• A Romantic Dinner with Valentina Nappi

    The end of May is only five days away, so it’s not too late to tell you that Italian porn Goddess Valentina Nappi is May 2015’s Twisty Treat of the Month.

    That means Twistys has a month’s worth of new Valentina Nappi pictures and videos. One of these new Valentina Nappi videos shows what might happen if Valentina hosts a romantic dinner for two. Traditional Italian food is on the menu but what’s served is much, much hotter.  Continue Reading

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  • Kendra Sunderland Debuts Stripper Moves on Instagram

    It’s been a minute since we checked in on “library girl” Kendra Sunderland, so how she doing?

    If her Instagram is any indication, things are still coming up Kendra. Just look what she posted earlier today.  Continue Reading

    May 19, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 5433

  • FYI: Alyssa Arce is the Sexiest Woman Alive

    You might have heard that crowned Michelle Keegan as the sexiest woman of 2015. Well we’re hear to tell you that’s incorrect.

    In fact, the sexiest woman alive is none other than American-Honduran nude model, Miss Alyssa Arce.

    We’ll just let this video of Alyssa Arce from Playboy Plus below do the talking for us…  Continue Reading

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  • Please Help Identify This Hot Webcam Girl!

    Today, while browsing Sex.com when we were supposed to be writing this free porn blog, our productivity came to a screeching halt when we saw this video of a hot webcam girl. We spent way too long browsing Free Live Cams with no results. So we’re asking for your help.

    Check her out below and see why we spent literally the entire day on Free Live Cams trying to cam with her.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Porn GIFs of the Week #6

    What’s up, hotdogs? You like porn GIFs?

    We do. We freaking love porn GIFs.

    Porn videos are chalk full of little moments that make you scream, “OH SHIT!” It could be the first reveal of a big pair of titties. It could a sexy babe’s whole body quivering from some clit-play. It could be a sexy hair-flip while a hot pornstar rides a big cock. Whatever that little moment of sheer amazement might be, porn GIFs capture these little moments that make porn videos oh-so sexy so that we can watch them on repeat. That’s why we love porn GIFs so much.

    And since we love them so much, it only makes sense to give them the shine they deserve by recapping the most popular porn GIFs of the past week. So let’s not wait a second longer! Here now for your viewing pleasure are the Top 10 Porn GIFs of the week!  Continue Reading

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  • Abigail Ratchford has Perfected the Art of Seduction

    For most of us, seduction can be a tricky thing.

    For busty model and actress Abigail Ratchford, seduction is second nature.  Continue Reading

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  • Spend Valentine’s Day with Nicole Aniston

    Holy crap. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!

    Normally when your Valentine’s Day comes around, everyone focuses on things for couples to do. No one ever takes the time to think about us poor saps that plan on spending Valentine’s Day alone.

    This year, Naughty America has come through big time for everyone that’s got nobody to love. Thanks to Naughty America, we can all spend our Valentine’s Day with a woman so gorgeous words can’t do her justice: Nicole AnistonContinue Reading

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  • New Ass Masterpiece Video Proves Alexis Rodriguez Really Does Have The Best Ass

    Welcome to part 3 of the Sex.com Blog’s on-going coverage of “Does Alexis Rodriguez Have the Best Ass?”

    In part 1 0f our Alexis Rodriguez ass coverage, we shared 3 porn videos that we feel made a strong case for why pretty Puerto Rican Alexis Rodriguez’s ass deserves to be in contention for “Best Ass in Porn” (in case you missed it: 3 Porn Videos That Prove Alexis Rodriguez Has The Best Ass).

    In part 2 of our Alexis Rodriguez ass coverage, we shared Alexis’ Blacked.com scene, which also made a strong case for why we need to think of this fine ass Latina as an heir to the Booty Queen throne (in case you missed it: This Alexis Rodriguez Interracial Video Proves She Really Does Have Porn’s Best Ass).

    Today, Ass Masterpiece released a brand new Alexis Rodriguez porn video. As the site name suggests, Ass Masterpiece is all about finding the world’s most bootiful girls. And since Alexis Rodrgiuez may have the best ass, it was only a matter of time before they shot with her.

    But that’s not the point. The point is, we need to look at Alexis Rodriguez in her new video from Ass Masterpiece to make sure that the previous two instalments weren’t flukes. Continue Reading

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  • 5 Hot Cam Girls You’re Going To Love For #WebcamWednesday

    If there’s a better way to spend a Wednesday than flirting with hot cam girls on free live sex cams, WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

    Because, in all honesty, there’s nothing that can top flirting with hot cam girls on free live sex cams. Telling us about something “better” will only make you look foolish.

    Is it possible that you’re not down with spending a #WebcamWednesday on free live sex cams because the cam girls you’ve chatted are kind of…whatever? If finding the right cam girls to chat with is your problem (and even if it’s not), don’t worry! The Sex.com Blog is here to save the day.

    Given the amount of time we spend on free live sex cams, we’re something of cam girl connoisseurs. And rather than hoard all the hottest cam girls for ourselves, we’ve decided to tip you off and tell you about them!

    Get ready to meet the 5 hot cam girls you’re going to love this #WebcamWednesday.  Continue Reading

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  • We Can’t Get Enough of Corinna Blake’s Milk Covered Tits

    Could the reason why everyone loves tits so much is because they kept us alive when we were first born?  Continue Reading

    December 16, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 9834

  • Kendall Jenner Strips and Gets Spanked By Santa Claus

    LOVE Magazine is counting down the days of the advent by releasing sexy videos from December 1st to Boxing Day (plus a bonus video on New Year’s Eve).

    By in large, LOVE’s advent calendar videos have been pretty boring. At least, that’s how we feel. But we’re also super desensitized to sexually suggestive material thanks to all the hardcore porn we consume on a daily basis. So you might like them. We’re not crazy about ’em.

    Except for one. LOVE has released one video so far that’s caught our eye. It was Kendall Jenner prancing around in lingerie, stripping out of a plaid skirt, getting spanked by Santa Claus and just generally acting sexy.

    Watch Kendall Jenner sex up your Christmas with a sexy striptease. Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: November 21st, 2014

    Good news! The weekend has officially begun, which means it’s time to kick back and press play on another edition of our world famous porn blog’s marquee feature: YOUR WEEKEND FREE PORN PLAYLISTContinue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: August 8th, 2014

    Despite what you might think, surfing the internet for porn is hard.

    With so much free porn on the internet, where do you start? Do you search for your favorite pornstars and hope to God that there’s something new from them? Of course, that never seems to work because how can you narrow it down to just one favorite pornstar?

    Do you just scroll through the categories on Sex.com until something catches your eye? No offense to ourselves but there’s so much free porn on Sex.com that it’s a good way to desensitize yourself to porn entirely.

    If only some awesome sex blog would make a porn playlist, right? I mean, they spend all week looking at porn…the least they could do is assemble some kind of porn playlist from videos they saw throughout the week to help you choose what to fap to over the weekend, right?

    Well, you’re in luck!

    To make surfing for porn easier, every weekend we’re going to share with our wonderful Sex.com community the Top 7 porn videos that we hope you like a lot so that we can save you the trouble of sitting hunched over your computer, holding your flaccid penis, hoping that some awesome porn video will find you.

    So here it is! The inaugural Sex.com Blog’s Weekend Porn Playlist:

    1. Tight gal Jasmin pleasuring with a dildo.

    Continue Reading

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  • Terry Richardson Reminds The World That Ashley Sky Is Hot

    I’m not sure if this has been clear in my previous posts about Terry Richardson and his work, but I absolutely despise the guy. And I don’t despise him simply because he’s an aging hipster and that’s the single most pathetic thing anyone could be. No, I despise Terry Richardson for the simple fact that he includes a photo of himself posing with his subject in every damn photo set he creates.

    And then there are all the stories of Terry Richardson sexually harassing the models he works with, which just isn’t cool. Leveraging your reputation to receive sexual favors from up-and-coming models probably happens all the time in the fashion industry, but like c’mon. It’s not cool.

    Continue Reading

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  • Babes On Instagram: Jaclyn Swedberg

    Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that finds the hottest babes on Instagram and tells you to follow them so you’re not missing out on the best SFW (safe-for-work) sexy pictures in your personal Instagram feed. And it’s this rigorous screening process of the sexiest Instagram accounts is precisely why the Sex.com Blog is superior to all other sites on the internet.

    If you’re new to BABES ON INSTAGRAM, then I’ll just tell you that you should be following the incredibly sexy babes Ellis Cooper, Alyssa Arce and Lauren Hanley because their Instagrams are red hot. Click their names if you want to see their sexiest pictures on Instagram. But for those of you who are committed to the BABES ON INSTAGRAM feature, then I’ll just go ahead and tell you that you need to start following JACLYN SWEDBERG. (Instagram: pmoy2012).

    Some of you may remember Jaclyn Swedberg as April 2011’s Playmate of the Month and 2012’s Playmate of the Year (which is what her Instagram name is).

    The 23 year-old beauty is by definition perfect, measuring a supple 34D-25-35, and she credits her success with her natural good looks. She said, “Being naturally pretty helped me. There is a stigma on perfection in this industry that isn’t really true. Instead of trying to look like something I’m not, I just focus on who I already am.”

    Aspiring models, you should know that if you try Jaclyn Swedberg’s approach to modelling, it may not yield the same results because Jaclyn Swedberg is blessed with a natural beauty that’s very rare. Which is why you need to follow her on Instagram, because seeing Jaclyn Swedberg regularly will fill your brain with happy feelings (and also possibly horny thoughts).  Continue Reading

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  • The Sexiest Vimeo Account Ever Returns!

    9 months ago, we went ahead and declared Said Energizer’s Vimeo account to be the Sexiest Vimeo Ever.

    It was a real no-brainer to declare Said Energizer the proud owner of the Sexiest Vimeo Ever because he only posted videos of sexy, Eastern European babes dancing around, stripping off their crop-tops that barely covered anything anyway.

    However, after we bestowed this honor on Said Energizer, he stopped sharing videos of sexy babes dancing around in crop-tops. It was truly a sad day for all. Only a little blog called CropTopFever could fill the sexy babe wearing a crop top shaped hole in our hearts left by Said Energizer.

    But alas, there’s no need to mourn the loss of Said Energizer because he’s back with a hot, oily babe dancing around in a crop-top that doesn’t even come close to covering up her tits.

    So enjoy the return of the sexiest Vimeo account ever with Said Energizer’s latest effort: “For Men

    For MEN by Said Energizer from said_energizer on Vimeo.

    Please, if anyone knows the name of the babe featured in this video, don’t keep it to yourself. Let us know in the comments who she is so that we can post more pictures and videos with her in it.

    It ain’t right to keep her name to yourself.

    April 9, 2014 • BABES • Views: 18517

  • Malena Morgan: All Three Just For Me


    Malena Morgan

    Aside from asking for sex advice, fans of the blog often ask me, “Has Malena Morgan ever done hardcore?

    While I’m flattered that you guys would ask me instead of a search engine like a normal person, it saddens me that I have to disappoint you by saying, “No. Malena Morgan has never done hardcore. She did a handjob scene with Rachel Steele but otherwise we’ll probably never see Malena Morgan with a penis ever again.”

    I’m fine with the fact that Malena Morgan doesn’t do hardcore. To see a babe as fine as Malena get naked and masturbate or sometimes have sex with other hot girls is already too good to be true.

    However, our friends at Twisty’s have found an amazing loophole get us to see Malena Morgan fucking a phallus. Fake penises.

    Yes, it’s the closest we’ll ever see to a Malena Morgan hardcore scene, and it’s pretty damn amazing.

    Malena stripping out of a white bodysuit while showering is amazing in itself, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She takes on, not one, not two, but THREE fake penis that will quench your thirst for a Malena Morgan hardcore video.

    To see all the pictures from Malena Morgan’s simulated sex debut, please visit Twistys.com.

    And now enjoy this small sampling of Malena Morgan vs three penises.


    I hope that this is a taste of what’s to come. I mean, Malena Morgan is already everyone’s favorite pornstar and she only does lesbian and solo porn. Can you imagine if she started doing B/G and more?

    She’d have a monopoly on all genres of porn. I, for one, welcome our new porn overlord Malena Morgan.

    February 21, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn • Views: 25776

  • Leanna Decker Eats Meat


    Leanna Decker

    I apologize to anyone who thought that maybe this post would contain a Leanna Decker hardcore scene.

    Believe me, I want to see this busty redhead do hardcore as much as you do. However, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. We’ll keep our fingers crossed but I’m not optimistic.

    While we wait and see if Leanna Decker ever does hardcore, we can pass the time by watching Leanna eat some meat.

    Only people with food fetishes will find this video of Leanna Decker eating meat as arousing as a Leanna Decker porn video, but it’s like I always say, “Leanna eating meat is better than no Leanna at all.” I say that all the time, I swear. Ask anyone.

    OK, time to watch the video!

    So horny…

    So hungry…

    Thanks Leanna.

    February 13, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn • Views: 5941

  • Two Pornstars vs One Banana


    History’s luckiest banana

    Our friends from SINN & SKINN were in Las Vegas last week for the AVN Awards and while there they challenged two hot pornstars, Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor, to put a condom on a banana without using their hands.

    The girls had their own idea.

    Rather than just put a condom on a banana, they decided to put on a show with the banana!

    Honestly, watching this video is the most fun anyone has ever had with a banana.

    Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor have skyrocketed up my list of favorite pornstars. Way to go, girls!

    Does it mean that I’m obsessed with sex if I think that Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor going HAM (hard as a motherfucker) on this banana was a more effective healthy eating PSA than the one that Michelle Obama shot with the Miami Heat?

    Big thanks to SINN & SKINN for getting Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor together to destroy that lucky, lucky banana.

    January 23, 2014 • BABES • Views: 1896

  • Emily Ratajkowski is Super Fly

    Emily Ratajkowski, sexy, model, topless

    Emily, why the hell did you steal my car??

    Emily Ratajkowski is sexy as hell.  She’s also one of the fashion industry’s biggest ‘IT GIRLS‘ right now.  She has spent some time modelling for photo shoots and magazine covers, but seems to be really breaking into the mainstream with her crossover into the music video industry.

    If you like trying to find music videos that have partial nudity in them (like me!) then you’ve probably already seen Emily’s main claim to fame.  She recently starred in the music video for Robin Thicke’s dumb, boring pop jam “Blurred Lines.”

    Continue Reading

    January 20, 2014 • BABES • Views: 2334