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  • How To Train For Your Favorite Sex Positions

    To perform your best in bed, you need to be in shape. Strength, mobility and flexibility are essential if you want to excel at doing the nasty.

    If your fuck-style is on the lackadaisical side, then enjoy this round-up of exercises to get you in tip-top shape and make sex even better.  Continue Reading

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  • 5 Sex Tips That Make Doggystyle Even Better

    As far as sex positions go, it doesn’t get much better than doggystyle. Not only does the doggystyle sex position share its name with Snoop Dogg’s classic 1993 debut album, it allows for deep, G-spot penetration that’s downright animalistic.

    Though doggystyle is one of the most beloved sex positions out there, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work making tiny modifications to this already amazing sex position to make doggystyle sex EVEN BETTER.

    If you want to experience even better doggystyle sex, check out these 5 sex tips and prepare to have your mind blown!  Continue Reading

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  • What Does Your Favorite Sex Position Say About You?

    Do you have a favorite sex position? If so, why is it your favorite? Because it gives a great view of the booty? Because it lets you get deep inside that pussy? Because it doesn’t make you cum in less than five minutes?

    There are lots of reasons to have a favorite sex position. But besides the practicality and physical/visual pleasure of certain sex position, it’s also possible that your favorite sex position says something about your personality.

    Carrying on reading and maybe you’ll find out something about yourself from your favorite sex position.  Continue Reading

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