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  • Is This Malena Morgan Having Sex With A Dude On Webcam?

    Glamor model Malena Morgan is the definition of a knockout.

    She’s a Twisty’s Treat of the Month, a Penthouse Pet of the Month and just all around one of the most attractive women I’ve ever seen pose nude in front of a camera. For evidence of this claim, just look at the 7 Malena Morgan pictures and GIFs below:

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  • Man Stupidly Pays for Fake Penis Enlargement Products

    OK, you’re on, so I already know you look at porn all day – you don’t have to throw up some false pretence as to why you’ve seen millions and millions of those spammy penis enlargement product ads plastered all over the internet.

    But have any of you ever been short-sighted enough to actually go ahead and order those penis enlargement supplements that promise to turn you from average-Joe-six-incher into Ron Jeremy himself? I hope for your sake that the answer is no, yet I’m skeptical.

    Here’s the thing – though the vast majority of those ads are huge scams meant to feed into men’s insecurities about their dong size, they must make ad revenue or else you wouldn’t see them everywhere.  SOMEBODY must be buying those products, but I like to think that the average user is smart enough not to. But, even if you do for some reason give all of your credit card and shipping information to a dubious online entity, most of the time the worst thing that will happen is that they’ll send you some fake herbal supplements that don’t really do anything, or some other crappy product.

    Some dude got a pretty hilarious surprise recently though.  He bought one of those fake penis enlargement products and probably waited eagerly, panting at his mail slot for weeks waiting for the miracle cure that would finally turn him into a 10-inched stud so he could please his wife…the package finally came, one glorious, sunny beautiful morning, and the guy in a fit of excitement and passion ripped off all of the packaging, opened up the box, poured out all of the packing foam, and discovered…A MAGNIFYING GLASS.

    Whoever was running that site had a pretty funny sense of humor, and I commend them.

    So what’s the moral of the story?

    We repeat it all of the time on this blog: don’t worry about your dick size, dude.  It’s not about how big it is, it’s about how you use it.  Filling your body with strange chemicals and supplements isn’t going to make a noticeable difference, so instead of wasting all of that time and money on get-big-quick schemes, why not devote some time to learning how to use your penis properly or alternatively figuring out another way to please your partner?

    Luckily for you, I have a fool-proof scheme that will make your penis big and hard, right away, and its totally free!  Look at porn pictures, gifs and videos on and you’ll notice your penis almost double in size!  Here are some samples to get you started.

    4137912 wow Man Stupidly Pays for Fake Penis Enlargement Products

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  • Lisa Ann vs Chanel Preston: Gangbang Competition

    lisaandchanel Lisa Ann vs Chanel Preston: Gangbang Competition

    Lisa Ann vs Chanel Preston

    The Devil’s Gang Bang: Lisa Ann vs. Chanel Preston won’t be available until July 25th but Chanel Preston and Lisa Ann are so sexy that we can’t help doing a post about it right now!    Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Keri Sable Retrospective

    This edition of Porno P.I., where we try to figure out what happened to some of our favorite former pornstars, comes from a reader of this blog who goes by the name of HungDong. HungDong, thank you for your suggestion.

    Get caught up on all previous Porno P.I.’s here.

    Keri Sable, Kerri Sable, Carie Sable, Carrie Sable, Kerry Sable, or Kery Sable. How do you refer to this scorching hot former pornstar?

    It’s irrelevant how you spell her name because we are going with the official Keri Sable spelling for this post.

    Keri Sable was supposed to be the next big thing in the porn industry after signing an exclusive deal with Wicked Pictures. Despite all the hype and fan acclaim, pornstar Keri Sable retired at the end of 2005. So what happened? Well, I’ll tell you what happened… Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Full Length Sex Video

    qrrbxdM Farrah Abraham Full Length Sex Video

    Check it out, someone found the Farrah Abraham full length sex video.

    Who knows how long this will be up for, so just enjoy it while you can.


    As you can see, the Farrah Abraham full length sex video has been taken. But to be perfectly honest with you, it’s one of the worst porn movies I’ve ever seen. Maybe if you’re a big Teen Mom fan you might like it but otherwise it’s nothing more than a generic porn movie.

    Truthfully, Backdoor Teen Mom is just a generic porn video. What makes it the worst porn movies is the way Vivid and TMZ were able to manipulate the media and the minds of the general public into thinking it was a sex tape when in fact it was a professional porn shoot.

    It’s also bad because Farrah Abraham is not a pornstar. She probably could be with some practice but overall her performance is weak and pretty uninteresting. James Deen carries the porn movie and has to coach her all the way through it.

    So I guess go back to the main page of to watch some other, better videos?

    Or just look at this nice ass for a while.

     Farrah Abraham Full Length Sex Video

    Sorry the video got taken down.


    It’s back…

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  • Leaked Pics from Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape!

     Leaked Pics from Farrah Abrahams Sex Tape!

    Farrah Abraham

    I suppose by now everyone has heard that Farrah Abraham‘s sex tape is on its way.

    But again, I have to stress that this is not a real sex tape because it was produced by Vivid and it features James Deen as the male lead. It’s a real porn movie that they made, however it’s designed to look like a legitimate celebrity sex tape. Of course, anyone with an ounce of media literacy could see through it because of Steven Hirsch, Vivid, and James Deen’s involvement. Also, Farrah Abraham is not a real celebrity so it cannot be considered a celebrity sex tape.

    So no, the Farrah Abraham celebrity sex tape is just a regular porn movie that just happens to star a young MILF who once appeared on an MTV show.

    Now that I’ve cleared that up for you, let’s look at some screencaps from Farrah Abraham‘s adult movie debut acquired by TMZ: Continue Reading

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  • Where is pornstar Tiffany Thompson?

    Around this time last year, you couldn’t go on to without seeing one of X-art’s most popular model, porn actress Tiffany Thompson.

    Tiffany Thompson‘s sexy pictures, videos, and GIFs were always being pinned, repinned, and was some of the most popular content on our site plus many other free porn sites. Internet porn had Tiffany Thompson fever.

    Slowly but surely, Tiffany Thompson‘s pictures, videos, and GIFs stranglehold on and its loyal users loosened. She was still as sexy as ever but there was simply no new content of her. Had she disappeared like Nicole Ray, Ashlyn Rae, and Lexi Bloom?

    Well, that’s what we’re going to find out right now.

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  • Where is Pornstar Lexi Bloom?

    A few weeks ago, we (with the help of Mr. Pink) decided to find an answer to a question that had been plaguing us for several years: Where is Nicole Ray?

    All we could determine was that Nicole Ray had left the adult industry some time ago and all we were left with was a bunch of hot sex videos and sex pictures. Even though the results were pretty inconclusive, it was still worth trying to answer that question. Plus we got to re-watch our favorite Nicole Ray scenes.

    Now, every Tuesday we will be trying to find out the whereabouts of your favorite ex-pornstars. What are they up to now? Why did they leave the business?

    Last Tuesday we checked in with everyone’s favorite petite redhead Ashlyn Rae and today, at the request of one our loyal fans named Cunt Hands, we’re going find out whatever happened to Lexi Bloom. Continue Reading

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  • Where Is Pornstar Ashlyn Rae?

    Last week, The Blog teamed up with our friend Mr. Pink to try and find out what happened to one of our favorite pornstars, Nicole Ray.

    What we were able to determine was that Nicole Ray had left the adult entertainment industry.

    Over the course of our Nicole Ray investigation (which you can check out here), we also encountered another one of our favorite missing pornstars: Ashlyn Rae. And that got us wondering…whatever happened to Ashlyn Rae? So we’re back with another Porno P.I. to hopefully answer some lingering questions about favorite pornstars that don’t do porn anymore. Continue Reading

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  • Two Hot Pornstars Looking For Boyfriends

    TashaANDBrooklyn Two Hot Pornstars Looking For Boyfriends

    Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign

    In case you haven’t noticed by now, finding love is hard to do. And that’s true of sexy pornstars too.

    Many of you are probably a little hesitant to believe that it would be hard for a sexy pornstar to find love because there are literally millions of men all over the world that would step over their own mother to try and get a piece.

    But it’s just this over-eager attitude that’s a turn off for a sexy pornstar. Don’t believe me? Well luckily two sexy pornstars, Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee have documented their quest to find boyfriends. And it ain’t pretty. (Don’t worry, Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee are pretty, their search isn’t). Continue Reading

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