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  • Finally, A Lube That Will Make Jerking Off In The Shower Awesome

    We’ve gone over this before, but let me repeat it…you should be using lube! Dark ages ended a long time ago, so there’s no need for you to be raw-dogging it. If you’re still not using lube, then you need to see the Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Lube before we continue.


    Ok great, now that we’re all using lube, now we can continue.

    While there are lubes that moisturize, warm, cool, tighten, numb and smell, for Timothy Killian there was something missing. That void Timothy Killian spotted in the lube industry is precisely what made him found a company called Weverse and create Shower JerkContinue Reading

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  • Vaginal Shrink Cream Is Downright Disturbing

    “Recapture your vagina’s youth so you can feel tight and wanted again” is the slogan for just one of several vaginal shrink creams available on the market today. Everyone likes a tight pussy, but not like this. Not like this… Continue Reading

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  • The Shibari Halo Is Guaranteed To Make Your Lesbian Lover Scream

    I’m always telling you guys to keep things exciting in the bedroom and since I’m the sort of girl who takes my own advice, my on again/off again partner (who asked to be called Anna in the article) and I gladly spiced things up a bit with a new toy.

    I have to start by saying that the Shibari Halo definitely exceeded mine and Anna’s expectations. And by that I mean that it’s responsible for one of the quickest orgasms I have ever experienced. It only took me a couple of minutes on the lowest setting to get me where I needed to go and Anna, who is usually someone who prefers dildos to vibrators, was so extremely loud while we were using the wand, I had to tell her to shut up.

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  • The Handie Claims To Be The Ultimate Sex Toy For Men

    Has anyone found themselves thinking recently, “Man…sex toys for men are like totally lackluster!” If you have, then do I ever have good news for you!

    Introducing the world’s first ever finishing tool for men…

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  • Danish Restaurant Selling Sex Toys With Burgers

    A burger joint in Copenhagen, Denmark is causing some controversy…and not just because a burger with only ketchup costs 15,000 Danish krone ($2567.91. The joke here is that Denmark is ridiculously expensive. Just ask a Danish person!)

    As of Thursday, Danish burger joint HOT BUNS has added dildos, vibrators, whips and several other varieties of sex toys to their menu.  Continue Reading

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  • Missy Martinez Survives Freak Sex Toy Accident

    What words come to mind when thinking of pornstar Missy Martinez?  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Homemade Sex Toy EVER, Reviewed

    Earlier this month, a Youtube tutorial titled “how to make the best homemade sex toy EVER” blew up on the internet. The video has garnered over 1.5 million views and was featured on Jezebel and BroBible.

    As far as Youtube tutorials go, it was probably the creepiest one we’ve ever seen.

    The video is totally silent with an unusually inconsistent frame rate. The visuals and the annotations explain how you can make the best homemade sex toy EVER. All you need is a couple of tube socks, a latex glove, a rubber band, a blanket, something fluffy like a mattress pad, some seat belts or rope and absolutely no self-respect. Watch the video below in case you haven’t seen it yet.

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  • Interview: Phil Varone Talks Fucking and Filming Groupies

    Recently, I wrote a review of Vivid Entertainment’s Phil Varone Groupies: Music from Behind the Scenes.  Ultimately, I praised the movie for its sense of humour, light-heartedness and extremely sexy amateur vibe.  If you haven’t checked out my review, you totally should, and then you should sign up for Vivid Entertainment and watch the entire film as well as the other great celebrity sex tapes that they offer!

    Here’s a trailer for Phil Varone’s latest movie if you haven’t checked it out:

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  • Natasha and Natalia Starr Want To Sell You Their Pussy Juice

    The Starr Sisters (Natasha Starr and Natalia Starr) have entered into the wonderful world of branded lubes thanks to a new deal with Pussy Juicy Lube. The Polish porn duo have provided their very own, 100% natural, sexual secretions for the creation of the product, which is the first personal moisturizer of its kind.

    That’s right. Natasha and Natalia Starr have bottled their pussy juice and are selling it so that you can imagine that you’re actually having sex with the Starr sister of your choice while having sex with your significant other or just fapping alone.

    “I’m so proud to be representing such a sexy and amazing product,” says Natasha Starr. “It’s the easiest way for our fans to get close to us, because it’s made from my own vaginal juices. Now when you watch my scenes or enjoy my photo shoots, you can really feel how much I love you!”

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  • No Love For The Glov

    The Glov, a relatively garish sexessory that helps turn a humanoid arm into a bionic banging machine, might just be the most buzzed-about sex toy to never get made. Although creators of the Glov only recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of this bright pink beast, the pleasure product has already received mixed reviews from websites like Vice, TechCrunch and Cosmopolitan. It seems like everybody and their mom has managed to chime in about the thing without having given it a whirl yet, so I figured it’s high time I donate my two cents.

    But first! Here’s a quick introduction video to the Glov:

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