Spencer Scott

  • Guess Which Pornstars Simulate Lesbian Sex in the Entourage Movie…

    The Entourage movie is coming out on June 3rd and our prediction is that the movie will be two and a half hours of inane chatter between the leads with too many celebrity cameos sprinkled in to really care about how the razor-thin plot unfolds.

    HOWEVER! There are two celebrity cameos that we’re excited for. Rumor has it that there are two pornstars in nonspeaking parts we’ll see simulating lesbian sex during a hotel-room showdown (at Montage Beverly Hills) between Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold and Haley Joel Osment’s character. Ready to see which pornstars scored this prime screen-time?  Continue Reading

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  • A Valentine’s Day Surprise From Spencer Scott and Twisty’s


    Spencer Scott

    No one wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone.

    Thankfully, the good people at Twisty’s have provided us with a little, last minute Valentine’s Day surprise…

    It’s Spencer Scott nude and being sexy!

    Somehow, Twisty’s knew that all you wanted for Valentine’s Day was a busty blonde as hot as Spencer Scott. So they went out and got Spencer Scott for you. Isn’t that nice of them?

    There are plenty more hot babes waiting to be your Valentine at Twisty’s, so make sure you visit Twistys.com to see more.

    But now onto our vicarious Valentine, Ms Spencer Scott!  Continue Reading

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  • Naughty Sailor Spencer Scott


    Spencer Scott

    Halloween is only nine days away and to get you excited for all the costumed debauchery that awaits, I’m making a special effort to share pictures of sexy babes in sexy costumes. Continue Reading

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  • Perfect Lesbian Couple: Emily Addison and Spencer Scott

    spencer scott and emily addison busty lesbian couple having sex

    Spencer Scott (blonde) and Emily Addison (brunette)

    What happens when you put a busty blonde like Spencer Scott in lingerie, blindfold her, and tell her lesbian lover Emily Addison that she can do whatever she wants with her?

    Magical lesbian sex happens.

    Though we’ve all imagined the day when Spencer Scott would get fucked by Emily Addison, the good people behind Twisty’s new lesbian site When Girls Play have finally made it happen. Have a look at this new perfect lesbian couple:


    Spencer Scott and Emily Addison, if there is room for one more please let me know immediately!


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