• Finally, A Lube That Will Make Jerking Off In The Shower Awesome

    We’ve gone over this before, but let me repeat it…you should be using lube! Dark ages ended a long time ago, so there’s no need for you to be raw-dogging it. If you’re still not using lube, then you need to see the Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Lube before we continue.


    Ok great, now that we’re all using lube, now we can continue.

    While there are lubes that moisturize, warm, cool, tighten, numb and smell, for Timothy Killian there was something missing. That void Timothy Killian spotted in the lube industry is precisely what made him found a company called Weverse and create Shower JerkContinue Reading

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  • Finally! Some Emily Ratajkowski Pictures Worth Posting.

    Oh Emily. So glad you’re back.

    You might be wondering…where did Emily Ratajkowski go? It sure didn’t seem like she went anywhere. In fact, she totally blew up. Pulling in that Sports Illustrated money, know what I mean?

    Well that’s the whole point. She didn’t go anywhere but up. Over the course of last year, Emily Ratajkowski’s profile grew higher and higher to the point where it looked like she would never pose nude again.

    That’s what happens with models like Emily Ratajkowski. They get their big break in the buff and all of a sudden when they’re the hottest ticket in town, they’re too good to flash a little bit of tit.

    As you know, I’ve never met Emily Ratajkowski. But those who have say that she’s real smart and sweet. Of course, whenever I heard that description of Emily I’d roll my eyes in frustration. Smart enough to use her naked body and big tits to get everyone’s attention but not sweet enough to continue getting undressed once she starts cashing big, fat cheques.

    Things looked grim for fans of a nude Emily Ratajkowski since she spent the better part of the winter in boring photo shoot after boring photo shoot.

    But I’m happy to announce that Emily Ratajkowski is getting topless again!

    I’m not sure where they’re from or what they’re for, but who cares? Emily Ratajkowski nude in the shower is all I need to see to be totally on board for whatever this is. So please, be thankful that Emily is smart enough to get her big break taking her clothes off and sweet enough to continue taking off her clothes even though she can totally get jobs where nudity is not a requirement.

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  • International Pancake Day Top 10 (Boobs Pressed On Glass)



    Today is International Pancake Day. And while that might mean you can get some free pancake from iHop, there will be no free pancakes given out here because this is Yes, pancakes are delicious but we are too committed to bring you pictures and videos of sexy women to be bothered to make and give away pancakes.

    But how about some pictures of sexy women to celebrate Internation Pancake Day? How could a free porn site like celebrate International Pancake Day without giving free pancakes to our users? Easy!

    Pancakes is not just a delicious breakfast food. Pancakes is the act of a woman pressing her breasts against glass to tease her partner. At least that’s what UrbanDictionary said.

    So I apologize that there are no free pancakes for you. But you have to admit that it’s super hot when a woman presses her boobs against glass to tease you. So please enjoy this International Pancake Day Top 10 featuring ten of the hottest babes to ever be photographed pressing their boobs against glass!  Continue Reading

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  • Malena Morgan: All Three Just For Me


    Malena Morgan

    Aside from asking for sex advice, fans of the blog often ask me, “Has Malena Morgan ever done hardcore?

    While I’m flattered that you guys would ask me instead of a search engine like a normal person, it saddens me that I have to disappoint you by saying, “No. Malena Morgan has never done hardcore. She did a handjob scene with Rachel Steele but otherwise we’ll probably never see Malena Morgan with a penis ever again.”

    I’m fine with the fact that Malena Morgan doesn’t do hardcore. To see a babe as fine as Malena get naked and masturbate or sometimes have sex with other hot girls is already too good to be true.

    However, our friends at Twisty’s have found an amazing loophole get us to see Malena Morgan fucking a phallus. Fake penises.

    Yes, it’s the closest we’ll ever see to a Malena Morgan hardcore scene, and it’s pretty damn amazing.

    Malena stripping out of a white bodysuit while showering is amazing in itself, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She takes on, not one, not two, but THREE fake penis that will quench your thirst for a Malena Morgan hardcore video.

    To see all the pictures from Malena Morgan’s simulated sex debut, please visit

    And now enjoy this small sampling of Malena Morgan vs three penises.


    I hope that this is a taste of what’s to come. I mean, Malena Morgan is already everyone’s favorite pornstar and she only does lesbian and solo porn. Can you imagine if she started doing B/G and more?

    She’d have a monopoly on all genres of porn. I, for one, welcome our new porn overlord Malena Morgan.

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  • How To Make Shower Sex More Pleasurable

    Sex in a shower should be one of the greatest things ever.

    Two soaking wet, warm bodies coming together in a steamy room. However, if you’ve ever had shower sex then you know that it’s not nearly as good as it looks.

    It’s cramped, slippery, and you’re totally screwed if you end up in the cold spot.

    So today, I’d like to share with you a few tips that can help make shower sex as good as it looks.

    Continue Reading

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  • Chloe Amour is Sweet as Syrup


    Chloe Amour

    I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of licking maple syrup off a naked woman’s skin. Yes, it’s sexy and it tastes good but maple syrup is just too dang sticky.

    No matter how many licks you take, your tongue will never get all the syrup which leads to future gross-outs once your food-foreplay has concluded.

    Why don’t I just cover you in glue before laying you down on my Egyptian cotton sheets so that they’re totally ruined and I’m sheet-less for the rest of my life?

    So yeah, I don’t believe that naked women and maple syrup should mix. Of course, the exception to the “No nude women & maple syrup” rule is adorable, Latina pornstar and Blog favorite Chloe Amour.

    Just watch as Chloe Amour strips off her dress in the shower and pours maple syrup all over her sexy, carmel-colored skin. It has me rethinking my rules:

    Chloe Amour – Sweet Syrup from striplvTV on Vimeo.

    Pour maple syrup all over naked women in the shower! Of course! No more ruined sheets!

    Thank you Chloe Amour for turning me on to maple syrup again…and for turning me on in general…

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  • Hot Shower with Danielle Trixie


    Danielle Trixie

    I don’t know about where you are, but it is freaking freezing cold where I am.  Continue Reading

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