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  • This Flexible Blonde’s Sex Tape Is The Best Sex Tape Ever

    Not all sex tapes are created equal, even though all sex tapes are worth watching at least once.

    We recently stumbled upon this sex tape on the official Mofos page and were very impressed. We don’t know how I Know That Girl got their hands on this flexible blonde’s sex tape, but it is without a doubt the best sex tape known to man. Watch it below and prepare to be blown away.

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    What makes this the best sex tape ever? Well did you see that blonde chick’s big round tits, plump booty and how she can bend her body to get fucked in literally any sex position imaginable? Man, if she remained just an amateur after receiving the I Know That Girl stamp of approval, that’s a real waste of pornstar-calibre talent.

    Furthermore, too many sex tapes start with the guy doing the coaxing while the girl acts all shy and takes her time to get turned on by the thought that millions of men will be happy to fap to her sex tape. This sex tape is entirely initiated by the flexible, busty blonde. She chose to film herself teasing in the bathtub and she’s the one that gets her man ready to fuck before he has two feet in the door.

    Best sex tape of all time, hands down.

    If you want to see more amateur sex tapes that come close to rivalling this, the greatest sex tape ever released on the internet, then head over to Mofos now and join for as low as $1. There are so many amateur sex tapes that your head will be spinning for days.

    And please, if this chick went on to shoot professional porn videos, please let us know. If not, that’s a damn, damn shame.

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  • Train Your Cock To August Ames’ Workout Sex Tape

    All men want the same two things: to last longer in bed and August Ames‘ big tits. While you are unlikely to enjoy August Ames’ big tits IRL, you can still watch them on video and actually train yourself to last longer in bed.

    The idea is that there’s nothing hotter than August Ames, especially in her workout-themed sex tape for Mofos. Masturbating to the video below will help you last longer in bed because if you can make it to the end of the video without blowing your load, you can fuck anyone without worrying about premature ejaculation.

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  • Katrina Jade’s Honeymoon Sex Tape

    We have no doubt that all of you would do anything to marry busty beauty Katrina Jade because you’d have to be some kind of moron not to lock down a pair of big tits as nice as Katrina’s. But just to reaffirm your desire to marry Katrina Jade, watch Katrina’s honeymoon sex tape courtesy of Mofos. It confirms what you always knew: Katrina Jade is the wife of your dreams.

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  • We Should All Aspire to Have Sex Like Isabella de Santos

    While browsing through free Mofos videos on, we found an old amateur sex tape starring one of porn’s sexiest Latinas: the one and only Ms Isabella de Santos.

    Though she hadn’t adopted the “Isabella de Santos” moniker yet when the amateur sex tape was shot, one thing was immediately very clear: this chick can fuck. No wonder she’s found fame and acclaim starring in porn videos for a living. Isabella de Santos, even before she was the pornstar we know and love today, was having incredible sex. Sex we should all aspire to have. So please revisit Isabella de Santos’ old amateur sex tape below or watch the full video in HD when you join Mofos and take notes because this is perfect sex.

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  • Vivid Offers Rachel Dolezal 6-Figure Porn Deal

    It’s been a busy summer for Vivid!

    They released Courtney Stodden’s “celebrity” “sex tape”, they hinted at releasing WWE Diva Sunny’s sex tape, they made a sex tape offer to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd and now they’re trying to get Rachel Dolezal.

    Rachel Dolezal, for those of you who have been on Mars for the last month, in a cave, with your eyes shut and your fingers in my ears, is the former NAACP Spokane chapter president accused of pretending to be black.

    Funny enough, this is the second offer she’s received to shoot a sexually explicit video despite being someone who is objectively unattractive. Dogfart network offered Dolezal a $50,000 contract last week.

    Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steven Hirsch said he’ll offer a six-figure paycheck to the woman, who was found to have made a homemade sex tape with her former husband after reporters looked at old court filings in divorce proceedings. Hirsch told In Touch Weekly that Dolezal would have free reign in her own sex tape this time around.

    Dolezal has not yet said whether or not she’ll accept Vivid Entertainment’s or the Dogfart Network’s offer (because of course she won’t).

    And if she were to accept either offer, would you watch it? Seriously. Would you watch a Rachel Dolezal porn video for anything more than shock value or schadenfreude?


    Offering Dolezal a million dollars for a sex tape reeks of desperation. Especially when you consider how hard Vivid has been pushing for another celebrity sex tape release since Courtney Stodden’s came and went rather quietly.

    If you want to prevent the release of bad celebrity sex tapes, please visit and pay to watch their quality sex tapes.

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  • Vivid Offers “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Star Karlie Redd Her Very Own Celebrity Sex Tape

    I’ll admit it. I have no idea who the hell Karlie Redd is.

    According to her Wikipedia page, Karlie Redd is an American hip-hop artist, hip hop model, dancer, and actress. And if Vivid Entertainment czar Steven Hirsch’s offer is accepted, we’re going to have to add “celebrity sex tape star” to her resume.

    That’s right, Vivid Entertainment, the producers of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, the Montana Fishburne sex tape, the Courtney Stodden sex tape, etc. are trying to get Karlie Redd to star in her very own celebrity sex tape.  Continue Reading

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  • Semi-Pro Soccer Player For Filming a Sex Tape in the Dugout

    Soccer! Who cares about it, right? Only the entire world outside of United States of America. But here’s a juicy piece of news that might just turn you into a life-long soccer fan: semi-professional soccer player Jay Hart has just been fired for filming a sex tape in the manager’s dugout.  Continue Reading

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