• Premier League Stars Had a Racist Orgy in Thailand and Filmed It

    Leicester City players James Pearson, Tom Hopper and Adam Smith are in hot water after videos of an orgy during the team’s recent end-of-season trip to Thailand leaked its way onto the internet.

    As if having their orgy video leaked online wasn’t enough of an embarrassment, Pearson (who just happens to be the club’s manager’s son), Hopper and Smith can all be heard making at least one racially insensitive remark toward the three Thai girls they shared. Continue Reading

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  • Semi-Pro Soccer Player For Filming a Sex Tape in the Dugout

    Soccer! Who cares about it, right? Only the entire world outside of United States of America. But here’s a juicy piece of news that might just turn you into a life-long soccer fan: semi-professional soccer player Jay Hart has just been fired for filming a sex tape in the manager’s dugout.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Alina Henessy Offers Russian Soccer Player 16 Hours of Sex for Five More Goals

    Russian pornstar Alina Henessy said she would have sex with Russian soccer forward Alexander Kokorin for 16 hours during an interview in which she scored players points out of 10.  Continue Reading

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  • Sara Jay and Siri are Live-Streaming Their Promised World Cup Blowjobs

    Remember the World Cup?  No?  It’s that thing that all of those people were going wild about earlier in the summer.  That soccer thing.  Though there are some soccer fans amongst the staff at, most of us had a very specific reason for following the world’s biggest soccer tournament.  Fellow blogger Chico Dusty wrote a blog post about it earlier in the summer, but here’s the key point:

    Sara Jay and Siri promised free blowjobs to all of their Twitter followers if one of Germany, Brazil, the US or UK won the World Cup.

    #TeamBJ, as they’re known, cast the net pretty wide on this one, as there were pretty solid odds that one of these teams was going to walk away with the gold. And they did!  Germany ended up beating Argentina 1-0 in the finals, and beyond glory and good times for Germans everywhere, that means a bunch of free blowjobs are going to get given.

    Here’s the video of their promise, the video that got thousands of blowjob and twitter fans salivating:

    When is #TeamBJ of Sara Jay and Siri going to make good on their promise?  I’m glad you asked, because the answer is tomorrow!  And, even better, they’re live-streaming the whole thing!

    You can check out the live-streams at various different websites:, and  Now, if you’re not already a member on all of these sites, then what the heck are you waiting for, but also, you can catch the first 15 minutes of the live-stream for FREE at the following link:

    Now, here’s the really important part;

    If you want to check out the action after that initial 15 minutes (and trust me, you’re definitely going to want to) you’re gonna have to sign up for one of the above mentioned sites.

    Sara Jay had this to say about her #TeamBJ exploits:

    Having done one #TeamBJ in the past, it’s fascinating to see who actually shows up to collect. It is reality porn at it’s finest. Real guys hooking up with their dream porn star through twitter… while people watch!”

    Meanwhile, Siri offered her two cents:

    “I am genuinely excited. We won’t actually know just how many people will show up literally until the time of the event. It is personally thrilling and I hope my fans are as excited as I am.”

    I know I’m going to be tuning in, if only so I can be jealous and throw shade at all of the lucky bastards who are going to be getting free blowjobs for simply following Siri and Sara Jay on Twitter and becoming sudden soccer fans.

    In case you’ve been living under a porn rock for awhile, here’s why you should also be jealous that you’re not getting a free blowjob from one of these busty babes.  And if on the off chance you ARE going to get a celebratory soccer BJ, then be sure to let us know how the experience was.  Here’s Sara Jay and Siri at the cock-sucking finest:


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  • Reporter Jhendelyn Nuñez Makes Me Wonder Why I Haven’t Been Rooting for Chile in the World Cup

    There’s been an alarming amount of pictures and videos of extremely attractive women fervently supporting their home nation teams for the World Cup.

    Well all know that South American women are potentially the most attractive in the world, but generally the focus ends up pointed on Brazil (that’s because Brazilians have big butts usually).

    I’m here to inform you that you’ve been rooting for the wrong nation in the informal world cup of babes.

    We have a new champion country, and it’s Chile. Chile and Brazil faced off in the elimination round of the World Cup and when Chile player Alexis Sanchez scored a goal against the South American powerhouse, reporter Jhendelyn Nuñez just had to go ahead and show her pride.

    Luckily for us, her manifestation of nationalistic pride involves wearing a bra patterned with the Chilean flag.

    I can honestly say that those probably look like the nicest boobs I have ever seen. I’m not even using hyperbole here. I am entranced by this video. In fact, while beginning the process of writing this post, I watched the video about 30 times in a row. I think you’ll probably end up doing the same thing. It doesn’t hurt that, on top of having a killer rack, Jhendelyn Nuñez seems generally extremely attractive and looks like a lot of fun.

    So, yea, go Chile!

    Here’s another hot picture of Jhendelyn Nuñez. This also makes me ask an important question about the state of our North American media. Why the hell don’t we have reporters like this up here? Get with the program North America – more people would be willing to sit through your boring news reports if you hired people like Jhendelyn Nuñez to do the reporting. Yeah that’s right, I’m basically a genius. Hire me CNN.

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  • Sara Jay and Siri Give Us A Reason To Care About World Cup: FREE BLOWJOBS!


    This is not a trick.

    To get a free blowjob, all you have to do is start caring about World Cup!

    Just like she did when the Miami Heat won their first championship with Lebron James, Sara Jay is offering free blowjobs to all her Twitter followers should her team win the World Cup.

    And knowing how hard it is to convince people to care about the World Cup, Sara Jay has sweetened the deal by team up with internet darling and incredibly busty pornstar Siri for free blowjobs!

    But don’t just take my word for it, let Sara Jay and Siri explain what they’re doing:

    Just to recap…

    To get a free blowjob from Sara Jay and Siri, all you have to do is :

    1. Follow Sara Jay and Siri on Twitter:  &  

    2. Wait for either Team Brazil, Team USA, Team UK or Team Germany win the World Cup.

    3. Enjoy free blowjob hot, boobiful pornstars Sara Jay and Siri.

    Sigh…if only more pornstars were more proactive about offering free blowjobs for sports results. Professional sports are inherently more fun when there’s something personal at stake…like money. But a free blowjob from professional sports is even better than money! Fingers crossed that FIFA doesn’t try to get all litigious like the NBA did the first time Team BJ happened.

    Now I’m sure there are a few of you that aren’t incredibly excited about this offer, so to better illustrate the importance of receiving a blowjob from Sara Jay and Siri, here are two videos that should explain why this is a huge deal:



    And while it’s unlikely that Sara Jay and Siri will be blowing their Twitter followers together, a threesome with both of them would be freaking awesome…as demonstrated in the video below!

    Now it’s time to watch the World Cup very closely all in hopes of receiving a free blowjob.

    Does anyone know what Brazil, the US, the UK and Germany’s odds are for winning the World Cup? Please someone say it’s 100%.

    REMINDER: Follow  & !

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  • Survey Says World Cup Is Better Than Sex

    As the first round of the World Cup comes to a close, it’s come to my attention that this soccer fad has gotten totally out of control. And I’m not talking about the fist fights between bandwagoners and lifelong soccer fans.

    Speaking of which, can I just address something really quick before we get back on topic? Lifelong soccer fans, you really need to get off your damn high horse for the rest of the World Cup. When you say, “You didn’t care about soccer a few months ago. Yet you’re an expert at World Cup?” Yes. I am. It’s your own damn fault for following Club Soccer that no one cares about. But it’s summer, which means all the good sports are done until the fall. So what are we supposed to do? Not get drunk during the day while watching sports? Absolutely not.

    You’re right lifelong soccer fans, we don’t care about soccer. Our feigned interest in your stupid game is merely a way of getting drunk during the day because international sportsmanship is something worth drinking to. So for the next couple of weeks, stop complaining about the bandwagon and everyone on it. Because once World Cup is over, it will be exactly four years before anyone thinks of soccer again.

    Besides that, World Cup is getting out of hand because a new survey has revealed that World Cup is more popular than sex!



    But you guys love sex!

    A European condom company set out to find out how men rank watching their country’s team against having sex. Needless to say, the results were as shocking as finding out that Europeans use condoms.

    Out of 2,000 participants, 40 percent of men admitted that they would turn down sex so that they could watch soccer instead. Other excuses used by men to get out of intimate situations included blaming a bad back, fatigue, and having a headache. 

    I really can’t believe you guys would choose soccer over sex. Think about all the good times we’ve had talking about sex. You really want to give that up for soccer?

    But now I ask, “Why can’t you do both?” Why can’t you and your partner cheer your team on while fucking? Add getting drunk during the day and that’s the most fun you’ll ever have.

    So remember guys, when faced with a decision between watching soccer and having sex…choose to do both at the same time.

    As always, “FUTBALL” has a lot to learn from American Football:

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  • Predicts FIFA 2014 Winner

    Some coaches believe that professional soccer players should be celibate during tournaments, because, as the age-old wisdom suggests, celibacy is a performance enhancement.

    Basically, all that copped up sexual energy, instead of shooting that out of your dick, well, could be shot into a goal. Yeah.

    At the office, people are rooting for different teams and bickering at each other – so to settle it once and for all, we decided to check out traffic analytics, and determine which of the 10 favorite teams is more susceptible to win, based on how damn horny it is as a nation.

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  • The Supermodel World Cup

    Since last Thursday, I’ve really tried to enjoy watching soccer but I just can’t be bothered to care about it. Ultimately I think soccer’s fundamental flaw is that the pitch is just too dang big for any real tension or action to transpire. When watching the World Cup, all I see are blips running around on a green rectangle chasing after a white blip.

    Maybe that’s just my unshakable North American-ness. But seriously soccer fans, how the heck am I supposed to care about soccer when I’m still coming off that high I got from watching the San Antonio Spurs and their fluid offence dominate the dreaded Miami Heat? All sports could learn a thing or two about being entertaining from Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Kawhi Leonard and especially Greg Popovich.

    And while the World Cup can’t hold my attention, the good people from i-D have inadvertently stumbled upon a way to make all sports infinitely better than they are (even though sports are pretty good for the most part). How has i-D improved sports forever? It’s so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not having thought of it first…

    Instead of building sports teams with athletic, homely men…MAKE AN ALL-STAR TEAM OF SUPERMODELS!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with these homely men that sweat and bleed for their country, employer or own personal glory, but when you see the all-star lineup of sexy supermodels in skimpy athletic gear, it’s clear that professional sports featuring only supermodels would be freaking awesome.

    After all, who doesn’t like ogling sexy women in athletic gear?

    Check out The Supermodel World Cup below:

    Don’t you want to live in a world year supermodels were also professional athletes?

    I do.


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  • Vengaboys Score With Boob-Centric World Cup Anthem

    In just over two weeks, the FIFA World Cup will begin in Brazil. Or at least, we hope it will. Who knows what could possibly happen this year with all the protests that have been in happening. In a country that’s devoted to soccer no less. Oh well, hopefully they figure it out. Can you tell I haven’t been following this at all? I mean honestly, who cares about a soccer tournament? Only most of the Earth, but not me!

    As customary with all World Cups, this year’s World Cup has an official anthem that’s just terrible. What were they thinking? Pitbull? The guy who held a “tell me where I should play a show” online only to have it hacked and sending him to nowheresville Alaska? C’mon. Dude’s a joke.

    Anyways, you should watch the video for the official World Cup anthem “We Are One (Ole Ola)”, because Jennifer Lopez looks sexy in it, but it’s important to the rest of the post:


    Well, no matter how you feel about this World Cup anthem, the Vengaboys have just released another World Cup anthem that’s infinitely better (the music video is at least). You may remember the Vengaboys from the late 90’s, when they told the world just how much they like to party, their plans to go to Ibiza and all the boom boom booming going on in their room.

    If that garble mush doesn’t jog your memory for Vengaboys songs, then you have no business being on this blog.

    Anyways, rather than release a music video that’s centred around global unity, Brazilian patriotism and boring-ass soccer highlights, the Vengaboys decided to give the world what they really want from a World Cup anthem: boobs. Lots and lots of boobs.

    So please, enjoy the Vengaboys’s desperate attempt to return to relevancy as they get us to care about the World Cup with slow motion boobs bouncing and a whole lot of nipple tassles.

    Vengaboys – 2 Brazil! from Vengaboys on Vimeo.

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  • There’s a NEW Worst Porn Star Music Project – Melanie Muller

    And it’s not even a new song by Farrah Abraham.

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  • Pornstar vows night of passion for soccer fans

    Messi will be responsible for a lot of people getting laid. Nice, bro.

    There has never been any reason for anyone to follow soccer. At least in North America. However that could all change thanks to a Columbian-born, Canadian-based pornstar and “fuutball” fan.

    27 year old Janeira Ventura (more of an aspiring pornstar) is such a big FC Barcelona fan that she has pledged to give other fans a wild night of passion if they win the Spanish League. She toldEl Mundo Deportivo, a national sports newspaper in Spain, that, “If we win the league this year, I pledge publicly to spend a night of passion with any Barcelona member or supporter who dares.”

    All fans need to do to claim this night of passion is send a picture of a membership card or tickets from a game to Ms. Ventura’s website (though we think she means Facebook page because she doesn’t seem to have a website of her own).

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  • David Beckham’s New Sexy Underwear Campaign

    We tend to only focus on women here at The Blog. And although we have a lot of fun with it, we only really have heterosexual men and lesbians in mind when we do it. To our readers who are either heterosexual women or homosexual men, we’re sorry if you’ve left a little left out. We hope that the following post will be of interest to you.

    11 foot tall David Beckham statues causes traffic outside an H&M

    Soccer (or fûutbaeàll in Europe) superstar David Beckham, aka Goldenballs (perhaps due to an unfortunate smelting accident), partnered with H&M in February to design a men’s underwear line. Beckham released the promo pics via his Facebook page saying, “Hey everyone, here are a few shots from my new Bodywear range for H&M. Hope you like them.”

    Fans of his have been responding positively to the photos saying that he looks “hot” and “handsome”. But at 37 years of age does he still have the same raw sexual magnetism that made him a star? His wife Victoria that she does at the closing ceremonies. Let’s look and judge.

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