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  • Canadian MILF Shyla Stylez in a Fur Coat

    Like it or not (not), winter is coming. If you watched Game of Thrones you would already know that.

    The gallery below makes me ask myself the question – what better way to keep warm this winter than by wearing a ludicrously overpriced fur coat?  Shyla Stylez knows what I’m talking about – and in these hot ass free porn picture, our favourite big-titted blonde bombshell wears a sexy black fur coat, and pretty much nothing else.  Fur Coats are great because they’re so unisex: wear a fur coat as a man and you look like P Diddy.  Wear one as a woman, and you look like some kind of luxurious fur-coat wearing babe.

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  • Only 1 in 8 Canadians Admit to Watching Porn

    And from these findings, we have learned that Canadians are a bunch of no-good sexually repressed liars.

    Forum Poll polled a random sampling of 1624 Canadians, 18 years and older, asking them if they had purchased or viewed any form of pornography in the last year. Only 16% of people admitted to having watched porn – 26%, a quarter, preferred not to answer the question, and the rest denied having watched it.

    On top of that, about 50% of responses believe that pornography is harmful to society.

    These results are pretty shocking in my opinion.  I was always under the impression that Canadians were pretty liberal and open compared to their American counterparts.

    The findings part of the poll results are pretty skewed though, and obviously coming from a place of ignorance about the mass-consumption of porn.  Then again, I never would have assumed that so many people would deny watching it in the first place.

    “While uncommon among females, certainly, it must be assumed that more than one quarter of Canadian males have encountered pornography in the past year.”

    Not a big fan of the caveat that porn-watching is uncommon amongst females, because that’s simply untrue.

    So why did so many people lie about their porn-watching habits?  There’s absolutely no way that such a small percentage of Canadians watch it.  Perhaps it was in the way that the question was posed?

    It was pretty straight-forward.  The question asked: “How often do you watch porn?  Just press 9 if you prefer not to answer.”  The ability to simply press 9 probably swayed people, but I dunno.  The questions posed are so scientific and ‘official’ seeming, so maybe people simply felt uncomfortable answering in this capacity?

    The craziest thing here is that people responded to this poll under complete anonymity. I think AVN hit the nail on the head pretty well,

    Lauren Strapagie opened the article with a slightly more generous take, writing, “One in eight Canadians admitted to Forum Research that they’ve viewed or purchased pornography in the past year, but a more realistic analysis may be that we don’t like sharing our naughty habits with an automated phone call.””

    Who the fuck knows.  All I know is that y’all watch more porn than you’re letting on.  I truly thought that we had reached a point where porn-viewing had become a relatively accepted social reality.  Guess not!

    And with so many hot pornstars coming out of Canada, you gotta be supportive, you know?:

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