• Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: November 21st, 2014

    Good news! The weekend has officially begun, which means it’s time to kick back and press play on another edition of our world famous porn blog’s marquee feature: YOUR WEEKEND FREE PORN PLAYLISTContinue Reading

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  • Review: Get Sexxx Tonight, Kayden Kross’s New Adult Talk Show

    Yesterday, to my surprise (and delight), I stumbled upon a new adult talk show called Get Sexxx Tonight hosted by the lovely and talented Kayden Kross. The first episode of Get Sexxx Tonight premiered on Vimeo On Demand on October 28th and they’ve released three additional episodes since.

    For the uninitiated, Get Sexxx Tonight a new adults only comedy series, hosted by Kayden Kross that reveals the worlds of sex, sexuality, gender differences, and the latest findings from the scientific study of sex. The show boasts that it’s The Daily Show meets Tosh.0 meets Masters of Sex.

    To my even bigger surprise, no one had taken the time to review Kayden Kross’ new venture. So I sat down and watched all four episodes of Get Sexxx Tonight thus far to give it the critical attention it deserves. Keep reading to find out why Get Sexxx Tonight is definitely worth $2.00 and 15 to 20 minutes of your time.  Continue Reading

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  • 7 Steps To Having Sex Like A Pornstar

    It feels like every three months, Cosmo or some equally shitty publication puts out a list of ways to “Have Sex Like A Pornstar”. Why not? Slapping that on a front page would get me to buy it.

    That said, I’ve always been disappointed by the tips these hacks provide for having sex like a pornstar. It’s almost as though they’ve never seen porn before. Do I even dare accuse them of just making shit up so they can sell magazines?

    Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve taken matters into my own hands and I’m here to tell you how to really have sex like a pornstar in 7 easy steps. So pay attention!

    7 Steps To Having Sex Like A Pornstar

    Continue Reading

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  • The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody)

    If there’s one modern auteur filmmaker that deserves to get the porn parody treatment, it’s Wes Anderson.

    The symmetry in all of his shot compositions and the bursts of color that he’s made into his signature at this point always makes for a visually pleasing watch, even though Wes Anderson films tend to lack a substance in the plot.

    Wait a second…visually stimulating films that are lacking in plot and justifiable character development? Maybe it’s just me, but for me, that sounds like my ideal porn movie.

    Thankfully, the good people over at have decided to finally give Wes Anderson the porn parody treatment with THE ROYAL TENENDONGS.

    Well, not exactly. Usually when we say “porn parody”, we mean big budget porn movies that recreate the source film shot for shot and insert as many plausible sex scenes as possible. However, for THE ROYAL TENENDONGS, rather than follow the lives of three gifted  siblings who experience great success in youth, and even greater disappointment and failure after their eccentric father leaves them in their adolescent years only to reconcile with him after he fakes a bout of stomach cancer and turn that into a porn parody, decided their Royal Tenenbaums porn parody would work just as well as a special photo set featuring each character in various states of undress.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking…”Wes Anderson-inspired porn pictures? NOT INTERESTED.” Well, before you start criticizing, maybe you should know that The Royal Tenendongs isn’t just your average porn parody gallery. It features two of the world’s best pornstars James Deen and Stoya as every character. So really, it’s just a giant gallery of James Deen and Stoya taking off their cool costumes. Cool right?

    Let’s take a look at some of my favorite pics from the gallery:

    IMG 8315 The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody) K3IMG 8335 The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody) C7IMG 8129 The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody) FIMG 8331 The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody) H9IMG 8002 The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody) H7IMG 7973 The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody) K2IMG 8340 The Royal Tenendongs (The Royal Tenenbaums Porn Parody)

    Strange. All my favorite photos from The Royal Tenendongs gallery appear to be only pictures of Stoya. Very strange indeed. I wonder why James Deen didn’t make the cut?


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  • Got Questions for a Male Porn Star? Now’s Your Chance to Ask Them!

    Moving forward with, we’ll be making an effort to provide you with interesting and hard-hitting exclusive content and interviews.  We were already doing that, but, we’re going to be doing even MORE of it.  We have some really exciting things lined up that we believe you’ll really enjoy, and which will further solidify as your go-to blog for the latest adult content and adult industry news.

    Having said that, we have a super exclusive interview coming up next week with a very well-known male porn star.  This isn’t just some random dude who has jerked off in front of a webcam for spare pocket change a few times.  The man that we’ll be interviewing has been working in the adult industry since the 1990s.  So, he’s seen about everything there IS to see in the porn industry, and we’re going to be picking his brain and discovering what its like to be a male porn star who has worked for decades in the adult industry.

    The male porn star in question has been in the industry for 20 whole years.  That’s a long time to have sex on camera.  I’m sure he has an insane amount of crazy stories and insights from his time in pornography.  You seriously won’t get many opportunities to ask a grizzled veteran like this questions, so take a chance and submit your questions in the comments section.  Alternatively, you can send any questions you might have to me directly at

    There’s a whole variety of different things you might be curious about.  I’ll pretend that I’m the male star, and I’m answering the questions, just to get you primed up.

    Q: Who was your favourite porn star to work with?

    A: Definitely the time I filmed 10 threesome scenes in a row with Sasha Grey and Stoya, and then married them.  That was pretty cool, I guess.

    217550 sasha grey Got Questions for a Male Porn Star?  Nows Your Chance to Ask Them!

    Source: via badfish on

    1461398 Got Questions for a Male Porn Star?  Nows Your Chance to Ask Them!

    Source: via assisthebest on

    Q: I know from seeing your scenes that you have a big penis. How big is it exactly?

    A: My penis is the exact size where it’s big enough to be impressive, but not so big that its unpleasant for my lovers. That is why I am known as the greatest lover of all time.

    1273902 awesome gif Got Questions for a Male Porn Star?  Nows Your Chance to Ask Them!

    Source: via fanstoya on

    Q: What advice can you give to a young man with aspirations of working in the adult industry?

    A: Work hard and stay hard!

    Anyways, y’all get the idea. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or e-mail me directly at Remember to keep your eyes peeled for our awesome exclusive interview, which will be posted late next week!

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  • Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex

    Before I ever set foot in the offices, I had always assumed that nobody knew anything about sex. Now, after writing sex tips and giving sex advice to the readers of the Blog for nearly two years, I’ve realized that I was wrong.

    People actually do know a lot about sex. Unfortunately 99% of what people think they know about sex is wrong.

    Who is to blame for the perpetuation of misinformation? I blame the inadequate sex education most people receive in school. The only thing I remember from sex education in school was an animated short with a voiceover saying, “Penises are a lot like noses. They all come in different shapes and sizes.” And the only reason I remember that lesson is because it maybe me feel better about my own disfigured penis and while the voiceover was comparing penises to noses, a million different animated penises were flying across the screen all wearing the classic mustache and glasses disguise to make them more like noses? That image of millions of penises wearing that hilarious disguise still haunts me to this day.

    Anyways, to help you forget about all those penises wearing the mustache and glasses disguise to help you have more pleasurable, safer sex, I’d like to talk about the Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex. So if you’re ready to find out that you’ve been doing sex wrong all these years, continue reading.

    10. Men don’t fake orgasms

    men fake orgasms3 620x412 Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex

    Faking orgasms isn’t just for women. Men do it too. Of course, male fake orgasms are slightly trickier than their female counterpart because men discharge when they cum. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    If you’re wondering why men fake orgasms, it’s simple. Not being able to orgasm can make your partner feel inadequate and sad. So it’s better just to grunt and make a stupid face when they’re through thrusting to preserve their partner’s sexual confidence.


    9. Oral sex and anal sex are safer than vaginal sex.

    5584127 slowly on the tip Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex

    NOPE! Almost all STIs can be passed on through unprotected vaginal sex can also be passed on through unprotected oral and anal sex. Herpes, warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV can all be contracted orally or anally. Oral sex is certainly less risky compared to vaginal and anal sex, but just for your own safety wear a condom!


    8. Oral sex and anal sex don’t count as real sex.

    5215441 anal hot teen Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex

    Some people seem to think that having oral sex or anal sex instead of vaginal sex is a way of circumventing losing their virginity and still being able to have sex. Absolutely not true. “Sex” is in the name, therefore if it’s in your mouth or your ass, you’re having sex.


    7. Vaginas all look a like

    4269390 amazing vagina pic featuring amazing blonde Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex
    I blame porn for this one, because porn rarely features any girls with large labias or anything. For whatever reason, almost all the vaginas you see in porn are the same, which is not indicative of vaginas around the world. This lack of vaginal variety in porn has led to more and more women getting labiaplasty surgery to make their vaginas look “normal” when in fact there’s nothing wrong with their vaginas.If penises come in all shapes and sizes like noses, then vaginas are like lips…THEY COME IN DIFFERENT SHAPES AND SIZES.


    6. Two condoms are better than one.

    795369 incredible deepthroat pic featuring fabulous brunette Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex
    NO. I understand why people assume that two condoms are better than one, because two of everything is better than one almost always. Double the condom, double the protection. Well, you’re totally wrong if you think that.”Double-bagging” can increase the friction of the latex, making them more likely to rip or tear. One condom (male condom or female condom) is all you need.


    5. Pulling out is an effective method of birth control.

    4305618 she watches his face while he jacks off his load all over her Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex
    According to this article, more and more people are pulling out as a means of contraception. THAT’S REAL STUPID.Withdrawal is significantly less effective at preventing pregnancy as compared to other methods. Now, if you’re pulling out because a lifetime of watching porn has given you an obsession with cumshots, then by all means do it. But don’t assume for one second that pulling is a substitute for condoms or the pill.


    4. Penis size is important.

    3676520 tiffany star shocked by big cock Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex
     asked 50 women about their thoughts on penis size. Of the 50, only 6 said that bigger was better.

    Truth is, size only matters to people that let it matter. Motion, rapport, depth of intimacy, lovemaking skills, and/or positions often have more to do with partner satisfaction than size. But if you’re still concerned about your penis size, then you should read this: Satisfying Women with Your Tiny Penis.


    3. Women can achieve an orgasm from penetration alone.

    5320813 almost cumming Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex

    Most women don’t achieve an orgasm from vaginal sex alone. It’s possible for sure, but according to data from a 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, most women (about 2/3) have orgasms when they have sex, and this could be from vaginal, clitoral, breast or other kinds of stimulation.

    The key is diversity of stimulation. Women are sophisticated creatures and if you want to make one cum then you’re going to have to explore all of her erogenous zones.


    2. The clitoris is a fun button that will give women instant orgasms.

    1972166 awesome masturbation gif picture with beautiful blonde boobs Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex
    This basically the same point as #3, but it’s worth stating again. You need to diversify your attention to all areas of a woman’s body. You can’t just go storming straight to the clitoris and hope for results. Though stimulating the clitoris is never a bad idea, but too much attention could be more painful than pleasurable.So diversify! Have some fun! Don’t be so simple minded when it comes to sex.


    1. Vaginas are not Fleshlights.

    3987954 james deen and stoya in special delivery scene 1 digital Top 10 Misconceptions About Sex
    What do I mean when I say, “Vaginas are not Fleshlights”?Well, though Fleshlights look and feel like vaginas, you should know that they aren’t the same. Fleshlights are a male masturbation toy. When you use a Fleshlight, you should feel totally free to fap yourself silly, pounding away at that fake vagina. However, you can’t just jackhammer a vagina. Women know when you’re using their bodies to masturbate and they don’t like.

    I know it’s tempting to do what that dude in the GIF above is doing to Stoya, but it’s not good sex. Simply pounding away, using a real live vagina as if it were a common Fleshlight is a surefire turnoff. There’s no nuance, no build-up, no feeling when you’re using a vagina like a masturbatory aid. It also signifies sexual inexperience or selfishness, which are not very attractive qualities. Rather than mindlessly thrusting away, you want to vary your speed throughout the sex. Gauge your partner’s response and let it inform your movements. If she asks you to go harder, then go harder. But if the moment calls for a slower approach, then slow it down.  After all, you’re not alone, you’re working together to have great sex.


    Obviously, there are more than 10 misconceptions about sex out there. In fact, it was tough to decide which 10 misconceptions about sex I would attempt to clear up for you today. Hopefully, you’ve learned something useful. But if you have a question about sex or you need some advice, you can always…

    Send an email to


    Use the contact submission form.

    And I’ll be happy to answer your sex questions via blog post.

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  • The 15 Most Beautiful Pornstars Ever

    sunnyact 7 The 15 Most Beautiful Pornstars Ever

    Of course Sunny Leone is on the list!

    To be a successful porn star, one must be very hot but must they also be beautiful?

    If you ask me, there is a difference between beauty and hotness.

    You know someone is hot because your crotch gets really, really itchy. Whereas you know someone is beautiful because you feel really itchy all over your body. Right? Maybe it’s just me.

    The Guccione Collection has just put forward a little video that showcases the 15 most beautiful pornstars ever. Get ready to feel really itchy all over your body.   Continue Reading

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  • What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Pornstar

    tumblr mzc3buKxKJ1skelzwo1 1280 What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Pornstar

    Stoya is the main reason I’d ever consider becoming a pornstar

    If you’ve ever looked at porn (and I’m guessing that you have because you are reading this on a porn site) then I’m willing to bet that you’ve considered becoming a pornstar at least once in your life.

    How could you not?

    There you are in your bedroom lit only by the fluorescent of your computer screen. You’re watching a sexy, young lady choke herself on a penis and you think to yourself, “That would be so tight if it was my penis she was choking on.”

    Getting paid to have sex sure sounds like everyone’s dream job. The only job I can think of that would be better than having sex all day is ice cream flavor taster.

    However, being a professional pornstar is much more complicated than just collecting a check for having sex all day.

    That’s why James Deen, Asa AkiraStoyaNina Hartley, Chanel PrestonCasey Calvert and several more of the porn industry’s top stars have come together for to tell you everything you need to know before you try becoming a pornstar.

    So if you’re seriously considering a career as a pornstar, please pay attention to this video. It will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a pornstar, because I’m sorry to say again that being a pornstar is more complicated than having sex all day.

    I hope that they show this video at Career Day in schools. It’s certainly very informative.

    The porn industry just needs more PSA’s like these. It’s easy to forget that pornstars are real people and not sexual objects. The humanizing effect this PSA has on its audience could definitely improve the porn industry’s image in the mainstream.

    Or maybe not, I don’t know!

    At least now you know all the in’s and out’s of being a professional pornstar.

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  •’s Videos of the Year 2013

    v5jtNPT Sex.coms Videos of the Year 2013

    Videos of the Year!

    Just like the Pictures of Year 2013 post, I want to thank you all for pinning the best dang sex videos I ever seen throughout the year. Your commitment to pinning is what makes great.

    Anyways, let’s watch the Top 10 most popular videos on of 2013!  Continue Reading

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  • Babes of the Year 2013

    1684590 stoya and kayden kross hot lesbian makeout sexy panty thumb Babes of the Year 2013

    Kayden Kross & Stoya, two of 2013’s most popular babes.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, democracy simply doesn’t work!

    I was thinking of letting you vote for your favorite babes of 2013, but then I got to thinking that a better indication of the most popular babes of 2013 would be to just look at which babes had the most views throughout the year.

    It’s like voting, but you weren’t conscious of it.

    Anyways, let’s see the Top 10 Babes of the Year 2013Continue Reading

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