• Stoya Hits the Red Light District for TRENCHCOATx

    The 2nd instalment of Stoya‘s new travelogue-porn series Around the World in 80 Ways premiered today on TRENCHCOATx. In it, Stoya explores Amsterdam’s notorious red light district.

    In anticipation of the 2nd instalment’s release, Stoya sent us her first-hand account of experiencing and shooting in Amsterdam’s red light district. Enjoy!

    The center of Amsterdam’s tourist area is beautifully tacky. Stores hawk sexy spandex versions of every costume a person could possibly want. I bought a condom with a blue mushroom shaped like a teapot on it. It was marked with a warning: not for insertion.

    About a month before this video was shot the women who work in the red light district were protesting the continued closing of their windows. One of the signs said “Don’t Save Us, Save Our Windows.” According to Felicia Anna—a window worker who maintains Behind the Red Light District in both English and Dutch—the windows are a dutch sex worker’s best option for self-employment. Continue Reading

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    If owning one of Stoya’s sexy holes for your personal use isn’t enticing enough, watch how Stoya uses her holes in the video below and you’ll see that this birthday discount is the gift that keeps on giving.


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