in your step and boost your overall confidence, so that when you get to the bedroom, not only you will know what to do, you’ll also be super passionate about it. And women love passion.

    So go on Amazon and start researching!!

    I would love to hear what you think about this topic and this video. Just write your comments below.

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