• New Survey Reveals Americans Don’t Like Sex Parties

    TRThe Huffington Post’s Love+Sex podcast recently took a trip to Brooklyn to find out what happens at one of the most exclusive sex parties in New York.

    After getting to know New York’s sex party scene, the Huffington Post teamed up with YouGov to present a series of questions to 1,000 American adults to gauge how they felt about sex parties. Because of the sexual nature of the questions, only 906 agreed to answer the questions and what they learned was that most Americans aren’t into sex parties.  Continue Reading

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  • Beyonce Tops the “One Night Stand” Survey

    “Which celebrity would you most like to have a one-night stand with on Valentine’s Day eve?”

    That’s the question VividRadio asked 1,000 of its listeners and Beyonce won by a landslide.

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  • The Sexiest Accent in the World is British

    In a new survey taken by Time Out magazine, the British accent has been declared the sexiest accent in the world.

    If you just spilled tea all over your crumpets, you’re not alone. After all, the only British accent that can be considered sexy is centralized to London. Anywhere outside of London and you get this miserable drawl that sounds like my ears are being stabbed by a million knives of fire. When you imagine a British accent, it’s probably the proper, sophisticated British accent. No one’s trying to smash someone that talks like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady (but if she looks like Audrey Hepburn then that’s a different story).

    Worse, the magazine that took the survey originated out of London! NO FAIR.  Continue Reading

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  • New Survey Reveals Nothing Is Too Taboo For Men To Get Off To

    A new survey of 562 Redditors on sexual taboos revealed one thing that might not surprise anyone, especially not women. When it comes to sexual arousal, nothing is too taboo for men.  Continue Reading

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  • LELO’s Annual Sex Survey Reveals We’re Moving in the Right Direction

    Sex! We love it!

    But here’s a question I don’t think anyone’s ever dared to ask: Is sex getting better or worse?

    According to trends in luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO’s annual sex survey, we’re moving in the right direction.  Continue Reading

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  • What Counts As Cheating Nowadays Anyway?

    There’s no denying that the dating world has forever changed. We can’t play by the old rules because the landscape is so wildly different than before.

    But as the conventions of dating change, have the rules of cheating changed too?

    A joint survey between Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines surveyed 1,000 men and 1,000 to find out.  Continue Reading

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  • Women Hit Their Sexual Peak a lot Sooner Than You Think

    For years, we’ve navigated sexual activity under the assumption that men reach their sexual peak in their teens while women reach theirs sometime in their 30’s when they’re approaching MILF status. This notion was one of six reasons why MILF sex is the best.

    Now, a new survey suggests that it’s not true. Men hit their sexual peaks much later than their teens and women hit their sexual peak much younger that previously thought.  Continue Reading

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  • Australians Don’t Wear Condoms Because Porn

    Why is science always trying to tell us that watching porn is bad for us? Continue Reading

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  • 1 in 5 Men Are Unhappy With Their Penis

    At the risk of sounding heteronormative, penises are weird. Not that I’m not happy to have a penis (it’s pretty cool, I guess), but you’ve got to admit that having a super-sensitive nub of flesh that alternates between fleshy sponge and rock-hard love machine is weird.

    While women worry about keeping their bodies up to the ridiculously high standards set by mainstream and adult media, men have all been brainwashed into thinking that their penises need to be big, circumcised and ready to get hard in a moment’s notice because those are the only types of penises we ever see or talk about.  Continue Reading

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  • Survey Reveals Men’s Favorite Sex Positions

    Sex positions are like drugs: they’re fun for a while but if you do them too much you build up a massive tolerance and you wake up in the morning feeling ever more empty than you did before.

    Ok, that’s maybe not the best analogy I’ve ever made, but who cares?

    Recently, Men’s Health surveyed over 800 of their readers to determine the sex positions men liked the best. Strangely, the Butter Churner sex position didn’t even rank in their results. Needless to say that the exclusion of the Butter Churner sex position makes me question this survey’s credibility, but let’s see what they found out about men’s favorite sex positions.

    Men’s all time favorite sex position is…

    Continue Reading

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  • Women’s Sex Lives Can Be Boosted By Eating Apples

    Scientists may have stumbled upon the long-awaited viagra for women: apples.

    Yes, according to new research published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, scientists believe that apples can improve the sexual arousal levels in women. 
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  • Women Who Make More Money Are Hotter, Says Survey

    Across the United States (and I assume the rest of the world because America is the world), women earn less than men on average. Why? In spite of the fact that women can do any job as well as any man, there are some people (mostly men) that prefer their workplaces to be little clubhouses for their guys to bro down. Messed up right? And even today, in 2014, women earn about 76 cents for every dollar a man earns. Crazy right?

    Interestingly enough, porn is possibly the only industry where the pay-grade based on gender is reversed. Female pornstars make far more than male talent. That’s just an interesting bit of trivia that you can spout the next time some sex-negative person is criticizing the porn industry or you for watching porn.

    But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Today, I’d like to draw your attention to some new survey results that may just put an end to the gender pay gap.

    According to a new survey conducted by Money magazine, men who consider themselves the breadwinner of the relationship often have a worse sex life than those who don’t.

    56 percent of men who make as much or less than their spouses had a “hot” or “very good” sex life compared to just 44 percent who earn more than their wives.


    The reason for why dual income couples have healthier, more satisfying sex lives is simple: they’re not fighting over money. Approximately 70 percent of couples cite money problems as a source of bickering which is a total mood killer in the bedroom.

    Aside from the reduced stress over finances, couples that split the responsibility of providing for a household reduces pressure and creates a sense of real partnership, which is conducive to getting in the mood. Diane Harris, editor of Money, says, “We think it’s because they feel like true partners—that they’re a team taking care of the finances together. That breeds extra closeness in and out of the bedroom.”

    So the next time you hear some ignorant bigot talking complaining about why women are complaining for pay equality, just remind them that a happier, healthier, more satisfying sex life is also at stake. After all, the only way to reason with someone who is against pay equality is to show them how it affects them. Because honestly, who the hell is against pay equality?

    [h/t: Shape]

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  • Casual Sex Probably Won’t Cause Depression…Probably…

    In recent years, the scientific community seems to be shocked and appalled that humans are having sex for fun rather than for reproduction purposes. Isn’t that strange? Normally when you think of science, you think of progression and progressive values to compliment that spirit of innovation, but all the “scientific” “research” “done” on casual sex makes it seem like it’s the worst thing in the world.

    Every day I read a headline like, “Casual Sex Linked to Type 2 Diabetes“. And obviously when I, a man whose family has a long history of diabetes and that has a lot of casual sex, read that headline I get super nervous. But then I read the article and its case against casual sex is like, “45% of people with type 2 Diabetes have at one point in their lives have had casual sex…COINCIDENCE?” Yes. It is a coincidence. People can come up with statistics to prove anything…14% of people know that.


    A new study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science has attempted to measure the overall effects of casual sex, now that casual sex is a normative experience for many young people.  Continue Reading

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  • Survey Says World Cup Is Better Than Sex

    As the first round of the World Cup comes to a close, it’s come to my attention that this soccer fad has gotten totally out of control. And I’m not talking about the fist fights between bandwagoners and lifelong soccer fans.

    Speaking of which, can I just address something really quick before we get back on topic? Lifelong soccer fans, you really need to get off your damn high horse for the rest of the World Cup. When you say, “You didn’t care about soccer a few months ago. Yet you’re an expert at World Cup?” Yes. I am. It’s your own damn fault for following Club Soccer that no one cares about. But it’s summer, which means all the good sports are done until the fall. So what are we supposed to do? Not get drunk during the day while watching sports? Absolutely not.

    You’re right lifelong soccer fans, we don’t care about soccer. Our feigned interest in your stupid game is merely a way of getting drunk during the day because international sportsmanship is something worth drinking to. So for the next couple of weeks, stop complaining about the bandwagon and everyone on it. Because once World Cup is over, it will be exactly four years before anyone thinks of soccer again.

    Besides that, World Cup is getting out of hand because a new survey has revealed that World Cup is more popular than sex!



    But you guys love sex!

    A European condom company set out to find out how men rank watching their country’s team against having sex. Needless to say, the results were as shocking as finding out that Europeans use condoms.

    Out of 2,000 participants, 40 percent of men admitted that they would turn down sex so that they could watch soccer instead. Other excuses used by men to get out of intimate situations included blaming a bad back, fatigue, and having a headache. 

    I really can’t believe you guys would choose soccer over sex. Think about all the good times we’ve had talking about sex. You really want to give that up for soccer?

    But now I ask, “Why can’t you do both?” Why can’t you and your partner cheer your team on while fucking? Add getting drunk during the day and that’s the most fun you’ll ever have.

    So remember guys, when faced with a decision between watching soccer and having sex…choose to do both at the same time.

    As always, “FUTBALL” has a lot to learn from American Football:

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  • Lack of Exciting Sex Can Lead To Infidelity

    A few years ago, a lot of my friends who had been in relationships started to get married. One by one, I heard boring proposal story after boring proposal story while I impatiently waited to hear when I would be able to break up my tux and drunkenly throw up all over it.

    At the time, I couldn’t understand why people got married. Actually, come to think of it, I still don’t understand why people get married. However, I have figured out why people have weddings.  Continue Reading

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  • Survey Says Philosophy Majors Have The Most Sex

    College! It’s an important part in every young person’s life. It’s the time where your parents pay for your school, which you barely attend in favor of getting black-out drunk on a daily basis to make horrible mistakes that will shape your future. But ultimately, the getting drunk every day and never doing actual school work is highly educational because it really does teach you a lot about your self. Especially sexuality.

    When you go to college, you’re finally free to experiment with sex. No more sneaking around, breaking curfew, trying to keep it quiet or minimize the semen stains in the back seat of your parent’s station wagon. Yes, college is truly a great place for sex. Makes me wonder why I ever bothered to graduate. 

    To help us relive the sexual exploits of our college years, a website popular with students in the English town of Brighton decided to see how much sex college students were having, so they created THE UNIVERSITY SEX LEAGUE SURVEY. They asked over 6,000 students about various aspects of their sex lives, y’know the basics like when did they lose their virginity and how many sexual partners have you had while at university.

    AND THE RESULTS ARE IN! It turns out that philosophy majors have the most sex! Well that’s good. Philosophy majors have 0 job prospects, 0 applicable skills and they’re willingness to pontificate on fucking everything can’t help but make them the laughing stock of university campuses everywhere. So at least they’re having the most sex out of any other faculty.

    Philosophy majors were found to have an average of 7 sexual partners over the course of their academic careers, which was good enough to put them in the number 1 spot. 7 sexual partners may seem low (it’s not, btw), but compare it to chemical science engineers who only had 2.3 sexual partners throughout their academic careers, philosophy majors are doing pretty good.

    The survey also revealed that 51 percent of women and 61 percent of men have had unprotected sex, with an additional 30 percent of women admitting to having taken the morning-after pill at least once. Yikes. Now that’s bad. That’s a definite indication that people need better sex ed, especially before moving away to go to college. SO GET ON IT HIGH SCHOOLS AND ALSO UNIVERSITIES.

    Even stranger,  51 percent of college students define themselves as being in a monogamous relationship, and 39 percent believe they will meet their future life partner while at a university. This proves once again that young people are morons. 

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  • French Women Prefer Chocolate Over Sex

    What do we think of when we think of French women?

    We think of full lips painted with bright red lipstick.

    We think big round, black sunglasses that compliment their face but still leave enough mystery to know that we’re attracted to them but we’re curious to see more.

    We think of unkempt armpit hair, that would normally be shocking and kind of gross, but somehow they pull it off.

    Mostly what we think of when we think of French women is that they have historically been the world’s best lovers, just oozing with sex appeal solely because they speak that sweet, sweet language.

    Unfortunately for us, and all French men, a new survey has concluded that French women just aren’t that interested in sex anymore.

    When asked to rate sex and food as catalysts for well-being, French women and men both gave food a 7.1 on a scale from 0 to 10.  Makes sense because your diet can affect your mood, energy levels and overall well-being. And if you don’t eat any food, you’ll die of starvation. So 7.1 is a fair rating.

    However, when rating sex, French men gave it a 7.5 whereas French women only gave sex a 6.7.

    Chocolate, cheese and foie gras topped the league table of happiness, the poll found. Women proved more likely to cite chocolate or strawberries and men more often plumped for meatier options like foie gras and steak.

    On top of that, the Harris Interactive poll found that when given the option of cutting back on either food or sex, French women were more willing to cut back on sex than food. Of course, French men didn’t hesitate for a second on cutting back on food.

    And it gets worse. 72% of French women said that it’s worse to have a sexual partner that’s bad in bed than a partner that’s a bad cook.

    So not only are French women not all that interested in sex anymore, they especially don’t like it when men are bad at sex. What are we supposed to go? I guess keep the house stocked with chocolate? According to the poll, it’s the only thing that they want.

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  • Who Is Having The Best Sex Around The World?

    SEX! Everyone’s having it around the world…but who is having the best sex?

    Thanks to two comprehensive studies by Durex (whom you know from their condoms), we now have some hard evidence that determines which countries are the most sexually satisfied.

    The countries were people say that they have the most satisfying sex lives are: Mexico and Nigeria.

    sex map

    It should be noted that Nigeria was the only country where results were collected in-person rather than online, so it’s possible that the results are skewed. No one wants to admit that they have an unsatisfactory sex life to another person. It makes you seem sad, so you lie and say that your sex life is super dope. Meanwhile, it’s easy to tell a computer that you have a sad sex life because the computer already watches you jerk off on a nightly basis.

    As for Mexico, why do they have the best sex?

    Well, when your drinking water can cause dysentery, your food renown around the world for its laxative-like qualities and you could be kidnapped and killed by roaming drug cartels at any moment, you might as enjoy sex while you can.

    Actually, one reason Mexicans might have more satisfying sex lives than the rest of the world is because they feel so respected during sex as explained with this chart:


    So now that Mexico is #1 on your sex tourism list, now you should know that based on Durex’s findings, Japan is far and away more dissatisfied with their sex lives than any other nation.

    Here’s another chart that proves this claim:


    Why are the Japanese so dissatisfied with their sex lives?

    Call this an unfair generalization if you must, but Japanese people have always been hella weird about sex. I mean, just look at Japanese porn if you disagree! Hentai is super weird. Why anyone would want to watch a cartoon of a girl that doesn’t look 18 getting fucked by some alien tentacles is just something I will never understand. And even in their actual porn, they pixelate the crotches of men and women because leaving them uncensored would be “injurious to public morals”.

    But most of all, Japanese people simply aren’t having sex these days. I’d love to explain it to you but it could take forever, so for those of you interested in Japanese people aren’t having sex, you can read this: Why have young Japanese people stopped having sex?

    And as far as how long different countries last in bed, once again its Mexico and Nigeria taking the top spots.


    Again, I feel like the Nigerians interviewed may have embellished their results because they had to give an answer in-person. But it’s good to know that Mexico is taking their time in the bedroom. Maybe that’s why they’re so satisfied? They’re not rushing sex.

    But hey, if you like quickies, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    So while Mexico and Nigeria are having the best sex in the world, one thing to keep in mind is STAY AWAY FROM TURKEY.

    For some reason, Turkey has an alarmingly high rate of STIs. So please be safe if you’re planning to do some sex tourism throughout Turkey.


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  • People With High-Earning Jobs Have Less Sex

    If you have a job, it’s almost 100% assured that you hate your boss and or manager. That’s just the nature of working. They’re always telling you what to do and for what? Some chump change at the end of the day? Yes, bosses truly do suck.

    But hey! A new study has shown that working slobs like ourselves have better sex lives than our bosses and or managers!

    Sex toy firm Lovehoney surveyed 1,600 people and discovered that a third of people who earn $85,000 and above annually have sex once per week. Meanwhile, 50% of people who earn salaries that range from $25,000 to $55,000 have sex several times per week.

    A spokesperson for Lovehoney attributes lower earners having sex more frequently to the fact that they don’t care about their jobs as much. “High earners generally tend to work longer hours or put more time into thinking about their careers – so it makes sense they are having sex less regularly,” they said.


    So there you go, you might hate your boss, but at least you can take solace in the fact that you’re probably getting laid more often.

    But don’t let this study kill any ambitions you may have had to make more money and be a sick millionaire. The study also found that though higher earners have sex less frequently, they are more adventurous in the bedroom.

    For example, 45% of higher earners were reported to haveg had a threesome at least once in their lives, meanwhile only 19% of people who earn $25,000 or less have had one.

    The survey also revealed that 83% of high earners have had sex outdoors, with only 66% of lower earners having tried getting busy in the great outdoors.

    So ultimately, the choice is yours. If you want to have adventurous sex less frequently, get rich! And if you want to have generic sex more frequently, stay poor!

    Personally, I’d like to live in a world where wealth didn’t affect your sex life, but that’s never going to happen so choose wisely!

    [h/t: CraveOnline]

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  • Survey Says Americans Are Getting Kinkier

    With every passing generation, it seems like people are getting more blasé about sex, which is great because it turns out that people are starting to have kinkier sex in order to keep sex exciting.

    In honor of National Masturbation Month (which apparently is May and not every month), webcam site Cam4 and French survey institute IFOP surveyed a sample of 1,023 Americans on their sexual habits and were surprised with the findings.

    According to their research, “40 percent of women under 35 have shared photos or videos in which they were at least semi-naked, either via text or through social media.” Very cool, way to go girls! Why you haven’t all texted or tweeted semi-nudes to me personally is baffling, but you can get started now by sending your nudes to @chicodustyblog on Twitter.

    We’re also making more sex tapes! More than 25 percent of respondents under 35 have filmed or photographed themselves during sex, with more than 50 percent of people saying they would definitely do it too…”if the timing was right.” I’m not entirely sure what would constitute as good timing when it comes to filming a sex tape. Like, are people concerned with the lighting? Or are they not willing to film a sex tape with their partner because they plan on dumping them immediately after sex? Either way, “The timing wasn’t right” is a lame excuse for not filming a sex tape. So get on it and upload it to

    People are also being more open about masturbation. 79 percent of female respondents under 35 said they had masturbated and 88 percent of their male peers said the same. Why 21 percent of female respondents and 12 percent of male respondents felt the need to lie is too bad, but at least the majority of people were being honest about their masturbation habits.

    As the study reports, “this was considerably higher than the overall proportion of the sample, suggesting that young people are significantly more likely to engage in self pleasure than their older counterparts [also indicating] that the figure might be even higher for women, who tend to underreport their solo-sex experiences.”

    Cam-viewing is on the rise with 21 percent of women and 32 percent of men reporting watching live sex shows online. Skype sex is also increasingly common, with 26 percent of respondents saying they had “had sexual relations via a webcam, while 48 percent said they would do so if given the opportunity.”

    Ultimately, all we can take away from this study is that Americans are getting hornier and hornier. It won’t be long before the only thing that gets the average American off is auto-erotic asphyxiation. And that’s the America I want to be a part of.

    [h/t: Refinery29]

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