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  • The 10 Hottest Lesbian Porn Pairings of 2014

    There’s only one thing that we like better than watching a hot pornstar cum all over a big, hard cock and that’s watching hot pornstars get off from some scintillating lesbian sex.

    I must admit that lesbian porn is my favorite genre of porn videos because I love pornstars and lesbian porn, by definition, must feature at least two gorgeous pornstars making each other cum.

    For me, good lesbian porn all starts with the casting. 99% of girls who do lesbian porn are already hot. In order to keep your attention for more than a minute to check out their hot bodies, lesbian porn videos need chemistry between its stars.

    Does this crackpot lesbian porn theory make any sense to you guys?

    The point is this: great lesbian porn videos start with pairing the right pornstars with each other. This year, we saw a lot of sexy pornstar pairings in lesbian porn videos, but for the sake of our on-going Best of 2014 series, here are the top 10 hottest lesbian porn pairings of 2014! (Really though, this could have easily been a top 100). Continue Reading

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  • Men’s Mag Daily Selects Their 25 Hottest Pornstars of 2014

    T’is the season for end of the year lists!

    Today’s end of year list comes from our friends over at Men’s Mag Daily. They decided to embark on the thankless and damn near impossible task of picking this year’s 25 hottest pornstars.  Continue Reading

    December 8, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 20059

  • New Twin-Themed Porn: Conjoined

    Have you seen the trailer for this new porn movie called Conjoined? Whether you have or haven’t, just watch it here:

    Conjoined is a new porn movie directed by B. Skow for Girlfriend Films that tells the story of two horny twins who are literally joined at the hip.

    Yep. As you might have guessed from the title, Conjoined is a porn movie about conjoined twins (aka Siamese twins) played by Mischa Brooks and Rilynn Rae trying to have normal lesbian sex with other women, and never with each other. Chloe Foster, Sinn Sage, Odile and Jay Taylor also appear.

    “I thought about two hot twins who are connected and wondered, ‘What if one fell in love and wanted to be separated?'” Skow told Huffington Post in an interview. “And I wondered if the other one would get jealous.”

    I’ve never understood the whole twins fantasy myself. Would I want to toe the line with incest and disappoint two equally beautiful women at the same time? Having sex with conjoined twins seems like more of the same thing except with more logistical problems because they are connected! How are they supposed to assume certain sex positions when they’re connected to each other?

    But that’s just me. Enough of my own hang-ups, I want to know how you feel about this conjoined twin porn:

    I will say this though, I’m a huge fan of covering the twin that’s not having sex with a sheet and some pillows. Not in like a sexy way, I just think it’s hilarious.

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