• The Highlights from This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

    The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired last night and if you’re like me, you completely forgot that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a thing.

    If my teenage self knew that I didn’t know about an hour of television featuring supermodels sporting lingerie, he would be livid. But then I’d explain to him that in the future, we have something called the internet, which allows us free access to porn pictures and porn videos whenever we want so we no longer have to steal the Victoria’s Secret catalogue from the neighbor’s mailbox for fap material. Then we’d high-five. Then we’d make-out.

    So if you have a serious case of FOMO, do not fear! These are the highlights from this Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.¬† Continue Reading

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  • The Supermodel World Cup

    Since last Thursday, I’ve really tried to enjoy watching soccer but I just can’t be bothered to care about it. Ultimately I think soccer’s fundamental flaw is that the pitch is just too dang big for any real tension or action to transpire. When watching the World Cup, all I see are blips running around on a green rectangle chasing after a white blip.

    Maybe¬†that’s just my unshakable North American-ness. But seriously soccer fans, how the heck am I supposed to care about soccer when I’m still coming off that high I got from watching the San Antonio Spurs and their fluid offence dominate the dreaded Miami Heat? All sports could learn a thing or two about being entertaining from Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Kawhi Leonard and especially Greg Popovich.

    And while the World Cup can’t hold my attention, the good people from i-D have inadvertently stumbled upon a way to make all sports infinitely better than they are (even though sports are pretty good for the most part). How has i-D improved sports forever? It’s so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not having thought of it first…

    Instead of building sports teams with athletic, homely men…MAKE AN ALL-STAR TEAM OF SUPERMODELS!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with these homely men that sweat and bleed for their country, employer or own personal glory, but when you see the all-star lineup of sexy supermodels in skimpy athletic gear, it’s clear that professional sports featuring only supermodels would be freaking awesome.

    After all, who doesn’t like ogling sexy women in athletic gear?

    Check out The Supermodel World Cup below:

    Don’t you want to live in a world year supermodels were also professional athletes?

    I do.


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  • Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 Sneak Peek

    15 seconds of the best softcore porn you’ll see all weekend featuring mega-babes Lindsay Ellingson, Candice Swanepoel, Barbara Palvin, Lais Ribeiro, Doutzen Kroes, Erin Heatherton and Karlie Kloss.

    Victoria’s Secret never ceases to amaze.

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