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  • Vivid Makes 500K Sex Tape Offer To Royal Family Sex Slave

    Vivid Entertainment, the adult industry’s authority on celebrity sex tapes, has offered Virginia Roberts up to $500,000 (or £331,436.41) to star in a sex tape revealing every toe sucking minute of her romps with the royal family’s Prince Andrew.  Continue Reading

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  • CBC Radio Host Jian Ghomeshi Fired Over Violent Sex Allegations

    Three women have come forward over the weekend alleging that they were violently attacked in a sexual way by popular Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

    Ghomeshi claims he was fired because execs felt his sexual proclivities were “unbecoming of a prominent host on the CBC” said Sunday that all of his admittedly rough sexual encounters have been consensual. But of course, that’s just Jian Ghomeshi trying to preserve his image because the three women have some seriously disturbing allegations.  Continue Reading

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  • Adrian Peterson’s Charity Once Paid For His Orgy

    A new profile by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Minnesota Viking’s star running back Adrian Peterson links the indefinitely suspended superstar back to a scandal regarding his charity, the All Day Foundation.

    According to the Star-Tribune, NFL star Adrian Peterson, who is currently battling allegations of child abuse, used a credit card connected to his charitable foundation for a wild night of sexual debauchery, that included his younger brother and four women at an Eden Prairie, Minnesota hotel in 2011.  Continue Reading

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  • Dental Technician Sues Charlie Sheen For Sexual Battery

    A lawsuit filed on Friday in California by a dental technician alleges that part-time actor and full-time crazy person loveable scamp Charlie Sheen sexually harassed her, threatened the dentist with a knife and flung split all over the dentist’s office while he was being treated for an abscess in his mouth. Meanwhile, the dentist she was working with has denied these allegations.

    The dental technician, Margarita Palestino, alleged in the suit that Sheen ripped off his nitrous oxide mask and yelled “I’m going to fucking kill you!” to everyone in the room. Oh Charlie Sheen, you loveable scamp.  Continue Reading

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  • The Sydney Leathers Sex Tape Has Arrived

    Sydney Leathers nude pornstar

    Sydney Leathers is now a “Pornstar”


    Sydney Leathers made another sex tape with actual sex!

    Click here to see the actual Sydney Leathers sex tape.

    Just as the world was starting to forget about Sydney Leathers and Weinergate, Vivid was able to squeeze out a new “celebrity” “sex tape” starring Anthony Weiner’s sexting buddy Sydney Leathers.

    Less than a week ago, TMZ spotted Vivid head-honcho Steven Hirsch meeting with Ms Leathers and we all knew that the Sydney Leathers sex tape was imminent.

    I was sure that there would be a long, drawn-out media circus like what we saw with Farrah Abraham’s sex tape but it seems that Hirsch and Leathers both knew they had limited time to capitalize on the sex scandal because Vivid released the Sydney Leathers sex tape today with hardly any media hype. Continue Reading

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  • Who benefits from the Petraeus scandal?

    How did two people this unattractive pull-off the biggest sex scandal in history?

    Can you believe our luck? Just as we go on a little vacay (short for “vacation”), the biggest sex scandal story of the year breaks. The vacation was completely ruined by 24-hour coverage and analysis of David Petraeus’s extra-marital affair and the possible breaches in national security.

    Let’s give a quick rundown of what happened for those of you who don’t know what’s going with David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley, the CIA, the FBI, and the sex they were all having together (allegedly, I should say that for legal reasons).

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