• Nerdy Jesse Jane Dresses Up And Strips Down

    You know what really bothers me? How some girls think it’s cute to slap on a pair of thick glasses and all of a sudden become nerds. Sorry babes, though you do look great in those thick glasses, you’re not a nerd. To be a nerd you need to be able to tell me what quadrant of space the crew of the USS Voyager gets lost in in Star Trek: Voyager.

    However, hot girls pretending to be nerds isn’t nearly as bad as the hot girls that pretend to love nerds. I think comedian Chelsea Peretti said it best when she said:

    chelsea peretti hot

    Yes babes, the handsome guy that used to read comics as a teenager is not a nerd. That handsome guy with an astigmatism is not a nerd, he just wears corrective lenses.

    But in spite of this nuisance, there are some babes that always get a pass. Actions, outfits, labels, doesn’t matter. Whatever they do, we can’t complain about it because it’s touches us on such an erotic level that we can’t even be bothered by it.

    That’s why when Jesse Jane puts on some glasses and declares herself a nerd, it’s really not that bad because IT’S JESSE-FUCKING-JANE.

    If you like girls that pretend to be sexy nerds or you just like blondes with big tits or you’re just a diehard Jesse Jane fan, you’re going to like STRIPLV‘s latest offering.

    STRIPLV presents: Jesse Jane, Nerd.

    Jesse Jane – Nerd from Santodonato on Vimeo.

    Rumor has it that Jesse Jane won’t be doing porn once her Digital Playground contract is up. And while I hope that’s not true for the sake of her loyal fans around the world, y’all better start appreciating this bombshell of a babe while you have the chance!

    …even though she’s not technically a nerd…

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  • Nicole Aniston’s Beautiful Striptease


    Nicole Aniston

    Can you spare four minutes to watch Nicole Aniston take off all her clothes, exposing that glorious nude body of hers?

    Of course you do.

    If you can’t make time for Nicole Aniston then maybe you should rethink your priorities.

    Watch this and enjoy the best four minutes of your life:

    Nicole Aniston – Beauty from striplvTV on Vimeo.

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  • Chloe Amour is Sweet as Syrup


    Chloe Amour

    I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of licking maple syrup off a naked woman’s skin. Yes, it’s sexy and it tastes good but maple syrup is just too dang sticky.

    No matter how many licks you take, your tongue will never get all the syrup which leads to future gross-outs once your food-foreplay has concluded.

    Why don’t I just cover you in glue before laying you down on my Egyptian cotton sheets so that they’re totally ruined and I’m sheet-less for the rest of my life?

    So yeah, I don’t believe that naked women and maple syrup should mix. Of course, the exception to the “No nude women & maple syrup” rule is adorable, Latina pornstar and Blog favorite Chloe Amour.

    Just watch as Chloe Amour strips off her dress in the shower and pours maple syrup all over her sexy, carmel-colored skin. It has me rethinking my rules:

    Chloe Amour – Sweet Syrup from striplvTV on Vimeo.

    Pour maple syrup all over naked women in the shower! Of course! No more ruined sheets!

    Thank you Chloe Amour for turning me on to maple syrup again…and for turning me on in general…

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  • Is Faye Reagan Making A Comeback?


    Faye Reagan

    One question that’s plague The Blog is, “What happened to Faye Reagan?

    As far as I know, she hasn’t done any porn since 2011 aside from the occasional Japanese porn movie. In the absence of the second hottest redhead* in porn, internet trolls have suggested everything from retirement, drug problems, and pregnancy to explain what happened to Faye Reagan.

    Well all speculation and hearsay about Faye Reagan’s whereabouts can end right now because it appears she’s making a porn comeback!

    Faye just appeared in a sexy new video from StripLV where she does some sensual lesbian loving with the gorgeous Jennifer Dark.

    Let’s watch Faye Reagan’s big comeback video!  Continue Reading

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