Sydney Leathers

  • Sydney Leathers Seduced Another Politician

    When will people learn? Once you become a public figure of any kind, you must accept that you can never sext ever again. Never ever again.

    Heed my advice lest you get caught sexting Sydney Leathers who last week outed a Mid-Western Democratic state legislator as her submissive!  Continue Reading

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  • Sydney Leathers Is Now A Bonafide Pornstar

    You might want to file this under “OLD NEWS” since I’m writing about this roughly three weeks late, but it’s still important.

    Remember Sydney Leathers? The sexting babe that brought down Anthony Weiner’s bid for New York City mayor turned sex tape star?

    Now, almost a year removed from Vivid’s massive media blitz that turned Sydney Leathers into a household name, it seems that Sydney Leathers is making a run at becoming a bonafide pornstar.

    Continue Reading

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  • Babes of the Year 2013


    Kayden Kross & Stoya, two of 2013’s most popular babes.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, democracy simply doesn’t work!

    I was thinking of letting you vote for your favorite babes of 2013, but then I got to thinking that a better indication of the most popular babes of 2013 would be to just look at which babes had the most views throughout the year.

    It’s like voting, but you weren’t conscious of it.

    Anyways, let’s see the Top 10 Babes of the Year 2013Continue Reading

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  • Sydney Leathers Selling Her Vagina


    Sydney Leathers

    Anthony Wiener’s sexting buddy turned pornstar Sydney Leathers is planning on selling her vagina.

    I know you’re thinking, “First sex scandal, then porn, and now prostitution. That’s an obvious progression from one profession to another.” But here’s the thing, Sydney Leathers isn’t planning on escorting. She’s literally selling her vagina. Let me explain…

    TMZ has learned that Sydney Leathers’s stint as pornstar has left her feeling very self-conscious about what she calls “excess skin” around her vagina. So to get rid of that “excess skin”, she’s undergoing labiaplasty to remove part of her vagina and make it look slimmer and cleaner.

    Yikes. But that’s not even the worst part of the story. According to TMZ, after paying $8,400 for the labiaplasty, Sydney Leathers is hoping to sell the skin that’s removed from her vagina in an online auction.

    No offense Sydney, but who the hell would want to buy your excess labia skin? People are obviously crazy and disgusting but I feel like humanity will have hit a new low if she can successfully sell her excess vagina skin.

    While watching the Sydney Leathers porn movie, did anyone even notice excess skin around her vagina? Humans come in different shapes and sizes. Vaginas are not exempt from that rule. Your vagina’s different than the already labiaplastied vaginas that are all over porn sites. I think that’s a positive thing. Sydney, don’t waste your money on a labiaplasty. Especially because that auction will not help pay off your surgery bills.

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  • Sydney Leathers Takes Bree Olson’s Job

    Sydney Leathers is the new face of Arragement Finders

    Sydney Leathers is the new face of Arragement Finders

    Remember Sydney Leathers? She was Anthony Weiner’s sexting buddy that came forward and cost him the election. She starred in an Anthony Weiner porn.

    Ringing any bells?

    It was announced today that Sydney Leathers will be replacing former pornstar and Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson as the face of Sugar Daddy website Arragement FindersContinue Reading

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  • Sydney Leathers’ Cruel Party Appearance

    Sydney Leathers

    Sydney Leathers campaigns against Anthony Weiner

    Last night, Anthony Weiner’s mayoral dreams died when he lost the election.

    Weiner didn’t just lose the election, he was completely blown out. Have a look at the results:


    As you can see, Anthony Weiner was absolutely crushed in the polls.

    When it came time to make his concession speech, Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin was nowhere to be seen. I assume that their relationship hasn’t been the best since Weiner got busted for sexting again.

    Just when Anthony Weiner’s night couldn’t get any worse, guess who showed up to the party.

    That’s right, Sydney LeathersContinue Reading

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  • Another Sydney Leathers Porn (with sex!)

    Sydney Leathers Porn

    “Weiner and Me” starring Sydney Leathers

    I seem to remember reading a quote from Sydney Leathers sometime last week where she said that she was done with porn. She had filmed the solo masturbation scene and that was all we were going to get.

    I must have been hallucinating or not paying close enough attention because a week after allegedly reading that Sydney Leathers quote, she’s back starring in a new porn movie from Vivid Entertainment.

    And this time, Sydney Leathers does hardcore.  Continue Reading

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  • The Sydney Leathers Sex Tape Has Arrived

    Sydney Leathers nude pornstar

    Sydney Leathers is now a “Pornstar”


    Sydney Leathers made another sex tape with actual sex!

    Click here to see the actual Sydney Leathers sex tape.

    Just as the world was starting to forget about Sydney Leathers and Weinergate, Vivid was able to squeeze out a new “celebrity” “sex tape” starring Anthony Weiner’s sexting buddy Sydney Leathers.

    Less than a week ago, TMZ spotted Vivid head-honcho Steven Hirsch meeting with Ms Leathers and we all knew that the Sydney Leathers sex tape was imminent.

    I was sure that there would be a long, drawn-out media circus like what we saw with Farrah Abraham’s sex tape but it seems that Hirsch and Leathers both knew they had limited time to capitalize on the sex scandal because Vivid released the Sydney Leathers sex tape today with hardly any media hype. Continue Reading

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  • Sydney Leathers Turns To Porn

    Sydney Leathers porn

    Anthony Weiner’s sexting buddy Sydney Leathers might be on her way to being a pornstar

    Here we go again…

    Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting buddy, was spotted by TMZ with Vivid head-honcho Steven Hirsch.

    Take a look:

    Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 2.15.00 PM

    Click the pic to see the video

    Sydney Leathers, a woman that we only know about because she is embroiled in Anthony Weiner’s latest sex scandal, meeting with a top porn executive can only mean one thing:

    SEX TAPE!  Continue Reading

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