• Pornhub Wants Your Money To Shoot The First Porn Video In Space

    Pornhub, an allegedly popular free porn site*, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $3.4 million so that they may shoot the “first ever professionally recorded sex tape/porn production in space.”

    And yes, this is 100% real. Watch the promo video for Pornhub’s “Sexploration” featuring the adult stars attached to the project, Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia, and some other people that maybe they should have not pointed a camera at.

    Well that’s totally bananas.  Continue Reading

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  • Kate Upton’s Boobs In Zero Gravity


    34D go 0G

    Have you ever wondered what boobs might look like in zero gravity?

    If a lifetime of looking at boobs has taught me anything, it’s that boobs always look great. Why would the absence of gravity affect the awesomeness of boobs? If anything, they’ll be even better because they’ll be free to move in ways we never thought possible before.  Continue Reading

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  • Sex Doll Launched Into Space


    And I think it’s going to be a long, long time… is one of the biggest sex toy distributor in the world. Their reach around the world is so large that has decided to branch out into the inter-planetary sex toy distribution by sending the first sex doll to space.

    Let’s see how a little sex doll named Missy can handle a trip to Earth’s atmosphere:

    Amazingly, Missy survived her trip to space longer than the balloon that brought her up there.

    So now we know that sex dolls can go to space, but their reentry isn’t pretty.

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  • Sex in space is deadly!


    Olivia Munn demonstrates why sex in space is very appealing

    Bad news for all astronauts that read this blog. There is new scientific evidence that sex in space could lead to brain disease, cancer, and other life threatening illnesses.

    A study by Professor Anja Geitmann from the University of Montreal looked at the effects of zero gravity on the reproductive process in plants. Because sperm cells in plants are delivered to the egg through a “cylindrical tool”, scientists were able to apply the plant results to the human reproductive process (i.e. fuckin’).

    The plants were placed in a spinning centrifuge that simulated both high and low gravity while scientists monitored their reproduction, which occurs quickly in plants. They found that the pollen tubes were smaller in low gravity, and were wider in hyper-gravity. Meanwhile intracellular traffic flow, the way that cells communicate, was badly affected. Continue Reading

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  • Porn stars in space

    Coco Brown, porn-astronaut

    Coco Brown, porn-astronaut

    Mark your calendars, porn fans. March 2014 is going to monumental because Coco Brown (aka, Honey Love) will be the first porn star ever to be launched into space.

    She is currently training in the Netherlands with SpaceXC, a private Dutch company that hopes to make space tourism a sustainable reality.

    “I was at a luncheon in Berlin and I was specially invited and they were talking about going into space,” Brown told The Huffington Post.

    SpaceXC told The Huffington Post that they see no problems with sending a porn star into space because it fits with the company’s ethos that space should accessible to everyone, even porn stars. However, Coco is paying SpaceXC $100,000 for the opportunity.

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  • Egypt trying to ban internet porn…again…

    Egyptians will have to look at the pyramids to remember what boobs looked like.

    Egypt is already in a state of turmoil and unfortunately it’s about to get worse. The ultra-conservative Salafists are trying to to ban internet porn…again.

    ThePure Netcampaign was launched by Abdel Maguid Mahmoud who said that internet porn is, “inconsistent with the values and traditions of the Egyptian people and the higher interests of the state.” This may indeed be true because when I used Yahoo to Google “Hieroglyphics porn” I did not see any pornographic hieroglyphics. The results were images of a young man masturbating. And let me tell you, he didn’t look Egyptian.

    As always with these crazy notions of banning porn sites, the free speech card gets played. Once the state censors internet porn, where do you draw the line?

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