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  • The 9 Retired Pornstars of 2014 That We’re Going To Miss The Most

    Writing about retired pornstars is always tricky because there’s never an absolute certainty that the pornstars mentioned below are done for good.  Continue Reading

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  • The 10 Hottest Lesbian Porn Pairings of 2014

    There’s only one thing that we like better than watching a hot pornstar cum all over a big, hard cock and that’s watching hot pornstars get off from some scintillating lesbian sex.

    I must admit that lesbian porn is my favorite genre of porn videos because I love pornstars and lesbian porn, by definition, must feature at least two gorgeous pornstars making each other cum.

    For me, good lesbian porn all starts with the casting. 99% of girls who do lesbian porn are already hot. In order to keep your attention for more than a minute to check out their hot bodies, lesbian porn videos need chemistry between its stars.

    Does this crackpot lesbian porn theory make any sense to you guys?

    The point is this: great lesbian porn videos start with pairing the right pornstars with each other. This year, we saw a lot of sexy pornstar pairings in lesbian porn videos, but for the sake of our on-going Best of 2014 series, here are the top 10 hottest lesbian porn pairings of 2014! (Really though, this could have easily been a top 100). Continue Reading

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  • Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2014


    The toughest decision you’ll ever make…

    2013 was a great year for Twisty’s Treats. I remember thinking at the end of 2012, “Well, it’s too bad that Twisty’s has already made all the hottest girls Treats of the Month. I’m going to miss those monthly babes.” But somehow they pulled it together and out did themselves!

    Now it’s time to decide which one of these sexy Treats deserves to be Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2014.

    Choosing the Treat of the Year is no easy task, which is why Twisty’s has decided to let the fans choose!

    To vote, you need to be a Twisty’s member. But the good news is that a Twisty’s membership is only 1 DOLLAR WHILE VOTING IS OPEN.

    Why should you vote for your favorite Twisty’s Treat? Because the Treat of the Year wins a Twisty’s contract, a trip to Costa Rica to shoot with the runner-up and last year’s winner (Mia Malkova), and a diamond Twisty’s necklace. So if you have a favorite Twisty’s Treat, you need to vote for her because we’re guaranteed more amazing pictures and videos of your favorite babe later in 2014.


    2 days of Twisty’s plus supporting your favorite Treat of the Month for $1? Now that’s a deal.

    If you’re ready to vote, you can do that right now: TREAT OF THE YEAR VOTE.

    But if you need help deciding which Treat to vote for, continue reading to get to know the contestants.   Continue Reading

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  • Sophia Knight – Black Stockings

    Sophia Knight black stockings

    Sophia Knight!

    Drop everything!

    New Sophia Knight photos via Babespotting.tvContinue Reading

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  • Sophia Knight’s Window Striptease

    Sophia Knight

    Sophia Knight

    Sophia Knight is by far one of the hottest glamour models in the business.

    We’re all anxiously awaiting the day when Sophia Knight finally does hardcore, but until then I’m content to just watch her shed her clothing until she’s totally nude:


    Damn, what a hottie!

    So, Sophia Knight is obviously very sexy but did you know that she’s also super cool?

    On Monday I saw that she was offering to make custom videos for all her Twitter followers! Look:

    I don’t know if this offer is still valid but you should send an email to find out!

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    Karolina Wozniak boobs

    Karolina Wozniak’s sideboob introduces the links

    Loyal pawns may have noticed that there hasn’t been any sexy links in the last two weeks.

    Why is that?

    Because I’ve been trying to get a sexy tan. Sitting on the computer looking for sexy links isn’t conducive to tanning.

    But now I have a sexy tan and I’m ready to resume my sexy links-fetching for you guys.

    So here you go, sexy links:

    Janell Shirtcliff Nude for HQ/MQ

    Emma Frain poses topless in Punisher Panties

    Irina Shayk lays out

    3 Pornstars Party in a hotel suite

    Elegance with a sexual desire (and tits)

    Rivi Madison’s outdoor bath

    Nicki Minaj twerking in a pool

    Rosie Jones Topless Beach Fun

    35 Hottest Van Styles Photoshoots

    Nina Adgal for Euroman

    Sophia Knight for Playboy Plus



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  • Sophia Knight, June Treat

    Sophia Knight sexy model

    Sophia Knight

    The first of the month is always a pain in the ass. Got to pay rent, got to buy a new bus pass, and…

    I guess it’s only those two things that make the first of the month a pain in the ass.

    Of course, there is a huge upside to a new month. Every month Twisty’s hooks us up with a new Treat of the Month to make life less unbearable. So far, I would say Twisty’s is doing a damn fine job of making our lives worth living with their Treat of the Month choices.

    Now that June has started, there’s a new Treat of the Month and it’s the gorgeous and wonderful Sophia Knight.

    Obviously, we’re super stoked that a sexy Brit like Sophia Knight is starting to get some shine. To celebrate her newfound Treatness, we’ve got no choice but to make her Babe of the Day! Continue Reading

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