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  • 5 Sex Tips That Make Doggystyle Even Better

    As far as sex positions go, it doesn’t get much better than doggystyle. Not only does the doggystyle sex position share its name with Snoop Dogg’s classic 1993 debut album, it allows for deep, G-spot penetration that’s downright animalistic.

    Though doggystyle is one of the most beloved sex positions out there, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work making tiny modifications to this already amazing sex position to make doggystyle sex EVEN BETTER.

    If you want to experience even better doggystyle sex, check out these 5 sex tips and prepare to have your mind blown!  Continue Reading

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  • You Won’t Believe What The Most Dangerous Sex Position Is!

    According to a new study published in Advances in Urology, the most dangerous sex position known to man is…EVERY SEX POSITION WHERE THE WOMAN IS ON TOP.

    Say what? You mean it’s not the piledriver sex position? Shit. I just lost a bet.  Continue Reading

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  • What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About You

    Do you have a favorite sex position? If so, why is it your favorite? Because it gives a great view of the booty? Because it lets you get deep inside that pussy? Because it doesn’t make you cum in less than five minutes?

    There are lots of reasons to have a favorite sex position. But besides the practicality and physical/visual pleasure of certain sex position, it’s also possible that your favorite sex position says something about your personality.

    Carrying on reading and maybe you’ll find out something about yourself from your favorite sex position.  Continue Reading

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  • 40 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For A Better Sex Life

    New Year’s! Hooray! We did it! Made it through another year!

    To celebrate, let’s all agree to make an empty promise of self-improvement only to give up on it and slip back into our old habits a couple of weeks later (i.e. a New Year’s Resolution).

    If you haven’t yet made a New Year’s Resolution, may I suggest making a resolution to improve your sex life?

    It’s not like your actually going to lose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking or get more sleep, so why not fool yourself into thinking that you might improve your sex life by taking one of our New Year’s Resolution idea for a better sex life before abandoning it in February (or perhaps sooner).

    Here now are 40 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for a better sex life:  Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Sex Tips of the Year!

    We’ve had a lot of fun making year-end lists, recapping the Best of 2014, but our lists are always highlighting things other people created.

    Now, it’s time for us to give ourselves some shine by recapping the Best Sex Tips of 2014.

    We hope that our sex tips have helped improve your sex life (we know writing sex tips has improved our sex lives). Or, at the very least, you find them entertaining. No matter what you get out of the Blog’s sex tips, we’d like to thank you for your continued support of the Blog.

    With our thanks out of the way, let’s find out which sex tips are the Top 10 sex tips of 2014!  Continue Reading

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  • Nominate The Year’s Best Porn for the Awards!

    Ok guys. Award season is coming up and it’s high time that we, the Blog, honor our favorite things in sex and porn.

    Normally, I’d be arbitrarily selecting all the winners myself based on personal preference, but this year I thought it would be better to let you, the reader, nominate this year’s best porn.  Continue Reading

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  • Try These Summer Sex Positions!

    As temperatures rise across the country, sex gets sweatier and somewhat uncomfortable. It’s hard to feel sexy when your skin is all sticky from humidity and it only gets worse when intertwined with your lover’s body. But should the high temperatures stop us from having amazing sex? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    That’s why today, I’m going to tell you about some hot weather sex positions so that you can have amazing sex without succumbing to heat stroke. Get ready to try these summer sex positions!


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    No pool? No A/C? NO PROBLEM!

    First, fill your bathtub with comfortably cool water. Then ladies, face the faucet and kneel down in the water. With the cool water still running from the faucet, inch your way up to the stream and grab both sides of the bathtub for balance. Once ladies have assumed this position, guys slide in behind your lady and enter her from behind. As the man thrusts, ladies guide the running water with your hand to your crotch and legs to keep cool.


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    Place a fan at the head of your bed, aiming it downwards so that a breeze is cooling the bed (or couch, or desk, whatever suits your fancy). Then lay your man down on his back. Once he’s lying down, climb on top of him and fill yourself with his member. Instead of the usual riding motion you’d do in the cowgirl sex position, just swivel your hips around in a circle as if you were hula hooping. You won’t heat up as much because the motion is minimal, but your arousal will be through the roof.


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    Missionary sex without getting too hot and sticky? YES! Start in the missionary position. Guys, once you’ve entered your lady in the missionary position, move about two inches higher so that your pelvis is in-line with hers. Guys, rock back and forth while ladies, you thrust your pelvis upward, keeping in sync with him, so your clitoris is hitting his penis’s base. The distance between you will keep you from overheating…until the explosive orgasm arrives. Then you’re going to get real hot.


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    Imagine if your two favorite sex positions, doggy style and the spoon, came together for one incredible sex position that was perfect for hot weather because it minimizes full body contact. Well, it’s not just a crazy dream…it’s a reality! And it’s called the Linguini sex position. Ladies, start by lying on your side. Guys, kneel directly behind your lady’s butt, leaning ever-so slightly over her body. Then guys, push one of your knees between your lady’s legs, positioning your body so you can penetrate her. Place one hand on her back for support and have at it!


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    Place a fan at your feet, facing upwards towards so that the cool air flows to the two of you seated in the chair. Guys, find a tall-backed chair, pad it with pillows, and sit down. Ladies must now give the penis an erection either by engaging in some oral sex or grinding on your man, giving him a lap dance. Once the penis is hard, ladies straddle the penis and lean back, placing your hands on his kness for support. Extend your legs, one at a time, until your ankles are resting on your man’s corresponding shoulders (your left ankle goes on his right shoulder and your right ankle goes on his left shoulder, make sense?). Pump your booty back and forth until your sensuous moaning drowns out the sounds of the fan.


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    Ladies, bend over the side of your bed so that your breasts and stomach are flat on the bed while your feet are on the floor, legs spread comfortably. Guys, now get ready to penetrate from behind. But before you do, lift up your lady’s legs from just above the knees. With your lady’s legs elevated and holding them apart, begin thrusting away and enjoy this amazing sex position while simultaneously beating the heat.


    Alright guys, these summer time, beat the heat sex positions should keep you busy for the next few days.

    Stay cool!

    Love from your friend,

    Chispy Disty.

    pornstars in bikinis flashing

    I <3 Summer!

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  • Top 10 Most Annoying Things Girls Do During Sex

    Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Red Velvet put together an excellent list of the hottest things girls do during sex in hopes of encouraging more women to do these things we like so much during sex. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out right now: Top 7 Hottest Things a Girl Does During Sex.

    But RV’s article reminded me that while there are a lot of great things a girl can do during sex, there are also some really annoying things that need to stop.

    So listen up ladies! These are THE TOP 10 MOST ANNOYING THINGS GIRLS DO DURING SEX.

    Continue Reading

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  • 10 New Sex Positions To Try!

    Are you bored of all the usual sex positions? You get on top and pound away, then she gets on top and rides, then she turns around and rides you some more, then you get behind her and pound away some more. OMG SO BORING.

    Well, good thing we’ve got 10 new sex positions for you to try! It’s just the shot in the arm your sex life needs! So without further ado, get ready to learn some new sex positions!


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    How do I try this sex position?

    Easy! Ladies, get near the edge of the bed, or maybe a public bench if you’re feeling real frisky, then rest on the hip and forearm of one side and press your thighs together. Guys, stand and straddle your lady from behind and enter her vagina with your penis. AND CONGRATULATIONS! You’re doing the corkscrew sex position.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Well, it’s a lot like doggy style but keep your legs pressed together allows for a tighter hold on your man, which means more friction and sexual sensation for the both of you.


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    How do I try this sex position?

    Easy! Guys sit on the edge of the bed and ladies you go sit on him facing away. AND CONGRATULATIONS! You’re doing the Chairman sex position!

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Good for G-spot stimulation while you can use your hands to stimulate his scrotum or perineum. Also, because it’s called the Chairman, it’s fun to pretend that you’re the head of a major corporation that’s having sex like a boss.


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    How do I try this sex position?

    Easy! Guys sit with their legs straight. Ladies then sit on their guy’s thighs with knees bent. Then all you have to do is lean back and enjoy!

    Why should I try this sex position?

    It gives both parties a good view of who they’re having sex with. Ladies have full control over the depth, speed, and angle of the thrusts, which is nice change of pace, am I right ladies? And for added pleasure, it’s very easy for men or women to stimulate the clitoris in this position. And for even more added pleasure, ladies can lean back even farther for more G-spot stimulation. Amazing!


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    How do I try this sex position?

    Ladies, lie on your back with your legs all the way up. Bonus points for anyone who can cross your ankles behind your head for added visual stimulation. Guys, enter your lady’s vagina as if you were doing the boring old missionary position.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Ladies, when your legs are up, it’s easier for men to hit your G-spot. Plus your hands are free to explore your man’s body or yourself (read: clitoris). On top of that, showing off your flexibility is always a turn-on. Just look at Mia Malkova and her flexibility.


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    How do I try this sex position?

    It’s basically the spoon sex position, but you want to be as close as possible. Make sure your skin is on as much as their skin as possible.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Maximizing skin on skin contact during sex is good for arousal. Also, if guys hold their ladies by the shoulders in this position, the intensity and deepness of the thrust will be increased to orgasmic new places.


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    How do I try this sex position?

    Start by having sex in the missionary position and then both of you turn to your side without disengaging.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Because missionary is so boring! Why not add a sexy twist to it by gazing into each others eyes on your side with your bodies all intertwined? Trust me, ok? I know it doesn’t sound that exciting but the slight difference makes it all the more hotter.


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    How do I try this sex position?

    Guys, sit on the edge of the bed and let your lady straddle you. Get the penis inside the vagina and have her wrap her legs around you. Then stand up without disengaging! Guys, make sure you don’t drop your lady. Hold her by the thighs or butt to give her a lot of support. Meanwhile ladies grab onto your man’s shoulders to make it easier on him.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Practicing having sex standing up at home will help you have quickie sex in the future. No longer will you be confined to a bedroom for sex. You’ll be able to do it at dinner parties, BBQ’s, at the office, at the doctor’s office, at the dentist’s office, in a change room, on a plane, in a park, in an alley, in an elevator, on an escalator. Wherever!



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    How do I try this sex position?

    It’s exactly like doggy style, but ladies rest their face and upper-bodies on a pillow while keeping your hips as high as possible. It’s almost as though your man has bad vertical and was trying to leap frog over you, so you want to keep your head.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Deeper penetration. And it gives ladies an opportunity to rest on a pillow.

    THE OM

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    How do I try this sex position?

    Guys, sit cross-legged on the bed. Ladies, sit in him lap facing him. Wrap your legs around your man and hug each other for support. Then just rock back and forth. Rock, don’t thrust. This position is all about intimacy, so just rock back and forth and enjoy being so close to each other rather than think of sex as some goal-oriented thing.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Because it’s super intimate. Which is awesome. It’s also a gateway into tantric sex.


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    How do I try this sex position?

    Guys, enter your lady from the missionary position. Then slide your chest and pelvis off your lady’s body without disengaging so that your pelvis are still connected and your limbs form an “X”.

    Why should I try this sex position?

    Because it’s totally wacky. Why not give it a try?

    It also opens guys to have their butts massaged, which is exactly what a guy needs after a long day of writing about new sex positions to try.

    Speaking of which, I’m all done writing about new sex positions for you to try so I’m going to go cop a butt massage. Good luck everyone!

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  • The 5 Worst Sex Positions and How To Improve Them

    In order to know the best, you have to dip into the worst every now and then.

    That’s why today, I’m going to tell you about the 5 worst sex positions. Steer clear of these uncomfortable and boring sex positions and you will have hotter sex. But even the 5 worst sex positions have their defenders, that’s why I’ll also tell you how to improve them (even though they are terrible).

    So are you ready to find out which sex positions are the 5 worst (and how to improve them)?   Continue Reading

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  • Tasha Reign and Your Favorite Sex Position




    In this episode, Tasha asks the fans attending the AVN Awards about their favorite sex positions!

    Big thanks to all the guys and of course our lovely hostess, Tasha Reign.

    If you like Tasha Reign as much as we do, then head to to see exclusive photos and videos.


    Now onto the show!

    Tell Tasha about your favorite sex position in the comments!

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  • Try This Sex Position: O Holy Night (Holiday Edition)


    Fall on your knees…just like the song O Holy Night

    It’s Christmas Eve! That means you only have one more day to try these holiday sex positions.

    So everyone find a sexual partner and try the O Holy Night sex position.

    Here’s how this one is done… Continue Reading

    December 24, 2013 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 1971

  • Try This Sex Position: Sleigh Ride (Holiday Edition)


    The Sleigh Ride

    Christmas is great BUT IT IS BORING.

    To help stave off the Christmas boredom, I have a new festive sex position for you all to try. It’s called The Sleigh Ride sex position and here’s how it’s done.  Continue Reading

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  • Try This Sex Position: The Stocking Stuffer (Holiday Edition)


    The Stocking Stuffer

    You know I love Christmas and I always will. But let’s face it, Christmas can be pretty boring at times. That’s why I have some festive sex positions for you to try to stave off that Christmas boredom.

    This Christmas, try The Stocking Stuffer sex position.  Continue Reading

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  • Try This Sex Position: The Ornament (Holiday Edition)


    The Ornament

    There’s nothing going on because it’s Christmas. So to stave off Christmas boredom, I’d have some Christmas-themed sex positions for you to try.

    This Christmas, try The Ornament sex position.  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Sex Positions That Double As Exercise

    Dillion Harper demonstrates proper sexercising techniques

    Dillion Harper demonstrates proper sexercising techniques

    According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, the average person only burns 21 calories during sex. Unfortunately, that means sex isn’t a substitute for regular exercise. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try and substitute sex for exercise! After all, what would you rather do? Spend a two hours at the gym or have sex for two hours?

    If you said gym, please leave right now.

    For those of you that chose to have two hours of sex instead of working out, I’m going to let tell you about the best sex positions that double as exercise!  Continue Reading

    December 11, 2013 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 8478

  • Try This Sex Position: The Ballet Dancer


    The Ballet Dancer

    Hey! If you’re going to be having sex sometime this week, I have a new sex position you should all try.

    It’s called The Ballet Dancer sex position.

    Are you ready to find out everything you need to know to try this sex position? Ok, well then let’s get started!  Continue Reading

    November 19, 2013 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 2059

  • Try This Sex Position: The X Position


    The X Position

    FINALLY! After another long, unintentional hiatus, Try This Sex Position is back with a brand new sex position for you to try.

    This weekend, the sex position we’re going to try is the X Position.

    So how does one do the X Position sex position?  Continue Reading

    November 9, 2013 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 1966

  • Try This Sex Position: The Linguini

    Linguini sex position

    The Linguini

    This weekend, I want you all to have some of The Linguini. And I’m not talking about the past…

    It’s an all new Try This Sex Position, and this weekend we’re all going to try The LinguiniContinue Reading

    October 5, 2013 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 1590

  • How To Use Your SmartPhone During Sex

    phone sex

    Who says looking at your phone isn’t sexy?

    Did you know that 1/10 Americans admit to using their cellphone to answer a call or text during sex?

    According to the 2013 Mobile Habits Consumer Study, it’s true!

    I love sex, but why should sex keep me from checking the Blog or a bunch of text messages that I will end up ignoring anyways?

    Just because you’re having sex doesn’t mean you should be forced to disconnect from the outside world. You might have better sex if you do, but this is America! This is the greatest country in the whole world (even if there is currently no government) and goddammit it is our duty as Americans to have our cake and eat it too. And then to keep the obesity rates high, we should eat another cake after having and eating the first cake.

    You can have it all! You can use your smartphone during sex! Just let me explain how you can use your smartphone during sex. Continue Reading

    October 3, 2013 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 5097