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  • Treat Yourself To a Fleshlight Threeway Today!

    Guys, it’s 2015. If you’re still using your hand to masturbate rather than just springing for a Fleshlight, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    Fleshlight has perfected the male sex toy and can even make your fantasies come true by letting you take home a piece of your favorite pornstar. For today only, Fleshlight is giving you a chance to fill your quiver with the signature sleeves molded directly from the sexy holes of your favorite pornstars!  Continue Reading

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  • The Sex Toys We’ll Never Be Able To Afford

    The sex toy industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, which might be because everybody’s using sex toys nowadays…or it could be that sex toys are just too damn expensive.

    How many times have you read product descriptions for sex toys and thought: “Hey, this sounds pretty good. I wouldn’t mind trying this myself.”-only to discover that reaching new heights of sexual pleasure thanks to your cool, new toy might mean being in debt for the rest of your life? All the time? It’s discouraging to say the least.

    Lucky for us, our friends from The Hareald (a tiny division of Rabbits Reviews) has rounded up the most outrageously overpriced sex toys on the market today so that we can browse luxury sex toys without feeling sad that we can’t afford them. Instead, we can laugh at the absurdity of people spending $3,500 on a butt plug with real horse hair. The world so crazy…


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