• What Counts As Cheating Nowadays Anyway?

    There’s no denying that the dating world has forever changed. We can’t play by the old rules because the landscape is so wildly different than before.

    But as the conventions of dating change, have the rules of cheating changed too?

    A joint survey between Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines surveyed 1,000 men and 1,000 to find out.  Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

    NOTE: Two football playing lesbians having sex with a strap-on is not one of the Top 10 most common sexual fantasies but it should be.

    A new(ish) study from the University of Montreal published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the majority of sexual fantasies are as vanilla as putting a penis in a vagina.  Continue Reading

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  • What We Learned About Loving Lingerie From Rats Wearing Jackets

    If you’re on, I’m willing to bet that you like seeing women in lingerie.

    But why? Because lingerie is the second best way to present a woman’s breasts (the best way being topless)? Perhaps.

    A Concordia University team led by Gonzalo Quintana Zunino decided to get to the bottom of why men like lingerie so much by adorning female rats with special jackets to better understand what turns male rats on. Continue Reading

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  • What is a Hotwife: An XXX Explainer

    We’ve already explained the difference between hotwifing and cuckolding, but since we’re all relatively new to the concept of a hotwife, it couldn’t hurt to re-explain what a hotwife is.

    So what is a hotwife? Continue Reading

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  • Sex with 20 or More Women Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer: Study

    Prostate cancer awareness month (aka Movember, aka November) is right around the corner.

    The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. I don’t know about you but I don’t like those odds for me and my fellow men. The good news is that regular ejaculation has proven to reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer (especially if you’re ejaculating from giving yourself a prostate massage).

    Even better news, a study by Université de Montréal and INRS — Institut Armand-Frappier has found that having sex with 20 or more women will also reduce the risk of prostate cancer!  Continue Reading

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  • Fifty Shades of…Health? Kinky sex is good for you!

    Coleen Singer is a writer, photographer, film editor and all-around geeky gal at, where she often waxes eloquent about sex, porn, sex toys, censorship, the literary and pandering evils of Fifty Shades of Grey and other topics not likely to be found on the Pulitzer Prize shortlist. She is also the editor and curator of When she is not doing all of the above, Singer is an amateur stock-car racer and enjoys modifying vintage 1970s cars for the racetrack. Oh, she also likes porn.

    std001 Fifty Shades of...Health? Kinky sex is good for you!

    Well let’s just file this under “Who knew? But I’m not surprised!” shared a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine that shows a correlation between mental well being and getting yoru freak on. 900 people who practice some form of BDSM were interviewed and shown to be more happy and healthy than their vanilla counterparts, showing more evidence of general mental well being, confidence and security in their relationships.  Continue Reading

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  • Science Says Men Ignore Hunger When Looking For Sex

    NOTE: If you’re not interested in the results of this study and you’re only here to see whipped cream get licked off Monique Alexander’s nipples as pictured above, you can watch the video here: Monique Alexander in “The Icing On The Cock”.

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s find out more about this new study on male sexual behavior!

    Question: what are your most basic priorities?

    To be able to breathe? To quench your thirst? To fill your belly when you’re hungry? To get laid?

    If you’re a man, new research shows that your brain is wired to look for a mate instead of food.  Continue Reading

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  • Study Says Watching Porn At Work Is “Extremely Common”

    Earlier this month, America was up in arms when it was revealed that government officials have been spending most of their time watching porn. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise given how inert the government has been since…well…always, I guess.

    There’s nothing wrong with being pissed at the government for watching porn at work. You’d think that keeping the country running would be demanding, instead one special agent at the Environmental Protection Agency admitted to watching anywhere from 2 to 6 hours of porn at work a day while still collecting a $120,000 in the name of saving the environment. Let me put this into perspective…I work for a porn site and I don’t even watch that much porn on a daily basis. Plus, I make WAY less than that. AND! Think about all the Kleenex he must have used during his porn binges at work. Not very environmentally friendly, dog.

    Though this isolated case of watching porn at work is both ludicrous and frustrating, watching porn at work is extremely common according to a 2010 Nielsen survey.  Continue Reading

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  • Australians Don’t Wear Condoms Because Porn

    Why is science always trying to tell us that watching porn is bad for us? Continue Reading

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  • 1 in 5 Men Are Unhappy With Their Penis

    At the risk of sounding heteronormative, penises are weird. Not that I’m not happy to have a penis (it’s pretty cool, I guess), but you’ve got to admit that having a super-sensitive nub of flesh that alternates between fleshy sponge and rock-hard love machine is weird.

    While women worry about keeping their bodies up to the ridiculously high standards set by mainstream and adult media, men have all been brainwashed into thinking that their penises need to be big, circumcised and ready to get hard in a moment’s notice because those are the only types of penises we ever see or talk about.  Continue Reading

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  • Survey Reveals Men’s Favorite Sex Positions

    Sex positions are like drugs: they’re fun for a while but if you do them too much you build up a massive tolerance and you wake up in the morning feeling ever more empty than you did before.

    Ok, that’s maybe not the best analogy I’ve ever made, but who cares?

    Recently, Men’s Health surveyed over 800 of their readers to determine the sex positions men liked the best. Strangely, the Butter Churner sex position didn’t even rank in their results. Needless to say that the exclusion of the Butter Churner sex position makes me question this survey’s credibility, but let’s see what they found out about men’s favorite sex positions.

    Men’s all time favorite sex position is…

    Continue Reading

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  • Results From The World’s Biggest Sex Toy Study Are In!

    If you’re wondering whether or not other dudes use condoms when banging a real-doll, you’re in luck — Lovehoney, a British sex toy manufacturer, recently published a whopping 53-page study pertaining to the shopping habits of their clientele.

    Researcher Jon Millward (of the 10,000 pornstar study fame) spent over 5 months collecting and analyzing data from one million purchases made through Lovehoney’s website, looking to customer profiles, shopping habits and product reviews in an attempt to answer every question you’ve ever had about sex toys, but were too afraid to ask. Not only has this massive undertaking nabbed the title of “World’s Biggest Study of Sex Toy Sales”, the findings presented in the aptly named “Down the Rabbit Hole” study are likely to make even the freakiest among us feel a little less grody. Because I know you guys don’t really give a shit about exposition and all those other things that make me feel like a competent writer, I’ll cut to the chase and talk results.  Continue Reading

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  • 6 Reasons Why Sex With MILFs Is The Best

    MILFs! Everybody wants to fuck them, right? I mean, “I’d Like To Fuck” makes up 3/4 of the acronym.

    Well, according to Time Magazine’s feature on Christian Rudder’s Dataclysm, it seems that MILFs may not be as beloved as we thought.

    Rudder, a co-founder of OkCupid and Harvard-educated data scientist, analyzed millions of records to figure out how we scramble for love online. Though analyzing OkCupid and other dating site browsing data is sure to only reveal the worst in people, there was one insight that I found deeply unsettling.

    According to Rudder’s research, men of all ages are by far looking for women in their early 20’s. That’s not the unsettling part. The OkCupid data revealed that while men often set their age filters for women into their 30’s and beyond, rarely do they contact a woman over 29.


    While that in itself is deeply unsettling, I’m mostly disturbed by the stupidity of the men looking for love online for ignoring an age group that is widely regarded to have the hottest sex imaginable.

    In order to help the MILFs and Mature babes of OkCupid get laid, here are 6 reasons why sex with MILFs is the bestContinue Reading

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  • Study Says Women Prefer Flab Over Abs

    According to a new study commissioned to mark the UK DVD release of Neighbours, starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, three out of four British women would choose a man with a great big gut over a perfectly chiseled muscle man.

    For those of you keeping score, that’s approximately 23 million British, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish women that find six packs to be a TURN OFF. Meanwhile, 96% of women reported that they predict a date with a muscle-bound hunk to be a total waste of an evening.

    Let’s get one thing straight before you trade in your gym membership for a trough filled with ice cream: the results of this Seth Rogen sponsored study does not mean that women hate men with sinewy…toned…muscular…hot bodies. Hell, as a straight man, I can’t help but get hard thinking about Zac Efron and his hot abs (Seth Rogen has a good joke about it in Neighbors but I forget what it was. Can anyone even remember May 2014 anyway?).

    It’s more that women like the fantasy of muscular men but when it comes to real life, a flabby man is the way to go. Why? Because 74% of women in the survey said they’d feel self-conscious taking their clothes off in front of a Zac Efron-style Adonis. His discipline and commitment to making his body better in contrast with their own listlessness.

    You must have unshakeable confidence if you’re never self-conscious about your body. It happens to everyone because the society’s standard for the ideal body is not a realistic goal.

    Is it any wonder that women feel that a woman who doesn’t give a shit about his own appearance would be less critical of hers? Sadly, that’s not always the case. If you’re a fat slob of a man that doesn’t do anything to tend to himself while critiquing your partner’s appearance, go to Hell.

    So while the majority of women would choose Seth Rogen over Zac Efron, I’m curious to know how you guys feel about women.

    I think it’s fair to say that by in large, men are shallower than women. But that’s just my hypothesis! Prove me wrong!

    Why did I put that last option about having a huge dick in there? You’re all going to vote that your huge dick is the source of infinite confidence and it immediately makes you the most attractive man ever because men who read sex blogs feel the need to overcompensate. Sadly, having a big dick isn’t so great.

    Follow Chico Dusty on Twitter!

    [h/t: The Daily Mail]

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  • Smoking Weed Could Save Your Relationship

    Smoking weed is truly a wonderful thing because it has so many positive effects on a person’s life. It makes you laugh at everything. It makes rap music more relatable. It makes you hungry. It makes you forget things instantly. It makes you hungry. And it’s super chill.

    But can smoking weed save your relationship?  Continue Reading

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  • Women’s Sex Lives Can Be Boosted By Eating Apples

    Scientists may have stumbled upon the long-awaited viagra for women: apples.

    Yes, according to new research published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, scientists believe that apples can improve the sexual arousal levels in women. 
    Continue Reading

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  • Pseudoscience Report: A Third of Women Have Gone Through Year Long Sex Dry Spells

    In your pseudo-science report of the day, sex toy company LoveHoney recently posted the results of a survey which polled 1500 online users. According to the results of the poll, one third of women have gone through sex dry spells that have lasted for a year.

    A year! Where you @ dudes?

    Keeping sexually active is not always the easiest. According the the study, most of the reasons for sexuality inactivity involve boring and tedious real-life problems, like being stressed out and being too busy for work.

    Turns out that a good chunk of women are actually sort of fine with their sexual dry spells however, with 23% saying they’re fine with going through a big drought.

    One of the more interesting parts of the study is as follows:

    “A quarter of women have ended a break in sex with a one-night stand or a casual fling, compared to 34 per cent of men. A further 36 per cent of women have resumed sex by sleeping with a friend with benefits – a pal they can enjoy sex with but not date.”

    So get your friend to lend a helping hand!

    6509597 i feel like they are watching some porn while she fingers her Pseudoscience Report: A Third of Women Have Gone Through Year Long Sex Dry Spells

    Source: via Porn Gifs Daily on

    Makes sense. If I was going through year long sexual dry spells I would be going through my phone looking for any acquaintance that might be willing to help me out with my problem. One night stands aren’t the most satisfying, in my opinion, but sometimes you just gotta open up those floodgates you know?

    Since this study comes from a sex toy company (one of the biggest in the UK), I’m going to question the intentions behind this poll. Put two and two together, y’all. If people aren’t having sex, and are frustrated, they’re probably more likely to invest in that expensive vibrator so they can take matters into their own hands.

    “Hey, I want a sex toy but I’m too embarrassed to go to a sex shop, oh, hey wait a second, this study I’m reading is published by an online sex toy distributor – where’s my credit card again?”

    1650600 live female orgasm oh big brother i miss you so much Pseudoscience Report: A Third of Women Have Gone Through Year Long Sex Dry Spells

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  • Women Who Make More Money Are Hotter, Says Survey

    Across the United States (and I assume the rest of the world because America is the world), women earn less than men on average. Why? In spite of the fact that women can do any job as well as any man, there are some people (mostly men) that prefer their workplaces to be little clubhouses for their guys to bro down. Messed up right? And even today, in 2014, women earn about 76 cents for every dollar a man earns. Crazy right?

    Interestingly enough, porn is possibly the only industry where the pay-grade based on gender is reversed. Female pornstars make far more than male talent. That’s just an interesting bit of trivia that you can spout the next time some sex-negative person is criticizing the porn industry or you for watching porn.

    But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Today, I’d like to draw your attention to some new survey results that may just put an end to the gender pay gap.

    According to a new survey conducted by Money magazine, men who consider themselves the breadwinner of the relationship often have a worse sex life than those who don’t.

    56 percent of men who make as much or less than their spouses had a “hot” or “very good” sex life compared to just 44 percent who earn more than their wives.


    The reason for why dual income couples have healthier, more satisfying sex lives is simple: they’re not fighting over money. Approximately 70 percent of couples cite money problems as a source of bickering which is a total mood killer in the bedroom.

    Aside from the reduced stress over finances, couples that split the responsibility of providing for a household reduces pressure and creates a sense of real partnership, which is conducive to getting in the mood. Diane Harris, editor of Money, says, “We think it’s because they feel like true partners—that they’re a team taking care of the finances together. That breeds extra closeness in and out of the bedroom.”

    So the next time you hear some ignorant bigot talking complaining about why women are complaining for pay equality, just remind them that a happier, healthier, more satisfying sex life is also at stake. After all, the only way to reason with someone who is against pay equality is to show them how it affects them. Because honestly, who the hell is against pay equality?

    [h/t: Shape]

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  • Casual Sex Probably Won’t Cause Depression…Probably…

    In recent years, the scientific community seems to be shocked and appalled that humans are having sex for fun rather than for reproduction purposes. Isn’t that strange? Normally when you think of science, you think of progression and progressive values to compliment that spirit of innovation, but all the “scientific” “research” “done” on casual sex makes it seem like it’s the worst thing in the world.

    Every day I read a headline like, “Casual Sex Linked to Type 2 Diabetes“. And obviously when I, a man whose family has a long history of diabetes and that has a lot of casual sex, read that headline I get super nervous. But then I read the article and its case against casual sex is like, “45% of people with type 2 Diabetes have at one point in their lives have had casual sex…COINCIDENCE?” Yes. It is a coincidence. People can come up with statistics to prove anything…14% of people know that.


    A new study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science has attempted to measure the overall effects of casual sex, now that casual sex is a normative experience for many young people.  Continue Reading

    June 24, 2014 • Sex, Sex News, Sexual Health • Views: 13442

  • Survey Says World Cup Is Better Than Sex

    As the first round of the World Cup comes to a close, it’s come to my attention that this soccer fad has gotten totally out of control. And I’m not talking about the fist fights between bandwagoners and lifelong soccer fans.

    Speaking of which, can I just address something really quick before we get back on topic? Lifelong soccer fans, you really need to get off your damn high horse for the rest of the World Cup. When you say, “You didn’t care about soccer a few months ago. Yet you’re an expert at World Cup?” Yes. I am. It’s your own damn fault for following Club Soccer that no one cares about. But it’s summer, which means all the good sports are done until the fall. So what are we supposed to do? Not get drunk during the day while watching sports? Absolutely not.

    You’re right lifelong soccer fans, we don’t care about soccer. Our feigned interest in your stupid game is merely a way of getting drunk during the day because international sportsmanship is something worth drinking to. So for the next couple of weeks, stop complaining about the bandwagon and everyone on it. Because once World Cup is over, it will be exactly four years before anyone thinks of soccer again.

    Besides that, World Cup is getting out of hand because a new survey has revealed that World Cup is more popular than sex!



    But you guys love sex!

    A European condom company set out to find out how men rank watching their country’s team against having sex. Needless to say, the results were as shocking as finding out that Europeans use condoms.

    Out of 2,000 participants, 40 percent of men admitted that they would turn down sex so that they could watch soccer instead. Other excuses used by men to get out of intimate situations included blaming a bad back, fatigue, and having a headache. 

    I really can’t believe you guys would choose soccer over sex. Think about all the good times we’ve had talking about sex. You really want to give that up for soccer?

    But now I ask, “Why can’t you do both?” Why can’t you and your partner cheer your team on while fucking? Add getting drunk during the day and that’s the most fun you’ll ever have.

    So remember guys, when faced with a decision between watching soccer and having sex…choose to do both at the same time.

    As always, “FUTBALL” has a lot to learn from American Football:

    4629705 young assed nude babe watching sport on tv girls and sports Survey Says World Cup Is Better Than Sex

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