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  • 40 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For A Better Sex Life

    New Year’s! Hooray! We did it! Made it through another year!

    To celebrate, let’s all agree to make an empty promise of self-improvement only to give up on it and slip back into our old habits a couple of weeks later (i.e. a New Year’s Resolution).

    If you haven’t yet made a New Year’s Resolution, may I suggest making a resolution to improve your sex life?

    It’s not like your actually going to lose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking or get more sleep, so why not fool yourself into thinking that you might improve your sex life by taking one of our New Year’s Resolution idea for a better sex life before abandoning it in February (or perhaps sooner).

    Here now are 40 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for a better sex life:  Continue Reading

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  • The 10 Hottest Lesbian Porn Pairings of 2014

    There’s only one thing that we like better than watching a hot pornstar cum all over a big, hard cock and that’s watching hot pornstars get off from some scintillating lesbian sex.

    I must admit that lesbian porn is my favorite genre of porn videos because I love pornstars and lesbian porn, by definition, must feature at least two gorgeous pornstars making each other cum.

    For me, good lesbian porn all starts with the casting. 99% of girls who do lesbian porn are already hot. In order to keep your attention for more than a minute to check out their hot bodies, lesbian porn videos need chemistry between its stars.

    Does this crackpot lesbian porn theory make any sense to you guys?

    The point is this: great lesbian porn videos start with pairing the right pornstars with each other. This year, we saw a lot of sexy pornstar pairings in lesbian porn videos, but for the sake of our on-going Best of 2014 series, here are the top 10 hottest lesbian porn pairings of 2014! (Really though, this could have easily been a top 100). Continue Reading

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  • XXX-Mas: Gift Ideas for Adults (Part 4)

    Holy shit, everyone! Christmas is in eight days! We’ve really need to stop procrastinating to buy Christmas presents or else we’ll be totally boned!

    If you’re looking to get your partner something sexy this Christmas, then you’ve come to the right place. The Blog are sexy gift idea experts and we’re going to show you the sex toys you absolutely need to buy for your significant other if you want to have incredible sex all winter long.

    So pay attention! These are the gift ideas that will get you laid.  Continue Reading

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  • XXX-Mas: Gift Ideas For Adults (Part 3)

    HOLY CRAP! Christmas is only 13 days away!

    That means, if you haven’t already started thinking of gift ideas, you’re totally fucked (and not in the good way).

    But don’t panic! The Blog is here to provide you with the best gift ideas for adults this holiday season via

    Now that winter is officially here, there’s nothing better to do than buy whoever you’re fucking a sex toy to add some much needed excitement to the mix. You’re stuck inside for the foreseeable future, so why not have some extra fun with the help of awesome sex toys?

    Check the sex toys that will help you survive the long, cold winter ahead. Continue Reading

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  • XXX-Mas: Gift Ideas For Adults (Part 2)

    OMG you guys! Christmas is only 21 days away!

    That means, if you haven’t already started thinking of gift ideas, you’re totally fucked.

    But don’t panic! The Blog is here to provide you with the best gift ideas for adults this holiday season from the internet’s most trusted adult store, Adam & Eve.

    So whether you want to get your significant other something sexy or you’d like to ruin Christmas by purchasing something super inappropriate for your parents, our gift ideas for adults are guaranteed to do either.

    Plus, if you act fast you can use the coupon code EEDEC35, you can get 35% off one item! Dope!

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  • XXX-Mas: Gift Ideas For Adults (Part 1)

    Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet, which is why I’m sorry to tell you it’s time to start thinking of Christmas gift ideas.

    Christmas is only 28 days away and if you don’t start thinking of gift ideas now, you’ll find yourself doing your shopping at a gas station on Christmas Eve. And let me tell ya something, nobody wants a present from a gas station!

    That’s why the Blog is going to give you some amazing adult gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. But since we’re a sex blog, we’ll be focusing on sex toys and adult accessories that make great gifts rather than just telling you to buy a PS4 (because a PS4 would truly be a great gift).

    Let’s see what gift ideas for adults in Part 1 of the Blog’s XXX-Mas.  Continue Reading

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  • The 10 Strangest Sex Toys of the Year

    Sex toys have one purpose and one purpose only: make getting off even more fun.

    However, sexual satisfaction varies from person to person because we’re all beautiful, unique snowflakes. So sometimes…a sex toy designer will come up with a new sex toy that they’re convinced will help the sex positive adults of the world have a better time cumming, but when it’s unleashed on the world, the reception isn’t as warm as they hoped because it turns out the sex toy they’ve made is actually totally fucking weird.

    So far, 2014 has been an excellent year for weird sex toys. And since Black Friday is coming up and the Christmas season is upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to show you the 10 Strangest Sex Toys of the Year, so you know not to stuff your significant other’s stocking with these weird sex toys.  Continue Reading

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  • My First Dildo: A Review

    As a man tasked with reviewing sex toys from time to time, I often find myself in the predicament of being the wrong gender. Though there are tons of sex toys for men available for you to try, they never seem to get shipped to me for free so that I can tell you whether or not they’re worth your hard-earned money.

    So when a box of dildos and vibrators arrive at my desk, I do what any man would…contact as many females I know and tell them that I have a bunch of dildos and vibrators they need to use and describe the experience in great detail. Usually that’s followed by a, “Chico, you pervert.” But then I explain its “for work” and we all good.

    Earlier this month, I made my friend Helen try the Fetish Fantasy Elite 6″ Pink G-Spot Dildo. Little did I know this was her first time ever playing with a dildo! Let’s find out how it went.  Continue Reading

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  • Get 30% Off Your Next Sex Toy from Adam & Eve

    Adam & Eve, the internet’s most trusted sex shop, are currently offering 30% off your next sex toy between now and November 30th with the promo code: EEFALL30Continue Reading

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  • Beginners Guide to Sex Toys: 5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Vibrator

    Shopping for sex toys can be intimidating.

    You might have an idea of what you like and what you want…but there’s always the lingering doubt of, “What if I hate it?” that forces you to second-guess sinking $100 into a better, healthier sex life.

    In order to make shopping for sex toys less daunting, the Blog has created the Beginners Guide to Sex Toys, an all-encompassing prospectus that will help you find your perfect sex toy.

    To kick off our Beginners Guide to Sex Toys, we’re looking at vibrators. Specifically, 5 things you need to consider when buying a new vibrator.  Continue Reading

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  • Halloween Costumes You Can Use For Sex Now That’s It’s Over

    Now that Halloween is over and everything is about Christmas.

    Oh great. Yet another holiday where you spend a ridiculous amount of money on things you and others will probably only use once. This year, I decided I wanted to take the time to remind you that the $$$ you spent on Halloween costumes isn’t completely wasted.

    In fact, this is one of my favourite holidays because those Halloween costumes are actually quite handy if you actually get yourself to use them.

    You can pretty much use all Halloween costumes as sex toys nowadays (you know, because costumes for girls are actually just lingerie), especially the one’s we listed last year on this list. Most of these are well known already, so this list is more of a reminder than mind blowing ideas.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Lube

    It’s crazy to me that in 2014, there are some people that are still having sex without using lube.

    Why don’t you just use a rotary phone or heat your home with a fire? You might as well because you’re living in the dark ages if you’re still not using lube during sex.

    For slipperier, satisfaction-guaranteed sex, all you need to do is add a few drops of lube! But hey, don’t let me just tell you to start using lube, let me breakdown the Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LubeContinue Reading

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  • Results From The World’s Biggest Sex Toy Study Are In!

    If you’re wondering whether or not other dudes use condoms when banging a real-doll, you’re in luck — Lovehoney, a British sex toy manufacturer, recently published a whopping 53-page study pertaining to the shopping habits of their clientele.

    Researcher Jon Millward (of the 10,000 pornstar study fame) spent over 5 months collecting and analyzing data from one million purchases made through Lovehoney’s website, looking to customer profiles, shopping habits and product reviews in an attempt to answer every question you’ve ever had about sex toys, but were too afraid to ask. Not only has this massive undertaking nabbed the title of “World’s Biggest Study of Sex Toy Sales”, the findings presented in the aptly named “Down the Rabbit Hole” study are likely to make even the freakiest among us feel a little less grody. Because I know you guys don’t really give a shit about exposition and all those other things that make me feel like a competent writer, I’ll cut to the chase and talk results.  Continue Reading

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  • Pseudoscience Report: A Third of Women Have Gone Through Year Long Sex Dry Spells

    In your pseudo-science report of the day, sex toy company LoveHoney recently posted the results of a survey which polled 1500 online users. According to the results of the poll, one third of women have gone through sex dry spells that have lasted for a year.

    A year! Where you @ dudes?

    Keeping sexually active is not always the easiest. According the the study, most of the reasons for sexuality inactivity involve boring and tedious real-life problems, like being stressed out and being too busy for work.

    Turns out that a good chunk of women are actually sort of fine with their sexual dry spells however, with 23% saying they’re fine with going through a big drought.

    One of the more interesting parts of the study is as follows:

    “A quarter of women have ended a break in sex with a one-night stand or a casual fling, compared to 34 per cent of men. A further 36 per cent of women have resumed sex by sleeping with a friend with benefits – a pal they can enjoy sex with but not date.”

    So get your friend to lend a helping hand!

    Source: via Porn Gifs Daily on

    Makes sense. If I was going through year long sexual dry spells I would be going through my phone looking for any acquaintance that might be willing to help me out with my problem. One night stands aren’t the most satisfying, in my opinion, but sometimes you just gotta open up those floodgates you know?

    Since this study comes from a sex toy company (one of the biggest in the UK), I’m going to question the intentions behind this poll. Put two and two together, y’all. If people aren’t having sex, and are frustrated, they’re probably more likely to invest in that expensive vibrator so they can take matters into their own hands.

    “Hey, I want a sex toy but I’m too embarrassed to go to a sex shop, oh, hey wait a second, this study I’m reading is published by an online sex toy distributor – where’s my credit card again?”

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  • Belle Knox’s Secret Stash Of Homemade Porn

    As some of you may already know, school’s out for the summer. Unfortunately that means young people are literally everywhere with absolutely nothing do, thus endangering the lives of adults everywhere. Though this summer, at least one young person is doing something cool…

    I’m of course talking about none other than the world famous Duke University pornstar Belle Knox.

    Belle Knox is currently doing an internship with Pornhub for the summer. What does that entail exactly? Well, if you’ve ever had a summer internship, you know that there’s nothing to do other than get bossed around and have people talk about your inadequacies when they think you can’t hear them but you heard every word they said and you spend the rest of the day contemplating whether or not it would be professional suicide to confront them about their harsh words but then again you don’t want to spend the next two months as their good-natured doormat either.  Ah yes, internships truly do suck.

    Belle’s on the other hand doesn’t sound so bad. Pornhub’s been teaching her all about internet marketing, branding, how the tube sites work and so on and so forth. It’s a good opportunity for someone who was unjustly thrust into the position of “Face of the Porn Industry” by the mainstream media to get a fuller understanding of how the adult industry works in this.

    Unfortunately, Belle’s internship means that she has to take time away from her other job as a pornstar…or does it?

    To keep herself in top pornstar condition during her internship, Belle Knox has been maintaining a surprisingly under-viewed Pornhub account and uploading homemade porn videos. So let’s appreciate Belle Knox’s dedication to her fans by watching some videos from Belle Knox’s secret stash of homemade porn videos:

    To stay up to date on Belle Knox’s secret stash of homemade porn videos, check out her Pornhub channel here: BELLE KNOX ON PORNHUB.

    And when you see something you like, don’t forget to pin it to your boards!

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  • Send Yourself 3D Printed Dildos With This Cool Website

    They’re doing some really amazing things with 3D printing technology these days. They’re creating more efficient casts, printing cheaper and more accessible prosthetic limbs, and some people are even messing around with the idea of printing FOOD. Yes, that’s right, your Star Trek fuelled fantasies of a food replicator might someday become a reality thanks to 3D printing.

    All of that stuff is cool and important, but it’s not exactly fun. What kind of stuff can an average-Joe-four-limbs like myself print using a 3D printer? Well, check this site out:

    Continue Reading

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  • How The World Cup Is Good For The Sex Toy Industry

    With the World Cup only a few days away, I was curious to know more about why Brazilians, a people so dedicated to soccer, would object to hosting the biggest soccer event in the world.

    It turns out that though Brazil has an emerging economy, there’s a massive divide in the personal wealth of their citizen and serious lack of proper infrastructure throughout the country. So when people in the favelas stealing electricity off the grid see their nation spending all their money on brand new soccer stadiums instead of something like…oh…I don’t know…something practical like roads or welfare, how can they not feel disillusioned by it?

    Of course, the old rhetoric with hosting big sporting events like the World Cup or the Olympics is that the construction of the stadiums and the media coverage translates into proper infrastructure and an economic boost for the host, but that’s a debate that could literally go on forever.

    Instead of discussing whether or not hosting international sporting events like the World Cup or the Olympics yields anything more than a dope couple of weeks of sports, I’ll just tell you that there is one industry that always benefits from big international sporting events: the sex toy industry.

    According to data collected by luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO, men are more likely to present their babes with sex toys right before a major sports event than any other time. Not Christmas, not Easter, not Halloween, not birthdays, nothing!

    LELO says that 4 out 5 sex toys sold globally this week will be dudes buying gifts. Normally, LELO says that their sales reflect a “typical 50/50 gender split,” and everyone buys sex toys in equal numbers. However, when sports are coming up, that changes. During the week prior to any major sports event, men make up 72 percent of global sales.

    Don’t believe me? Then just take a look at this graph that LELO made. It can’t be a lie if it’s in a graph.


    So why do men buy more sex toys when major sporting events like the World Cup are coming up?

    Well the majoritiy of sex toys sold in the pre-game rush are meant for women to use solo. So it’s LELO’s educated guess that men, especially those who like sports, are buying sex toys for their women to use solo. Like, “Listen babe, you know I need to watch the World Cup. So here’s a vibrator that I spent $300 on. Use that while I watch the game.”

    If you’re one of these men that plans on trading an expensive sex toy for undisturbed World Cup watching, please phrase it nicer than I did above.

    Anyways, I think it’s great that women around the world are set to receive a brand new, expensive vibrator to play with for the rest of the foreseeable summer. Let’s take a look at how they will enjoying “the World Cup” (and by “World Cup”, I mean their new vibrators).

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  • Government is dumb, wastes millions on penis pumps


    American senators all swear by this penis pump (probably)

    We all know penis pumps are hilarious.

    You’ve seen the movie Austin Powers, right?  See, even the world’s most mysterious and sexually desirable secret agent sometimes needs to enlist the help of a pump to get his ‘mojo’ ‘popping off’ or whatever.  Here’s the problem though, ever since I saw Austin Powers and declared it my favourite/the most cinematically important film of all time, I’ve always wanted to buy a penis pump as some kind of hilarious gag gift.

    Apparently, however, the American government finds Austin Powers REALLY hilarious, and I mean like, waste hundreds of millions of dollars on penis pumps hilarious.  According to Reuters, penis pumps cost the American government $172 million between 2006-2011 – yeah, so about all that unemployment and failing healthcare…

    So yeah, that’s a lot of money.  Apparently, American Medicare, the government health insurance for seniors, has paid close to 500,000 claims for vacuum erection systems.  So that’s 500,000 old men with raging boners that you now have to think about.  Enjoy!

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  • Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Sex Toy Spree


    World’s Most Envied Couple

    As Beyonce’s sex-fueled new album continues to dominate digital sales, she and husband Jay-Z decided to celebrate with a $6,000 sex toy shopping spree!

    Celebrities. They’re just like us!  Continue Reading

    December 30, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 1226

  • Christy Mack’s Fleshlight Now Available


    Christy Mack and her Fleshlight


    You can have sex with Christy Mack! Well…not actually. But you can have sex with a replica of her vagina and or ass thanks to FleshlightContinue Reading

    December 20, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 3539