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  • Science Says Sleep More and Watch Porn to Have Better Sex

    Sex! By in large, it’s already pretty good. But is there any way we can be having better sex?

    Science says…YES.

    Two new studies have found guidance for both sexes combatting sexual dysfunction, which affects roughly 43% of American women and 31% of men.

    The research suggests that women in need of better sex should focus on getting a goodnight’s sleep whereas men should watch more porn.  Continue Reading

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  • Study Says Stress is a Sex Drive Killer

    Because we didn’t already know that, right? Well, now we at least have science to back it up.

    In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the participants were put into two groups- highly stressed women and averagely stressed women. They were then shown lots of porn and their level of genital arousal were measured. According to Anna Davies from NBC, the results were that “The women in the high-stress group showed lower levels of genital arousal, higher levels of distraction, and higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which researchers hypothesize contributed to decreased physical arousal.”

    Basically, they believe the chemicals in your brain that make you stressed, also counteract positive things, like sex drive. (Which I can totally believe. Have you ever tried to do anything happy while majorly stressed out?)

    While the study was done on women and the article also seems to be aimed at women, Psychology today says that stress contributes to low sex drive for men too.

    Let’s face it, the chances of completely cutting out stress in your everyday in order to have better sex are very low. So how do you get your sexy mojo back? The article lists the way to solve this is to “have an orgasm” which while it is a great way to relieve stress and increase your sex drive, seems like really redundant advice considering highly stressed people have trouble doing just that.

    My advice instead is have a bubble bath, get a massage, watch a lot of porn on, have some drinks while you’re doing these things and THEN have an orgasm. Those things are stress relievers, right? Here’s some pictures to get you started:

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  • Ignore your chores, get laid more often


    Attention all married men!

    Stop doing housework.

    Housework sucks. That’s a given. But that’s not the only reason for you to stop doing housework. Did you know that married men who tend to help around the house have less sex than married men who don’t do house work?

    The University of Washington just published a study in the American Sociological Review that suggests that heterosexual couples who observe traditional gender roles have more “sexual encounters”.

    Co-author and Associate Professor of Sociology Julia Brines told the Toronto Star, “Where the male is doing the male tasks and the female is doing the female tasks, those are the couples (who) are having more sex.”

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