• Sex Toys For Long Distance Lovers –’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013

    For a lot of couples in long distance relationships, Christmas is one of the few times during the year where they are reunited to make up for months of lost time sex with each other.

    Obviously all the reunion sex these couples are set to have over the Christmas break is going to worth the work they’ve put in to staying together, but if only there was a way for couples in long distance relationships could enjoy sex with each other when the holidays are over and they’re back dealing with the distance.

    Well there is a way! UK sex toy manufacturer¬†EFEELINK¬†has designed a set of sex toys that’s perfect for long distance lovers and it’s the perfect gift for your long distance lover this Christmas.¬† Continue Reading

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  • How To Use Your SmartPhone During Sex

    phone sex

    Who says looking at your phone isn’t sexy?

    Did you know that 1/10 Americans admit to using their cellphone to answer a call or text during sex?

    According to the 2013 Mobile Habits Consumer Study, it’s true!

    I love sex, but why should sex keep me from checking the Blog or a bunch of text messages that I will end up ignoring anyways?

    Just because you’re having sex doesn’t mean you should be forced to disconnect from the outside world. You might have better sex if you do, but this is America! This is the greatest country in the whole world (even if there is currently no government) and goddammit it is our duty as Americans to have our cake and eat it too. And then to keep the obesity rates high, we should eat another cake after having and eating the first cake.

    You can have it all! You can use your smartphone during sex! Just let me explain how you can use your smartphone during sex. Continue Reading

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  • New Blackberry 10 shares your porn!

    Blackberry 10

    Now everyone on BBM will know you like Holly Michaels

    Good news! Blackberry 10 is here! The new Blackberry 10 has a bunch of neat bells and whistles but the best of all is that it allows you to share what music you’re listening to or what video you’re watching as a status update.

    And as if this feature was made with Rule 34 in mind, the new Blackberry 10 will also share whatever porn you’re watching on your phone as a status update as well. Continue Reading

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  • Lulu app brings accountability to dating


    “Lulu” in action

    Cosmopolitan called it, “Sex and the City marries Facebook.” They also called it, “Yelp for boys.” Redditors hated it. So what is it?

    It is Lulu a new female-friendly dating app for smartphones.

    How female-friendly? It wouldn’t even let me log on to check it out because I am a man.

    *Just so you know, all my facts come from various sources around the internet and my opinions on formed on that information. Personally, I thought that we as a society were beyond sex-segregation but I guess I’m wrong.

    So what is Lulu?

    Continue Reading

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