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  • Sexy Selfies Make You Appear Less Competent and Attractive

    Bad news for all of the hot babes in the world who attempt to straddle the precarious line between online Instagram sexpot and fancy professional businessperson, according to a study published by a journal called ‘Psychology of Popular Media Culture.”

    Washington Post did a great job of summarizing the article, so you don’t have to spend your time like, actually learning about anything and can just skim the surface, picking and choosing the information you want to absorb.  That’s what I do all of the time and seems to work for me since I’m a genius or something.

    But here’s the gist; 50 women were provided with a Facebook profile picture of a girl doing a sexy selfie pose, and 50 people were provided a Facebook profile picture with the same girl in a more professional, classy pose.  The classy picture ranked higher across the board in terms of attractiveness (both physical and social) as well as presumed competency.

    There are about a million different problems with this study.  Continue Reading

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  • Man Willing to Die for the Right to Post Naked Selfies

    There’s a lot of things that are worth putting your life on the line for. If you believe in something, or believe that you’re making a difference, then power to you. This seems like a huge waste of time though. I mean, risking yourself for the right to post naked selfies on the internet? Whatever.

    You might at first think that this dude is clearly just a classic millennial using viral marketing pranks to try and land himself a cushy law job so he can stop being such a cool dude and start the ultimate gay power couple in New York or something. And you’d likely be correct. But this is still some funny shit, and it touches on something a little deeper.

    There is an underlying message here that is actually quite valuable and that I agree with; we should be afforded a certain amount of e-privacy. It sucks that people get fired or not-hired all of the time for posting racy pictures or comments on social media. And to be fair, this guy Brian Zulberti isn’t JUST talking about the posting of naked selfies, but rather about net privacy in general:

    “Recently, he went to New Jersey to talk about the case of Sam Falcetano, a Department of Public Works employee fired for writing homophobic posts on Facebook. Zulberti, who says he is “about as gay as the day is long,” said in a blog post that he may wish horrible things upon the man, but still doesn’t believe he should have been fired.”

    So yeah, this is actually an important issue being tackled, all wrapped up in something that has been sensationalized by the media into sounding really stupid. Chances are, like I said, that the guy’s simply trying to land himself a job, but he has some interesting points.

    Do you think that our social media presences should be taken into account by potential employers?  Should naked selfies stop you from landing your dream job?

    Also, here’s a bunch of pictures of people who are definitely not getting jobs anywhere because they’ve taken selfies of themselves doing sexy stuff.

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  • Babes On Instagram: Jaclyn Swedberg

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that finds the hottest babes on Instagram and tells you to follow them so you’re not missing out on the best SFW (safe-for-work) sexy pictures in your personal Instagram feed. And it’s this rigorous screening process of the sexiest Instagram accounts is precisely why the Blog is superior to all other sites on the internet.

    If you’re new to BABES ON INSTAGRAM, then I’ll just tell you that you should be following the incredibly sexy babes Ellis Cooper, Alyssa Arce and Lauren Hanley because their Instagrams are red hot. Click their names if you want to see their sexiest pictures on Instagram. But for those of you who are committed to the BABES ON INSTAGRAM feature, then I’ll just go ahead and tell you that you need to start following JACLYN SWEDBERG. (Instagram: pmoy2012).

    Some of you may remember Jaclyn Swedberg as April 2011’s Playmate of the Month and 2012’s Playmate of the Year (which is what her Instagram name is).

    The 23 year-old beauty is by definition perfect, measuring a supple 34D-25-35, and she credits her success with her natural good looks. She said, “Being naturally pretty helped me. There is a stigma on perfection in this industry that isn’t really true. Instead of trying to look like something I’m not, I just focus on who I already am.”

    Aspiring models, you should know that if you try Jaclyn Swedberg’s approach to modelling, it may not yield the same results because Jaclyn Swedberg is blessed with a natural beauty that’s very rare. Which is why you need to follow her on Instagram, because seeing Jaclyn Swedberg regularly will fill your brain with happy feelings (and also possibly horny thoughts).  Continue Reading

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  • Who Uses MySpace Anymore? Hookers Do.


    ADD ME.

    Hahaha. A news story about Myspace? What year is this? 2005?

    I was under the impression that Myspace was dead. But apparently it’s alive and well thanks in part to all the hookers using it.

    A new study by the Urban Institute on the underground commercial sex industry in eight major U.S. cities shows that Myspace is one of the most popular sites to solicit sex.

    “Myspace, all that, it’s just a disguise,” one unidentified worker said in the study. “There are so many ways to sell [sex] and they are thinking of new things now.”

    According to the sex workers interviewed, Myspace today joins the ranks of Craigslist,,,,,, and for soliciting clients. How the mighty have fallen.

    Is that why Tom was my Myspace friend? He was trying to sell me sex?

    Myspace refused to comment, which probably means they’ll start cracking down on hookers using the site to hook-up with Johns. Regardless, it’s good to know that somebody’s using Myspace.

    I know we’re over Myspace but if you’re really desperate for sex, maybe make an account because you’re bound to meet some nice hookers that want to be your friend.

    I can’t wait for Facebook to devolve into a hooker site.

    via NYDailyNews

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  • Sup with Abella Anderson?

    I hate the Miami Heat. Even though this summer has been lacklustre weather-wise, watching Tim Duncan neutralize the Miami Heat‘s offense with his basketball IQ is making up for it.

    Watching the NBA Finals has almost made me start to pity the Miami Heat. Every year they don’t win a championship every year with Lebron James and Dwyane Wade on the same team, it will be a disappointment of season, which is totally unreasonable. (Notice how I didn’t mention Chris Bosh?)

    During the NBA season when the Miami Heat went on that huge tear, I thought about how easy it would be to root for the Heat. Now I’ve started to think that being a Heat fan isn’t all that easy because the management has bestowed their fans with unreasonable expectations for every single season until 2016.

    Maybe having Lebron James gives you a chance to win an NBA Championship every year but it’s still unreasonable to expect a championship every year in the current NBA.

    Anyways, trying to empathize with Miami Heat fans made me think of the sexiest Miami Heat fan of all time: Abella Anderson. (see what I did there?)

    Some of you may know Abella Anderson as the pornstar that once broke a man’s dick because she was riding him too hard. Others may just know her as the naughty Latina that made some great sex videos.

    It’s been just over a year since she retired from porn so we’re going to do a Porno P.I. to find out what she’s up to now and why she retired from porn.

    Spoiler Alert: it’s not because she broke that guy’s dick.  Continue Reading

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  • Pinterest: The Pinterest of Porn

    The other day, I read an article on Gizmodo called “Not Safe For YouTube: How Google Draws the Line Between Porn and Art (NSFW)“. As the title suggests, the article addressed the fact that there is plenty of nudity on Youtube and it examined the way Youtube dealt with NSFW content.

    Essentially, Youtube guidelines say that any video that’s “intented to be sexually provocative” will most likely be removed. Before it’s removed, the video featuring inappropriate content must be flagged by an offended user, then reviewed by Youtube employees in different countries. If the Youtube employees decide that the nudity’s artistic merit outweighs a sexually provocative motivation, then an age gate will be put in place. Only when the nudity crosses the artistic line does the video get removed.

    This mature and sensible way of dealing with nudity on what is generally considered to be a SFW site made me want to revisit how nudity was being handled on another SFW site: Pinterest. Continue Reading

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  • Amanda Bynes Wants Drake to Murder Her Vagina

    No one seems to know what Amanda Bynes was thinking when she tweeted…


    …but it’s a good use of Twitter. Why aren’t people more upfront about who they want to bang on Twitter? Continue Reading

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  • Girls Gone Wild goes bankrupt


    Is this the end of girls going wild?

    Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has filed for bankruptcy to protect his soft-core porn empire from Casino mogul Steve Wynn’s $10 million debt claim and a $5.8 million claim for using a naked woman’s pictures without consent.

    Wynn has been after Francis for six years. Francis failed to pay a $2 million gambling debt to a hotel owned by Wynn during a trip in February 2007. Last year, Wynn’s resort won $7.5 million from a defamation case “stemming from Francis’s public attack falsely accusing Wynn of deceiving customers.”

    So how does filing for bankruptcy affect Girls Gone Wild? According to Francis’s executive assistant Heather Brooke, it’s business as usual. “This Chapter 11 filing will not affect any of Girls Gone Wild’s domestic or international operations,” according to the statement. “Just like American Airlines and General Motors, it will be business as usual for Girls Gone Wild.”

    GGW brands are using this bankruptcy claim to “…restructure its frivolous and burdensome legal affairs,” Brooke said in a statement. In the statement, she also claimed that Joe Francis hadn’t owned the company for two years.

    So filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end of Girls Gone Wild. However, does Girls Gone Wild have a place in the age of social media? Continue Reading

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