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  • Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2013

    Twisty’s prides itself on having the hottest babes on the planet. You ought to know that already because all your favorite pornstars and models on have posed for Twisty’s.

    But the problem with having so many hot babes, it’s hard to know where to start sometimes. That’s why once a month Twisty’s selects a Treat of the Month. Kind of like a spiritual leader or synecdoche for all the other hot babes on Twisty’s.

    Every year, they round up all their Treats and have the fans vote on the biggest babe so that they can be crowned Twisty’s Treat of the Year.

    As you know, we love babes. So if there’s a babe-election, we’re going to have something to say about it. Obviously, 2012’s Treat of the Year Taylor Vixen is a mega babe (who you can see above), but who of the Treats this year deserves to be Treat of the Year?

    Well, allow me to introduce you to all 12 of the nominees: Continue Reading

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  • 5 Best Things About Porn with Tasha Reign

    Why do some girls stay pornstars forever? The short answer is because some girls just love being pornstars. Why would you quit a job you love just because a handful of crazy people think it’s immoral?

    To better understand the mentality it takes to be a succesful pornstar, let’s watch this video of Tasha Reign on the Two White Guys podcast explaining her 5 Favorite Things about porn: Continue Reading

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  • See-through or not, yoga pants are sexy

    Lululemon has recalled their “Luon” yoga pants because they have deemed too see-through, but isn’t that the point of yoga pants?

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  • Celebrity Shiri Appleby’s leaked nude photos

    Shiri Appleby

    Shiri Appleby

    No matter where you may stand on the Hollywood hierarchy of celebrity, a leaked nude photo will always get you headlines.

    However, that was hardly the case for Shiri Appleby’s leaked nude photo… Continue Reading

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  • Adriano’s “Anal Dream Team”

    Anal Dream Team

    Anal Dream Team

    Mike Adriano’s Anal Dream Team is arriving in porn retail stores tomorrow and we thought it would be a really good idea to give you a Top 10 Reasons to be Excited for Mike Adriano’s Anal Dream Team. So let’s just zap straight to it, shall we?
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  • Stoya does fashion porn



    “Too pretty for porn” is an expression that gets said a lot (especially here on the Blog) and the truth is the “new porn star” is far prettier than the old image of a blonde with a bad boob job. Most of the girls doing porn today could just as easily be supermodels, but they’ve chosen to do porn instead. And we should be very thankful that they do porn instead of walk down runways in stupid outfits.

    Whenever we think of porn stars who could be supermodels, we always think of Stoya. She’s gorgeous. Stoya just did a photoshoot with Sean + Seng, two British fashion photographers, that just goes to show you that she could easily take over the fashion world.

    So let’s take a look at Stoya’s new fashion photos and be thankful that she’s first and foremost a porn star… Continue Reading

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  • Alektra Blue, welcome to the internet

    Alektra Blue

    Alektra Blue

    Last week, longtime Wicked Pictures contract girl Alektra Blue announced that she had parted ways with the studio.

    She was promoting her featured dancing in Pittsburgh on The X Morning Show when she said, “I’m no longer with Wicked. I’m a free agent. I want to get the word out because it’s been a little bit. But I want to do everything smart; I’m going to start webcamming, which I haven’t been able to do for my fans, just to hang out with me, because of my contract.”

    “Basically, I’m coming out to the internet,” she continued, “because I’ve been locked away for four years with Wicked, and I’m not a big presence online because I’m only at Wicked. It’s good. I learned a lot from Wicked, but I want to maybe start my own production company, start directing. I have stuff in the works, so just, I want to put the word out.”

    In other words, we’re going to be seeing a lot more Alektra Blue in the coming months, which is terrific news. In an effort to get the internet acquainted with Alektra Blue, we’ve gone ahead and put together an Alektra Blue Top 10

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  • Remy Lacroix is back! Gets a Top 10!


    Remy Lacroix

    Remember at the end of June 2012, we were all sad because our favorite new porn star Remy Lacroix retired? Well we had no reason to be so sad because her retirement was just a dirty little tease.

    As it turns out, she only quit for the summer. She did the shoots that were scheduled post-retirement, she started working at’s talent department, and continued to promote her new releases on social media. Good thing too because she just won AVN’s Best New Starlet.

    “In hindsight, I wish I never made that original announcement, and instead just took the physical break that I needed,” she told AVN. “Regardless, I am back for more, and with this amazing award to back me up, and with a better outlook on how to handle myself and my body in this industry.”

    Remy made a second announcement in November that went largely unnoticed retracting her retirement. Though we’re late in recognizing that Remy Lacroix is back for good, we’d like to celebrate her return and her Best New Starlet win with a Top 10. So please, enjoy the Remy Lacroix Top 10:

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