• Taylor Whyte Answers Fan Mail!

    No offense but if you’re not a Taylor Whyte fan, then you’re fucking up.

    Taylor Whyte is a 21 year-old adult model and pornstar from Tampa Bay, Florida. With a 5’2″ and 110 lbs frame, Taylor Whyte may appear like a sweet petite when she’s fully clothed… but once those clothes come off and you get to see her perky 32C boobs and killer round ass, it’s clear that Taylor Whyte is one dirty blonde you can’t afford to miss.

    Nubiles Films recently sat down with Taylor Whyte and had her answer a bunch of fan mail so that we can get to know this sultry new starlet.  Continue Reading

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  • Underboob Pictures!

    underboob pictures sexy


    At first I thought underboob was just a glorious, sexy fad that people would eventually lose interest in because it is still relatively new and we owe it all to the return of the croptop.

    You all know how I feel about croptops and underboob, but I wanted to know how you guys felt about underboob!

    I polled The Blog’s readers to find out which they liked better: underboob or sideboob. Underboob ran away with 61% of the votes, which thankfully means that it is here to stay.

    It makes sense that underboob would win. While any view of boobs is a good view, underboob really gives us the full shape of the boob, while obscuring the cleavage we normally see.

    Does this make any sense at all?

    Probably not. It’s hard to think straight with underboob on the brain. Enough talk! Let’s get to the Top 10!

    10. Jordan Carver goes pow!

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  • Erica Yary: Skateboarding’s Crush

    Erica Yary

    Erica Yary

    Not all of us are lucky enough to live in California, which means we have to deal with long winters. For the most part, non-Californians only get to go skateboarding from early April to late December. And that’s being generous. God knows there’s always a freak snowstorm about to hit once the snow melts the first time and you’ve set up your new bearings.

    But hey! It’s already early April, which means the only thing we have to worry about is lots of rain. It’s time for us to get our stoke back, which can be done by watching skate videos or by making the babe that every skater has a crush on, Erica Yary, Babe of the Day.

    Given the nature of this blog, I think it’s obvious that we’ll go with making Erica Yary the Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  •’s Skater of the Year

    In skateboarding, there really is only one award that matters. You can win all the X-games, Street Leagues, and Transworld Awards you want but it’s Thrasher Magazine‘s Skater of the Year that elevates people to legendary status.

    Yesterday, it was announced that David Gonzalez would join the ranks of other skateboarding legends like Salman Agah, Chris Cole, and Chris Cole as Thrasher Magazine‘s Skater of the Year 2012. But why?

    Continue Reading

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