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  • 9 Sex Tips Guaranteed To Make Her Cum Like Crazy

    Let me start by saying that good sex is not depended on orgasms. Sure, it’s obviously nicer when both parties get to cum one or more times throughout the night, but you shouldn’t get down on yourself if it doesn’t happen!

    That said, GREAT sex is when you can make your girl cum like crazy. Like can’t walk straight for a few days because she came so hard. If you want to have explosive sex and make your girl cum like crazy, try these 9 sex tips that will help your girl cum like crazy.  Continue Reading

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  • TLC Teams Up With “Virgin Coaches” To Teach You How To Have Sex

    What happens when you put two Christian sex educators with a TV crew and a bunch of engaged virgin couples together so that you can film a bunch of virgins learn how to have sex? QUALITY TELEVISION HAPPENS.

    At least quality television is what TLC hopes will happen because filming virgins learn how to have sex is the premise of their new show Virgin CoachesContinue Reading

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  • Red Velvet’s Complete Guide to Lesbian Scissoring

    You all watch porn, so you guys definitely know that lesbians do all sorts of awesome sex acts and are not limited to just scissoring. However, not everybody does and I often get the question “So you scissor?” when telling people I’m a lesbian.

    Generally, it’s a little rude to ask people about their sex lives when you first meet them, so I usually just say “Sometimes, how about you?” and move on to a different topic, but in all seriousness, despite what a lot of people who know nothing about lesbian sex seem to think, not a lot of lesbian scissor.

    Why? Because it’s actually kind of hard when you get down to it and if done wrong, can be quite awkward too (but that’s true for most sex acts anyway). So if you’ve wanted to scissor or just wanted to know about it but have just never known how, well you’re in luck, because you all have me. As a lesbian who has done some scissoring myself and has found it enjoyable, I feel it is my duty to provide a guide to scissoring for lesbians, bisexuals and anybody curious. Now there’s just no excuse to miss out on the fun. So here we go:  Continue Reading

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  • 6 Tips For Playing with Boobs That Will Drive Women Crazy

    Recently, I’ve been hearing some women are frustrated that men aren’t giving boobs enough attention.

    At first I thought, how can that be possible? There are millions of men jerking off to’s big tit category on a daily basis. Why, when presented with boobs in real life, would men ignore what they’ve spent so much time coveting online?

    Then I remembered that most men are desperate to seem good at sex, so it seems likely that they’re skipping the tits and going straight for the clit. After all, most men think that the clitoris is an automatic orgasm button that will make their woman cum if pressed correctly.

    Guys, it don’t work like that. If you want to be good at sex, you need to stimulate all the erogenous zones, including the boobs. To help you earn that reputation of world’s greatest love machine, we are about to tell you the right way to play with boobs that will drive women crazy.

    Keep reading if you want to know how to play with boobs and be good at sex.  Continue Reading

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  • 9 Of The Best Surfaces/Furniture to Have Sex On At Home

    I had a little bit of an embarrassing moment this past weekend, that I shall not explain in detail, but instead, will use to extend a little bit of advice: Don’t have sex on a hammock unless you have the balance of a gold medal gymnast, or you’ll end up bruised and limping and not in the good way.

    So basically, that got me thinking. What are the best surfaces/furniture to have sex on at home? You betcha a hammock isn’t going to be on this list.

    Continue Reading

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  • 6 Reasons Why Sex With MILFs Is The Best

    MILFs! Everybody wants to fuck them, right? I mean, “I’d Like To Fuck” makes up 3/4 of the acronym.

    Well, according to Time Magazine’s feature on Christian Rudder’s Dataclysm, it seems that MILFs may not be as beloved as we thought.

    Rudder, a co-founder of OkCupid and Harvard-educated data scientist, analyzed millions of records to figure out how we scramble for love online. Though analyzing OkCupid and other dating site browsing data is sure to only reveal the worst in people, there was one insight that I found deeply unsettling.

    According to Rudder’s research, men of all ages are by far looking for women in their early 20’s. That’s not the unsettling part. The OkCupid data revealed that while men often set their age filters for women into their 30’s and beyond, rarely do they contact a woman over 29.


    While that in itself is deeply unsettling, I’m mostly disturbed by the stupidity of the men looking for love online for ignoring an age group that is widely regarded to have the hottest sex imaginable.

    In order to help the MILFs and Mature babes of OkCupid get laid, here are 6 reasons why sex with MILFs is the bestContinue Reading

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  • Do’s And Don’ts of Making Amateur Porn

    Take a moment and ask yourself “Self, what makes a great porno flick?”

    Is it the stars?

    The mood?

    Is it the simulated fantasy of putting yourself in the movie so that you can furiously blow a load all over yourself before snapping back to reality?

    Whatever your fancy may be, the basic recipe is almost always the same. Take two or more people, set the tone with some sort of pre-sex eroticism to get everyone all hot and heavy then get down to the nitty gritty. Badda boom you’ve got yourself instant porno, right?

    While the composition of porn may be similar in nature, it’s not that simple. The men and women who film, produce, act in and edit the pornos you watch are professionals and have a very distinct eye for what’s hot and what’s not. These veterans of the industry have learned from the errors of others in the past and provide you with a quality adult product day in and day out.

    I’ve made more than a few homemade porn flicks in my time, some of which might even be in the amateur section of but none really turned out all that great. Sure, you’d get a good scene sometimes or maybe a snippet of 30 seconds that is crazy hot, but most amateurs suck at filming porn. That’s why they’re still amateurs.

    Fear not! With some basic direction and a little practice, you can make your own homemade studio quality porno for all to enjoy for years to come!  Continue Reading

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  • Help! I Want To Fuck My Friend’s Brother – Chico’s Sex Advice

    Welcome back to another edition of Chico’s Sex Advice where I use all my expertise as a sexpert to answer any questions my beloved readers may have about sex.

    If you need sex advice or if you have a question about sex that needs answering, feel free to send an email to OR use the contact form and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

    Today’s question comes from E.Sweetie. She writes:

    “Hi Chico. My best friend’s younger brother just moved back to our home town. When he left, he was a gangly teen, but now he’s returned a full-grown and gorgeous man. I’ve been in a bit of a sexual slump recently because there are hardly any attractive single men in our town. What I wanna know is, is it wrong that I want to sleep with my friend’s brother?”


    Is it wrong that you want to fuck your friend’s brother? No. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fuck your friend’s brother.  Continue Reading

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  • Five Oral Sex Charts You Wish You Had Seen In High School

    Cause honestly, the stuff they teach you in high school sex ed nowadays is so inadequate, some people still think foreplay is optional.

    I have previously giving my own oral sex tips, which you can go back and look at here, but you can never know too much about oral sex, right? And anyway, I find that diagrams are both more fun and a hell of a lot more helpful than written sex tips. Some of these handy diagrams even gave me some ideas.  Continue Reading

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  • 5 Different Role Play Scenarios

    Here at we like to spice things up fairly frequently. That is obviously not to say we don’t appreciate the classics, because of course we do… but when it comes to role play scenarios, I think it’s time to add some sugar and spice and mix up the lists that usually only add “teacher/student”, “secretary/boss”, or “nurse/patient” as plausible and fun role play scenarios (our holiday-themed 4th of July role play scenarios, Christmas role play scenarios and Thanksgiving role play scenarios notwithstanding, nor our Domination role play scenarios). So here we go:  Continue Reading

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