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  • Picking Up Women With Augmented Reality

    The Future of Picking Up Women

    The Future of Picking Up Women

    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a computer chip implanted into your brain that could guide you through life? Unfortunately, that kind of technology is only available in dystopian futures, right?


    Well the computer chip brain implant is still a few years away but in the meantime New York-based tech company, Infinity Augmented Reality, is working on augmented reality glasses that will run your life.

    Finally you’ll be able to do cool things like play pool, drive a car, ride a bike, and pick-up women! Because we’ve never been able to do any of those things without the help of a computer.

    Just watch Infinity AR’s promo video to see how you might be able to use augmented reality to pick up women in the near future:  Continue Reading

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