• See The Amateur Porn Video That Cost This Czech Teacher Her Job

    Being a teacher is tough. For the most part, they are underpaid and overworked. However, teachers should really stay away from earning some extra cash and blowing off a bit of steam by shooting amateur porn videos because it’s going to cost them they’re job.

    Just ask this Czech teacher who lost her job when her students discovered her amateur porn video debut for CzechCasting.comContinue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: February 20th, 2015

    I wish I was dead.

    Just kidding!

    Well, if it was Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday I probably wouldn’t be kidding. But it’s none of those days! It’s fucking Friday! Hoooray!

    Once again, the weekend has arrived and with it a reason to live! You know why we’re gonna keep on living this weekend? Because we got a brand new Weekend Free Porn Playlist for you.

    In case you don’t know, the Weekend Free Porn Playlist is the Sex.com Blog’s way of thanking all of its regular visitors. We spend all week finding the 7 hottest free porn videos on Sex.com and share them with you so you don’t have to waste your valuable weekend browsing for hot free porn. It’s already all here waiting for you.

    So without further ado, let’s check out February 20th, 2015’s Weekend Free Porn Playlist!  Continue Reading

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  • Harvard Bans Sex Between Students and Professors

    Harvard University this week banned its professors from having sex with undergraduates. To whom it may concern at Harvard’s admissions office, you can go ahead and cancel my application. I have no interest in attending your school anymore.  Continue Reading

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  • See Payton West Take Her First Cock in “Teacher Knows Breast”

    Payton West started doing porn in 2007. Only lesbian porn and solo masturbation scenes, but as a busty blonde, she left an impression on us.

    Sadly, Payton West went on hiatus and totally left us hanging. We had to find another busty blonde to fap to, which isn’t as easy as it sounds, you know.

    But good news! Payton West is back from her hiatus with sexy, new tattoos and with her big tits looking better than ever. Plus, she’s already branching out by getting her on-screen cherry popped for BrazzersContinue Reading

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  • What’s the Sexiest Career? Poll Results

    Our latest poll asked the question: What’s the Sexiest Career?

    We gave you a whole big list of possible selections.  The top ranked careers shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since they are careers that are very well-represented in the adult industry/porn fantasies/regular fantasies.

    Interestingly enough, the closing of the poll coincides with National Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs the week of May 5th every year.   Either y’all voters are smart geniuses, or we happened to coincidentally close the poll during Teacher Appreciation week.  It was a total coincidence, I promise!

    Continue Reading

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  • Kaity Pearson Is Back To Work!


    Hot Teacher Kaity Pearson

    Earlier this week, we found out that Kaity Pearson, a teacher in Massachusetts, had been suspended after an anonymous jerk revealed that she was moonlighting as a sexy model.

    After Cristy Nicole Deweese and Victoria James were fired from their teaching jobs for nude modelling last year, I would have bet a million dollars that Kaity Pearson was going to get fired.

    I’m glad I didn’t because she’s going back to work!

    “We are confident that she will bring the same level of commitment to her job and her students that she always has,” the statement from the school said.

    Kaity Pearson was just recently voted “Model of the Year” for ModelsMania Magazine. So let’s hope that she can win it again next year.

    I doubt that Kaity Pearson’s return to work will be any kind of precedent to help nude models / teachers that get suspended or fired from their teaching jobs to get their teaching jobs back, but at least one school board got it right.


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  • Sexy Teacher Suspended Over Nude Photos


    Kaity Pearson

    Kaitlin Pearson,  a 23-year-old special education teacher at South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Mass. has been suspended from her job after an anonymous person sent an email to her principal and local news containing semi-nude pictures she had posed for.

    The email was sent with this one sentence note, “Can you believe that this girl was hired to work with special education chil*ren in the Fitchburg schools?!!”

    Well yeah, I can believe that this girl was hired to teach special education. I’ve never met her or seen her resume but she might be a great teacher. The fact that she’s using her God-given good looks to make extra money modelling does not make her a bad teacher.

    Despite the fact that her semi-nude modelling career has absolutely no effect on her ability as a teacher, the school district has opened an investigation on how it might interfere with her teaching ability.

    If history has taught us anything it’s that sexy teachers who do some sexy modelling on the side will get fired.

    But hey! If the sexy, young Kaity Pearson does get fired from her teaching job, something tells me she’ll do just fine as a model…   Continue Reading

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  • Fired Teacher Finds New Career as Pornstar


    Hot for former teacher Victoria James

    Remember in April when Olivia Sprauer was fired from her teaching job just because she posed in some semi-nude glamor pictures?

    Obviously I’m opposed to any discrimination against nude models but Olivia Sprauer’s firing might have ultimately been a good thing because she’s now going to be revealing her gorgeous body in porn! Dreams really do come true… Continue Reading

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  • Playboy Model Fired From Teaching Job

    Cristy Nicole Deweese

    Cristy Nicole Deweese has been fired

    Last week, we heard that former Playboy Coed of the Month Cristy Nicole Deweese was in danger of losing her teaching job because of the time she spent as a nude model.

    See the nude pictures that got Cristy Nicole Deweese fired here.

    It has now become clear that Cristy Nicole Deweese was quietly dismissed by the Dallas Independent School District last Thursday.  Continue Reading

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  • Teacher Could Lose Her Job Over Playboy Pics

    Cristy nicole deweese coed playboy

    Cristy Nicole (aka Cristy Nicole Deweese)

    Dallas high school Spanish teacher, Cristy Nicole Deweese, could be in danger of losing her job just because she was Coed of the Month in February 2011.

    It’s common for teachers with pasts in the adult industry to lose their jobs over nude photos, but Cristy Nicole is fortunate enough to have the school board view it as a “murky situation”.

    “It wasn’t an illegal activity, but it raises the question about whether that action violated the Educators’ Code of Ethics,” said Debbie Ratcliffe, a Texas Education Agency spokeswoman. The ethics standard, which Ms Ratcliffe is referring to states: “The educator shall be of good moral character and be worthy to instruct or supervise the youth of this state.”

    Why don’t we look at Cristy Nicole’s pictures from when she was Coed of the Month to see if they make her unworthy to instruct or supervise the youth of Texas:  Continue Reading

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  • Julia Ann: Professor of Sex

    Julia Ann sexy MILF teacher

    Julia Ann

    Babe of the Day: Julia Ann

    Place of Origin: Glendale, California

    Age: 43

    Height: 5’8″

    Measurements: 34DD-24-38

    In exactly one week, students will be going back to school. The excitement and freedom of summer will be officially over and you’re going to have to attend boring lectures with terrible hangovers.

    Yeah. It’s too bad.

    But here’s something that might make the idea of going back to school more bearable:

    Julia Ann.

    Imagine next Tuesday when you’re walking into your first college class of the semester and super hot MILF Julia Ann is there to teach you all about sex, sexuality, and feminist theory.

    If you need help imagining, let these pictures help you visualize Julia Ann as your sex professor:


    Doesn’t that make going back to school much easier?

    If Julia Ann is teaching a sex class on your first day back at school, you should consider buying a lottery ticket because you are the luckiest person in the whole wide world.

    Bio courtesy of Babepedia.

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  • Pornstars Teaching Sex Education?

    Abbey Brooks horny teacher

    Abbey Brooks could be your sex-ed teacher

    Porn is often accused of warping the minds of young people, turning them into sex perverts and misogynists.

    Realistically, there is no evidence that can prove that. Anyone who tries to give you statistics or a scientific study saying otherwise is wrong because there are just too many variables to concretely say that porn is the reason for bad behavior.

    The problem isn’t porn but the lack of proper sex education in schools. Porn is first and foremost a form of entertainment. However, because people are so easily offended by seeing sex or even talking about sex, people turn to porn for their sex education. Where the hell else are they going to go for it? They get told abstinence is the only option at school and don’t even think about bringing it up to your councillor at Church Camp.

    Porn is the only place most people get sex education because it’s the only place where sex is displayed openly. Even though it’s a form of entertainment that does not intend to be didactic at all, people  still go to it to learn about sex.

    I remember the first time I ever had sex (not trying to brag or nothing). Because the only thing I knew about sex was from what I had seen in porn, when I was ready to cum, I ripped off my condom and came in my partner’s face.

    Needless to say, Mrs. Madison from next door wasn’t too happy. She was like, “Why did you cum in my face?” in one of the most annoyed tones of voice I have ever heard. I had made sure to tell her at some point between cleaning her pool and entering her bedroom that I was a virgin, so why she get so annoyed with me? I had no idea what I was doing, which should have been clear from that vaginal jabbing I had just given her.

    I was just doing what I had seen in porn movies. Getting thrown out of Mrs. Madison’s house only moments after cumming in her face made me realize that porn was a lousy sex teacher.

    But if porn is not an adequate sex education teacher…would pornstars be a better option?

    One private school in Britain thinks that they might be.  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Pics That Got A Hot Teacher Fired

    Olivia Sprauer brings new meaning to "Hot For Teacher"

    Olivia Sprauer brings new meaning to “Hot For Teacher”

    I’ve never understood why sex with a teacher is such a common fantasy in porn movies. Maybe it’s because the only teachers I had were withered French Canadian nuns that had little to no sex appeal.

    I’m starting to understand the teacher fantasy a little bit more now that I’ve seen Olivia SprauerContinue Reading

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  • Former porn star fighting to get teaching job back (UPDATED)

    Stacie Halas / Tiffany Six / Hot for Teacher

    Last April, Stacie Halas was fired from junior high school teaching job in Southern California.

    I know what you’re thinking, you hate school and a teacher getting fired is no big deal. Well, you are right about the suckiness of school. No one is here to argue that. You should care about Stacie Halas because she was fired because she had done porn in the past.

    She used to perform under the name “Tiffany Six”, appearing in a total of 22 titles (according to IAFD). She was finished with porn by the time she was hired to teach science in 2009.

    Still, when the administration found out because students ratted her out, she was fired. Now she’s appealing the ruling, fighting to get her teaching job back.

    Continue Reading

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