• Smoking Weed Might Be Drying Out Your Vagina

    According to a 2009 study, your mouth isn’t the only thing getting dried out by your cannabis habit. Smoking weed may be drying out your vagina as well (provided that you have one).

    Well. There goes everything we’ve ever said about marijuana making sex better.

    Scientists first noticed the link between marijuana usage and poor vaginal lubrication after surveying 8,650 Australian people in 2009Continue Reading

    May 12, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 3232

  • Couple Gets 15 Years in Jail for Sex on the Beach

    Anything goes in Flordia. At least…that’s what we thought…

    Turns out, it’s not true. You especially can’t have sex on a public beach in Florida unless you want to serve 15-year prison sentence thanks to a new court ruling on May 4th.

    Jose Caballero, 40, and Elissa Alvarez, 20, were charged with two counts each of lewd and lascivious behavior for having sex on Bradenton Beach in Miami on July 20, 2014.  Continue Reading

    May 7, 2015 • Popular, Sex, Sex News • Views: 7847

  • Why The DadBod Might Be Perfect for Sex

    The internet is ablaze with dadbod fever today.

    If you’re not sure what the dadbod is, The Cut explains it as “a physique characterized by undefined muscles beneath a light layer of flab, usually topped off with a beer belly.” Or in other words, it’s the complete opposite of what we’re supposed to think is the most desirable male physique.

    So why is the dadbod getting so much love today? Well, one of the reasons why might be as simple as: the dadbod is great in the sack.  Continue Reading

    April 30, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 3091

  • People Who Love This Sandwich Have More Sex

    While we’ve always known that your diet can determine whether or not your girl will swallow your cum, but is the amount of sex you’re having determined by your favorite sandwich?

    According to this new study, it is.   Continue Reading

    April 14, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 4019

  • “Brothel Tester” Might Be The World’s Best Job

    Prostitution is legal in Germany. And because of this, prostitution is a service/product that requires quality assurance. That’s why (which means “Buying Me” in English) is looking to hire “brothel testers” so that prostitutes have ratings and reviews for potential customers to peruse before they get into bed with them.  Continue Reading

    March 27, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 5117

  • The Top 5 Asia Carrera Videos of the All Time

    Yesterday, news broke that retired pornstar Jessica Steinhauser, who was formerly known as Asia Carrera, was busted driving her daughter to school drunk.

    According to reports, she blew a .254. The legal limit is .08. Yeah that’s pretty drunk to be driving your daughter to school.

    So while this story of negligent parenting is terrifying, it has put us in the mood to commemorate Asia Carrera’s incredible career as the original Asian sex Goddess pornstar/Mensa member (it’s true! Look it up).

    After all, what better way to numb ourselves from the brutal reality of Asia Carrera driving her daughter to school at a Courtney Love-level of drunkenness than by revisiting her porn movies from the 1990’s that miraculously still hold up today?

    So let’s do it to it. The Top 5 Asia Carrera Videos of All TimeContinue Reading

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  • These Are The Best Songs To Have Sex To, According To Spotify

    Music is an important of setting the mood for sex. And if you’re like me, you panic every time you’re face with the challenge of choosing songs to have to and your sex drive is squashed by indecision.

    I mean, what are the best songs to have sex to? Prince songs? R. Kelly songs? Barry White songs? Bobby Schmurda songs? Rich Gang mixtape? WHAT ARE THE BEST SONGS TO HAVE SEX TO? I DON’T KNOW!

    Luckily, music-streaming service Spotify knows what the best songs to have sex to are because they’ve sifted through a staggering 2.5 million user-made “sex” playlists—or at least, playlists mentioning sex in their title—and assembled the most popular song to make the perfect playlist to put you in the mood for loving. And right in time for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that convenient?  Continue Reading

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  • Harvard Bans Sex Between Students and Professors

    Harvard University this week banned its professors from having sex with undergraduates. To whom it may concern at Harvard’s admissions office, you can go ahead and cancel my application. I have no interest in attending your school anymore.  Continue Reading

    February 10, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 9021

  • New Survey Reveals Nothing Is Too Taboo For Men To Get Off To

    A new survey of 562 Redditors on sexual taboos revealed one thing that might not surprise anyone, especially not women. When it comes to sexual arousal, nothing is too taboo for men.  Continue Reading

    February 9, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 10085

  • People Who Use Emoji Have More Sex

    If don’t have emojis on your phone, the results of this new study will make you download it right away.

    According to’s Singles in America survey, 54% of emoji users had sex in 2014, compared to 31% of singles who didn’t use them. And 64% of men and 46% of women who use emoji regularly are having sex at least monthly.  Continue Reading

    February 5, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 2023

  • Dude Got a Doctor’s Note To Avoid Strenuous Work During Sex

    A man named Shaun blew out his back and couldn’t perform his usual sexual duties on account of his injury. Naturally, he obtained a doctor’s note to prove it. Just when you’ve all but lost faith in the health care system, this comes along to remind us that some doctors are cool as hell.

    Take a look at this doctor’s note clearing this lucky man from taking charge in the bedroom. Continue Reading

    January 26, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 5226

  • Stop Doing This Before You Have Sex!

    Most women have always been told, “You should pee before and after having sex.” The logic behind this advice is that emptying your bladder before and after you fuck will somehow prevent a urinary tract infection.

    Well, it turns out that’s not true. In fact, peeing before you have sex could increase the odds of developing a UTI.  Continue Reading

    January 26, 2015 • Sex, Sex News, Sexual Health • Views: 5330

  • STUDY: Short Men Have More Sex

    According to a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, shorter men have more sex than their taller men.

    This strikes me as strange because don’t most women fantasize about tall, dark and handsome men? Height is a genetic indicator of physical fitness and, therefore, attractiveness. Plus, many women dread the idea of towering over their date while wearing heels, reflexively shirk from men of equal or lesser stature. That “tall, dark, and handsome” is the ideal.

    I know I was once rejected by a woman who couldn’t have been taller than 5’5″ because I was too short. Which is weird because I’m almost 6 feet tall. It was weird.

    Anyways! Of the 531 heterosexual men that participated in the study, “coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 175cm” (just under 5’9”).  Continue Reading

    January 21, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 4058

  • Study: One Third of Men Would Use Force For Sex

    WARNING: The results of this new study on human sexuality may make you lose hope for all humanity.  Continue Reading

    January 16, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 12203

  • Get Laid Tonight with

    Since the end of November until just before New Year’s, I was going through my worst sex drought since I lost my virginity.

    All my regular fuck-buddies were out of town or too busy for a booty call. Chicks at the bar were shutting down my advances. My Tinder has been maxed out for months, having already been matched with all the hottest, most fuck-able girls on there. And every girl on OkCupid was looking for commitment before they did the deed.

    My balls were bluer than the sky on an afternoon in May. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

    I am by no means a religious man, but sometimes things work out so perfectly that you can only assume that a higher power is looking out for you.

    I was so desperate to get my cock inside a pussy again, I was about to spend all my savings for an evening with an escort. But before I placed the call to trade away all my money for an evening of sex with a sexy escort, I received an email from asking me if I write about their site.

    After I made a free account on, it was only a matter of minutes before I knew my sex drought was over.  Continue Reading

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  • LELO’s Annual Sex Survey Reveals We’re Moving in the Right Direction

    Sex! We love it!

    But here’s a question I don’t think anyone’s ever dared to ask: Is sex getting better or worse?

    According to trends in luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO’s annual sex survey, we’re moving in the right direction.  Continue Reading

    December 31, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 11900

  • Blog PSA: Don’t Fuck and Drive

    The holidays are upon us and so are the annual reminders not to drink and drive.

    But we at the Blog would like to remind you that drinking and driving isn’t the only danger to you this holiday season. It’s just as important to remember not to fuck and drive.  Continue Reading

    December 25, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 18904

  • Pick Your Favorite Threesome: MMF vs MFF

    Let me start by saying that I think we can all agree that the best possible threesome is a lesbian threesome. Why? Because who doesn’t like seeing three hot lesbians going at it?  Continue Reading

    December 23, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Polls, Porn, Sex, Stuff • Views: 16526

  • The Top 10 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

    NOTE: Two football playing lesbians having sex with a strap-on is not one of the Top 10 most common sexual fantasies but it should be.

    A new(ish) study from the University of Montreal published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the majority of sexual fantasies are as vanilla as putting a penis in a vagina.  Continue Reading

    December 15, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 13895

  • What We Learned About Loving Lingerie From Rats Wearing Jackets

    If you’re on, I’m willing to bet that you like seeing women in lingerie.

    But why? Because lingerie is the second best way to present a woman’s breasts (the best way being topless)? Perhaps.

    A Concordia University team led by Gonzalo Quintana Zunino decided to get to the bottom of why men like lingerie so much by adorning female rats with special jackets to better understand what turns male rats on. Continue Reading

    December 5, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 6779