• Which States Have The Longest (and Shortest) Sex

    Call me a pessimist, but life nowadays is all about collecting data about yourself so companies can make infographics they can share to promote themselves and make everyone on the internet say, “Oh that’s cool,” before moving on to a different infographic. And yes, that includes your sex life.

    Spreadsheets is an app that uses your phone’s accelerometer and speakers to provide statistical feedback about your sex life by measuring duration, thrusts, and decibel peak. Personally, I don’t think measuring duration, thruts, and decibel peaks is indicative of the quality of sex, it’s just fun to know what your phone thinks.

    Spreadsheets has proven itself useful not by measuring your own sexual performance, but in collecting the average duration of sex in all 50 States (and 1 District). So let’s see which states are having the longest sex.   Continue Reading

    February 19, 2014 • Infographics/Stories, Sex News • Views: 2571

  • Spreadsheets Sex App Contest!

    What are the two things you love most?

    If it’s sex and data then you’re in luck because there’s a new sex app that measures your movements and noise level in bed to give you sexual activity data.

    The app is called Spreadsheets and its a fun new way to see what your sex life is like.

    Let’s watch their commercial:  Continue Reading

    August 14, 2013 • Polls, Stuff • Views: 718