• These Are The Best Songs To Have Sex To, According To Spotify

    Music is an important of setting the mood for sex. And if you’re like me, you panic every time you’re face with the challenge of choosing songs to have to and your sex drive is squashed by indecision.

    I mean, what are the best songs to have sex to? Prince songs? R. Kelly songs? Barry White songs? Bobby Schmurda songs? Rich Gang mixtape? WHAT ARE THE BEST SONGS TO HAVE SEX TO? I DON’T KNOW!

    Luckily, music-streaming service Spotify knows what the best songs to have sex to are because they’ve sifted through a staggering 2.5 million user-made “sex” playlists—or at least, playlists mentioning sex in their title—and assembled the most popular song to make the perfect playlist to put you in the mood for loving. And right in time for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that convenient?  Continue Reading

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  • 20 Songs Better Than Sex?

    You guys like Spotify? It’s a totally awesome music streaming service that lets you stream music! Cool, right?


    Spotify surveyed 2,000 people to find the top 20 songs that are “Better than sex”. We love music, especially, Ska, but nothing should ever be considered better than sex. That’s blasphemy.

    Let’s take a look at Spotify’s 20 Songs Better Than Sex and ridicule it for claiming to be better than sex.

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