• Digital Condom Will Shock You and Your Dick


    Because the way to get people to wear condoms is to make them shoot electricity at your penis.

    Condoms are long overdue for an update. I mean, we have iPhone and iPod and iPad and iMac now. Why haven’t condoms evolved with all these other things? Condoms are just as important to living a happy life as any Apple product. And maybe an update on the classic condom is just what we need to get people using them without hesitation and therefore everybody be having safe sex and having a real good time.

    That’s why researchers Fraz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech have launched an IndieGogo campaign to get their prototype for a digital condom off the ground and on the dicks of the condom-haters everywhere.  Continue Reading

    February 27, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 2096

  • World’s First Smart Bra Is Actually Very Stupid


    True Love Bra

    Last year, Microsoft started research on a “Smart Bra” that could measure emotions. Why they started the research isn’t quite clear. Probably a bunch of computer nerds that wanted to practice unhooking bras just in case they’re ever in the presence of a real live woman.

    While the Microsoft nerds were busy familiarizing themselves with bras, a Japanese company has come up with the world’s first “Smart Bra“.

    Smart Bra” is in quotes because Ravijour‘s bra is designed to only open for true love, which is a very stupid idea.  Continue Reading

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  • Nude Snapchats Survive Facebook’s $3 Billion Offer



    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Snapchat, the app that makes sexting safe, turned down an acquisition offer of approximately 3 billion dollars from Facebook.

    Facebook desperately wants a piece of Snapchat because the young teens aren’t using Facebook, they’re using Snapchat.

    Snapchat’s founder, Evan Spiegel, will not likely consider an acquisition or investment until early next year. He feels that Snapchat will continue to grow over the course of next year, which will justify an even larger cash-out.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Spiegel, Snapchat could just be a fad. A new, more sext-friendly app could be released within the next year and make Snapchat totally irrelevant. Regardless, I still respect him for turning down 3 billion dollars because who couldn’t use 3 billion dollars? Oh the things I would do for 3 billion dollars…

    More importantly, I’m glad that Snapchat has yet to sell itself to Facebook because Facebook would surely find a way to censor Snapchat and get rid of nude Snapchats. I don’t know how, but I do know that Facebook hates sex and porn. Therefore if Facebook were to acquire Snapchat, it would only be a matter of time until nude Snapchats were a thing of the past. Just look at how terrible Instagram has become since Facebook took it over.

    Though this is just the insane speculation of your favorite sex blogger and not based in fact whatsoever, this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the preservation of nude Snapchats.

    Let’s look at some nude Snapchats and thank Evan Spiegel for deciding that they were not worth losing, even for 3 billion dollars: Continue Reading

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  • New Blackberry 10 shares your porn!

    Blackberry 10

    Now everyone on BBM will know you like Holly Michaels

    Good news! Blackberry 10 is here! The new Blackberry 10 has a bunch of neat bells and whistles but the best of all is that it allows you to share what music you’re listening to or what video you’re watching as a status update.

    And as if this feature was made with Rule 34 in mind, the new Blackberry 10 will also share whatever porn you’re watching on your phone as a status update as well. Continue Reading

    April 3, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 1065