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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: October 4th, 2014

    Hey guys. I have to apologize to you. Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist is a day late this week. Do you think you’ll ever find it your hearts to forgive me?

    Before you say, “No, Chico. We can never forgive you.” I suggest that we check out the top 7 best free porn videos from the past week. After watching all 7, then maybe you can decide to never forgive me again.

    1. Red Fox gets a nice outdoor fuck

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  • Sunny Leone Took The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Why is it that whenever I see a hot babe’s name next to the words “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”, I immediately assume that it won’t be as underwhelming as all other ALS Ice Bucket Challenges.

    I suppose it’s because I associate hot women getting showered in ice cold water with hard nipples poking through a wet, see-through t-shirt, but hardly ever works out. The only one that came close was Jourdan Dunn’s ice bucket challenge.

    Today I came across Sunny Leone’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and naturally I assumed I’d get to see Sunny Leone’s tits for the first time since she left porn for Bollywood stardom. Sadly…it was not meant to be.

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  • Only 1 in 8 Canadians Admit to Watching Porn

    And from these findings, we have learned that Canadians are a bunch of no-good sexually repressed liars.

    Forum Poll polled a random sampling of 1624 Canadians, 18 years and older, asking them if they had purchased or viewed any form of pornography in the last year. Only 16% of people admitted to having watched porn – 26%, a quarter, preferred not to answer the question, and the rest denied having watched it.

    On top of that, about 50% of responses believe that pornography is harmful to society.

    These results are pretty shocking in my opinion.  I was always under the impression that Canadians were pretty liberal and open compared to their American counterparts.

    The findings part of the poll results are pretty skewed though, and obviously coming from a place of ignorance about the mass-consumption of porn.  Then again, I never would have assumed that so many people would deny watching it in the first place.

    “While uncommon among females, certainly, it must be assumed that more than one quarter of Canadian males have encountered pornography in the past year.”

    Not a big fan of the caveat that porn-watching is uncommon amongst females, because that’s simply untrue.

    So why did so many people lie about their porn-watching habits?  There’s absolutely no way that such a small percentage of Canadians watch it.  Perhaps it was in the way that the question was posed?

    It was pretty straight-forward.  The question asked: “How often do you watch porn?  Just press 9 if you prefer not to answer.”  The ability to simply press 9 probably swayed people, but I dunno.  The questions posed are so scientific and ‘official’ seeming, so maybe people simply felt uncomfortable answering in this capacity?

    The craziest thing here is that people responded to this poll under complete anonymity. I think AVN hit the nail on the head pretty well,

    Lauren Strapagie opened the article with a slightly more generous take, writing, “One in eight Canadians admitted to Forum Research that they’ve viewed or purchased pornography in the past year, but a more realistic analysis may be that we don’t like sharing our naughty habits with an automated phone call.””

    Who the fuck knows.  All I know is that y’all watch more porn than you’re letting on.  I truly thought that we had reached a point where porn-viewing had become a relatively accepted social reality.  Guess not!

    And with so many hot pornstars coming out of Canada, you gotta be supportive, you know?:

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  • Ukraine’s Human Barbie Says Ugliness Is Caused By “Race-Mixing”


    You’re about to see why that’s totally untrue

    If you use the internet regularly, you’ve probably heard about Ukraine’s Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova.

    For those of you who don’t know Valeria Lukyanova, she’s quite possibly the world’s craziest woman. She spends every waking moment trying to look like a real life Barbie doll by putting on loads of makeup, wearing creepy contact lenses, working out constantly, and consuming only a diet of sunlight and air.

    GQ’s Michael Idov traveled to Ukraine to speak with Valeria Lukyanova, which only confirmed that she’s totally insane. Here’s her take on the “global mean” of beauty:

    When seated across the table from a living Barbie and stuck for topics, by all means go for collegiate bullshit. “But Amatue seems to be all about the Eastern philosophy of reincarnation,” I say. “And the beauty that you embody is very Western. American, even.”

    Valeria grows pensive, which in her case means rolling her eyes slightly upward without changing anything else about her face. “I wouldn’t say so. Everyone wants a slim figure. Everyone gets breasts done. Everyone fixes up their face if it’s not ideal, you know? Everyone strives for the golden mean. It’s global now.”

    “But that’s a relatively new thing,” I reply. “The ideal of beauty used to be different.”

    “That’s because of the race-mixing.”

    WOAH. Ugliness is caused by “race-mixing”? That’s not ok. Of course a woman crazy enough to transform herself into a living doll would also happen to be terribly racist.

    To prove to you all that “race-mixing” is not the source of human ugliness, here now are the 20 hottest mixed race women:  Continue Reading

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  • The 15 Most Beautiful Pornstars Ever


    Of course Sunny Leone is on the list!

    To be a successful porn star, one must be very hot but must they also be beautiful?

    If you ask me, there is a difference between beauty and hotness.

    You know someone is hot because your crotch gets really, really itchy. Whereas you know someone is beautiful because you feel really itchy all over your body. Right? Maybe it’s just me.

    The Guccione Collection has just put forward a little video that showcases the 15 most beautiful pornstars ever. Get ready to feel really itchy all over your body.   Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Canadian Girls

    Canadian Babe

    Canadian Babe

    In the past, I’ve been extremely critical of Canada.


    To be honest I’m not sure why.

    All things considered, Canadians don’t have it so easy. They have to put up with some brutal winters only to be forgotten by the rest of the world. They don’t need me ragging on them.

    Today (July 1st) is Canada Day, the most holiest of holidays in Canadian culture. As a peace offering to Canadians everywhere, I’d like to now shed some light on the sexy Canadian girls that have managed to escape the miserable winters and become beloved babes.

    So here you go Canada, the Top 10 Sexy Canadian Girls: Continue Reading

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  • What can we learn from 10,000 porn stars?

    John Millward took six months to analyze 10,000 porn star profiles on Internet Adult Film Database to determine who the average porn star was.

    Sounds interesting, right? If only there was a blog that could provide a synopsis of this study with NSFW visual aids. Good news, there is a blog that can provide a synopsis. It’s this blog. The Blog.

    Ok, Mr. Millward, what do you have for us?

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  • Sunny Leone for PETA

    Oh Sunny you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind, hey Sunny!

    Oh Sunny you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind, hey Sunny!

    I think it’s safe to say that literally everyone loves Sunny Leone. What’s not to love about her? She’s gorgeous, she’s Indian (via Canada), she has award winning breasts, she’s a porn-to-Bollywood crossover star, and she once worked at Jiffy Lube.

    Today we learned that Sunny is the new face of PETA India and their campaign to encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. Why is this important news? Well, whenever a porn star is photographed with all their clothes on it feels like the world’s gone all topsy-turvy. But more importantly, she’s doubled her sexiness.

    Allow me to explain:

    1. She cares about animals, which means she’s intrinsically nurturing. This desire to nurture translates to great sex, which you can watch here: “Sunny Leone lights the bed on fire with her sex”
    2. The cause she’s promoting is the same one that Bob Barker used to sign off with on The Price Is Right. Bob Barker is the man and for some reason this new correlation between him and Sunny Leone makes Sunny Leone sexier.

    Anyways, let’s take a look at her new PETA India ads:

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  • Spend New Year’s with Sunny Leone

    Sunny Leone

    New Year’s Eve doesn’t have a whole lot to offer other than an excuse to get embarrassingly drunk.

    But other than that, what’s a good way to ring in the new year?

    Sure, you could attend a few parties but they’re rarely as much as fun as they are built up to be. You can also order a bunch of food and eat as much as possible before you have to feel guilty about eating.

    What we recommend you do for New Year’s Eve is spend it with the biggest crossover porn star in years. Get on a plane to New Delhi and go see Bollywood/porn star Sunny Leone.

    She’s performing her first live dance at Studio 169 in New Delhi (India for those of you who aren’t so good at Geography).

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  • Porn-forwarding could get you 7 years in jail (in India)

    Sharing porn or lewd photos is encouraged amongst prisoners

    India’s government is trying to amend the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986. The act currently prohibits the indecent representation of women (which you should have guessed based on the name of the Act) through advertisements, publications, writing, paintings etc.

    The proposed amendments could be sending people who send pornography or other obscene images digitally to jail for up to seven years.

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  • Sunny Leone in “Jism 2″

    Bollywood star Sunny Leone

    With a title like Jism 2, most porn fans could probably guess what Sunny Leone’s latest film is about…

    Let me tell you, you’re way off. Jism in this case is not slang for semen but Hindi for body. Jism 2 is a Bollywood erotic-thriller, which places Sunny Leone as a pornstar seductress trapped in a love triangle between a deadly assassin and an intelligence officer. This marks the Indo-Canadian starlet’s first Bollywood role as well as any major mainstream starring role. Continue Reading

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